Here at Comicsverse, we’ve covered both Deadpool and Wolverine a number of times.  Wolverine is one of the few characters that we can say we’ve read the whole history of, from his origin to his impending death.  However, this time around, our news is a little bit different…

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In comic books, death to a major character is almost never permanent. Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Spider-man, Captain America… the list goes on and on of fallen heroes who have returned from beyond the grave.

  According to Deadpool, who will soon star in his own movie, we can include Wolverine in that list, too.

In Deadpool #35, Wade Wilson, upon meeting up with Storm at the Jean Grey School, expresses his condolences in regards to Logan. Storm has no idea why, and Deadpool simply shouts “Spoiler, Never mind,” before commenting to himself:

“Eh, he’ll be back.”

Breaking the Fourth Wall Since 1991

Deadpool’s character is, of course, known for breaking the fourth wall, and here he seems to only confirm what most people already assumed. Whether this is factual knowledge based on what the authors know Marvel has planned, or if the authors just share in the “it’s inevitable” mentality, it doesn’t really matter. And let’s be honest, a major character like Wolverine, who has influenced the Marvel Universe so heavily (and is the best at what he does), could never stay dead.  He is, after all, a regenerating character, much like Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth (or the Regeneratin’ Degenerate).

Could bringing Wolverine back from the dead give Marvel a chance to change or reboot the character a little? I’m curious to see if they do.

  What do you think? How will they bring him back?

Another question, given the recent news about Deadpool’s movie, and following the Days of Future Past movie… could any of these storylines make it into any of the upcoming Deadpool, X-Men, or Wolverine films?

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