After issues of chaos and evisceration, the disastrous battle between Deadpool and Shiklah reaches a conclusion with DEADPOOL #29. The “’Til Death Do Us…” event finally ends this issue, and what comes is a multitude of jokes, surprise appearances, and confessions leading to a fitting end to the saga. A solid issue all around, DEADPOOL #29 is a fine cap to one of the many threads of Deadpool’s chaotic life, as the merc with a mouth grows as a character once again.

Picking up where DEADPOOL & THE MERCS FOR MONEY left off, Deadpool and Spider-Man’s plan to defeat Shiklah has hit a bump. A surprise marriage has begun between the queen of the monsters and the Lord Dracula himself. While our heroes are busy trying to fight off the unholy union’s armies, the citizens of the monster metropolis underground decide to fight against Shiklah and Dracula.  This sudden turn is due to the interference of none other than the ghost of Ben Franklin, who’s been notably absent from DEADPOOL recently. As our heroes newly reformed monsters battle Dracula, Deadpool and Shiklah have their own issues to settle. The story wraps up quickly, ending with lessons learned on both sides, and some comedic consequences for Deadpool, of course.

Deadpool #29
Image from Deadpool #29, courtesy of Marvel

DEADPOOL #29 Shows Off the Merc’s Sweet Side

The highlights of DEADPOOL #29 lie within the quips and comedic beats in panels. The appearance of Mephisto as the officiator for the wedding is funny throughout, from the demonic being admitting he’s better at ending marriages than starting them, to taking a quick swipe at Spider-Man subtly referencing his now non-existent marriage to Mary Jane. Ghost Ben Franklin’s appearance at the monster metropolis, while completely out of nowhere, does a lot to move forward the plot and drive the event to its end, and gives a few laughs with his failed attempt to make a pass at Domino.

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Writer Gerry Duggan is no slouch when it comes to packing DEADPOOL with wise cracks and referential humor, but his stories shine when they show the many growing shreds of humanity that Deadpool has gathered through his misadventures. For example, in the conversation he has with Shiklah we see the merc talk about his new attitude towards people and how problematic they can be. While this story doesn’t dive deep into some of the complexities that he’s shown over the years, it does show how Deadpool has grown with his time with Shiklah. Duggan needs to be commended here for being able to have a character known for crude humor become something more, and I look forward to what he has in store for him.

Deadpool #29
Image from Deadpool #29, courtesy of Marvel

 Art for a Fatal Occasion

Artist Salva Espin and colorist Ruth Redmond do an excellent job of bringing the characters of the story to life, especially during the more comedic scenes. The expressions and actions from the characters add life to the dialogue, especially for Dracula who is front and center with much of the story and the fight scenes. Spider-Man and Deadpool also manage to have some of the best reactions in the story despite wearing marks that cover their entire faces. While Espin excels at bringing energy to the characters, Redmond adds beautiful color to each panel, with each character standing out in detailed settings. One panel that stands out, in particular, is the one with a disappearing Mephisto, where the smoke effects and colors blend to create a spectacular effect.

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DEADPOOL #29 is a satisfying end to the “’Til Death Do Us…” event, full of genuinely funny moments and growth for some of the characters. With his relationship with Shiklah reaching a conclusion, Deadpool is now open for new adventures and possible plot opportunities in future issues, as his attention is now elsewhere. Duggan and his team have done an excellent job of bringing life and heart to the character, and the end of this issue is just a sign that Deadpool has more in store for us.

A fitting end to the "'Til Death Do Us..." event, the humorous DEADPOOL #29 is the end and beginning of a new chapter for our problematic hero.
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One Comment

  1. Josiah Walker

    April 20, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Yeah I thought the ending to this story was pretty awful honestly, its getting old seeing Wade routinely get screwed over. I personally would have loved to have seen Shiklah and Dracula get killed off at the end of this story arc as A-Dracula is a D-list crap character no would miss if he disappeared from the Marvel canon entirely (I was personally pissed when he survived Draculas Gauntlet and wasn’t killed off for good).

    As for Shiklah this story arc just proved she was a worthless character created for the sole purpose of making Wade miserable (which is the exact opposite of the way she was introduced), like I said earlier I would have loved to have seen her and Dracula be killed off in some humorous ironic Deadpool like fashion as both revealed themselves to be evil nihilistic pricks in the end.


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