WEAPON X #15 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Roland Boschi, and Frank D’Armata kicks off a new arc, “Happy Birthday, Old Man Logan.” After their recent ordeal, the Weapon X team decides to take a little rest and relaxation. Old Man Logan, however, doesn’t get the opportunity to rest as Sabretooth reminds him of a birthday tradition to try and kill him!

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Never Getting A Break

WEAPON X #15 focuses mainly on Old Man Logan and Sabretooth. Logan is sitting quietly when he receives a  “greeting” from Sabretooth which turns into a bloody brawl on their base of operations. The issue is a great jumping on point for new readers as it dives into Sabretooth and Old Man Logan’s history, reminding readers why he’s afraid to fully counter attack Sabretooth. The other members of Weapon X appear periodically in Mexico, blowing off steam, but their appearances don’t add much to the story other than to give readers a break from the brutal fight happening in the main plot.

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Remembering The Past in WEAPON X #15

This issue is continuity heavy, which could have been a risky move. Furthermore, considering the history takes places in older WOLVERINE issues and not WEAPON X, that danger level is upped. However, that risk pays off to make WEAPON X #15 a fun read. It’s a treat for people like myself who have read the events that lead up to it. Sabretooth fighting Wolverine (or Old Man Logan in this case) on his birthday is a long-running tradition. Sabretooth even jokes that he doesn’t remember why they started this in the first place, which is a fun poke at how long this has repeated.

Change of Character

The main problem I have with this WEAPON X #15 is with Sabretooth. This fight does feel like an old-school fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth that Marvel would periodically put out much to the fans’ excitement. I love how Sabretooth sent Old Man Logan a birthday text full of emojis before crashing into the room, which feels like classic Sabretooth. However, Sabretooth was recently involved in an event, AXIS, that changed him from being a vicious killer to someone who is more remorseful and wants to do the right thing.

It seems out of character that the new and improved Sabretooth would suddenly try and kill his teammate and trash their home just for the sake of birthday tradition. This would make total sense for the older version of Sabretooth; he would often show erratic behavior, acting like a hero one moment, then attacking them the other. It’s not like the writers forgot this change of personality though, as it is referenced in the issue.

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Odds and Ends

Old Man Logan gets some good characterization in this issue. He’s trying to explain to Sabretooth that the last time he lost his temper he ended up killing all of his friends and family (which flashes back to the events of the OLD MAN LOGAN run a few years ago). This characterization is a welcomed spin on the typical Wolverine and Sabretooth fight. Old Man Logan seems more haunted and reserved than his younger self. He is afraid of unleashing his inner beast in fear that he will become the same monstrous killer he was.

At the beginning of the issue, there is a statement made about the airship, their base, being designed to track and hunt monsters. Towards the end, the ship seems to crash into some sort of monster zoo. That will be an interesting addition next issue.

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Brutal Visions

The art team of Roland Boschi and Frank D’Armata does a good job here. There is a splash page showing various instances of birthday fights between Wolverine and Sabretooth. It’s a pretty interesting image and shows different periods of time and different circumstances when these fights occurred. Later on in the issue, a few of Sabretooth’s expressions do look a little rushed as he is attacking Old Man Logan, and the facial features don’t look as strong as they do elsewhere in the issue. Frank D’Armata’s colors fit well in this book in the context of the fight. He gives the scenes a muted yellow, creating a nice claustrophobic atmosphere for the chaos to unfold.

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Final Thoughts

WEAPON X #15 works as a continuity-heavy issue that also succeeds as a jumping on point. It’s a brutal fight between Old Man Logan and Sabretooth that also looks into their relationship and history. There is some strange characterization as Sabretooth shows off his more villainous side. However, the art works well to show the brutality of the fight, though also looking a little rushed. Overall it’s worthy of reading.

WEAPON X #15 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Roland Boschi, and Frank D'Armata
WEAPON X #15 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Roland Boschi, and Frank D'Armata is a brutal fight between Old Man Logan and Sabretooth. It works as both a reader-friendly issue and an issue for long-time fans of either character.
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