dead man logan #4

Just when you think you can’t be surprised anymore, Mysterio shows up! How will this villain play into DEAD MAN LOGAN #4? Check out the preview below to get an idea!

[one_half]dead man logan #4


Published: February 13, 2019

Written by: Ed Brisson

Art by: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard

Cover by: Declan Shalvey

Logan is close to dying, so grab his series before he’s dead (again)!


LEFT FOR DEAD! Logan’s Adamantium sickness is advancing, and the greatest medical minds of the Marvel U want one last checkup…Hawkeye vs. Mysterio! A glass fishbowl makes for an awfully large target…Plus: A special appearance by your least favorite X-Man!

DEAD MAN LOGAN #4 Preview Image Gallery

dead man logan #4 Dead Man Logan #4 Dead Man Logan #4 Dead Man Logan #4

Dead Man Logan #4
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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