It’s great that Logan has found Mysterio! What’s not so great is that Mysterio and the Sinister Six aren’t who Logan thinks they are. So who is Logan fighting? Check out the DEAD MAN LOGAN #3 preview below to find out!



Published: January 30, 2019

Written by: Ed Brisson

Art by: Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard

Cover by: Declan Shalvey

Logan may be a dead man, but he isn’t dead yet! Keep up with this series here!


Mysterio means to set in motion the massacre at the crux of Old Man Logan’s apocalyptic future timeline. But who is pulling his strings? The master of illusion’s newest benefactors will surprise you!

DEAD MAN LOGAN #3 Preview Image Gallery

dead man logan #3 dead man logan #3 dead man logan #3

dead man logan #3
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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