In celebration of its two year anniversary, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is treating its fans with new content.

Behaviour Digital, the company that develops the game, is introducing a new chapter called “Curtain Call”. This chapter will feature a new monster called “The Clown,” a playable character named “Kate Denson” and a new map called “Campbell’s Chapel.” DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is also introducing a new in-game store for cosmetic items. According to Behavior Digital, this is a “complete overhaul” of the game’s economy.

This game knows how to set a creepy atmosphere (Courtesy of Behaviour Digital)

“We can’t believe it’s already been two years. What’s even more incredible is that this was just the beginning. We are committed to making Dead by Daylight bigger and more fun (or terrifying) in the long run. In March, we introduced our new roadmap. We will continue developing new chapters, features, and perks for as long as players demand it and will now introduce mid-chapter patches to ensure balancing and proper bug fixing” said Mathieu Côté, Game Director.


For those that don’t know, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. Players take the role of a group of survivors or a single monster, who tries to pick off the survivors before they can escape the map.

The game features various maps and monsters, many inspired by classic horror films. We’ve covered the game before, and while I found it to be a flawed game, I’m always excited to see studios take a stab at asymmetrical games.

Our Thoughts

I’m always wary when I hear about in-game stores and economic overhauls. That being said, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is an online multiplayer game that sees frequent updates. As long as this new system doesn’t disrupt the gameplay, I’m fine with them finding ways to support the game going forward.

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As for the new chapter, this is what I like about DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. It’s a game that embraces what it is: a B-movie slasher flick. I definitely can’t wait to see this wacky clown on the field. It’s also just refreshing to see a studio support its project 2 years after release. This may be my jaded mind talking, but I’ve gotten so used to developers ignoring (or outright shutting down) their online games. To see Behaviour continue to pump out content for this game gives me a glimmer of hope for the industry.

So, I’m looking forward to this new chapter, and I’m interested to see where they take the game next.

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