Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2017, it was announced during the Warner Bros. panel at Hall H that the Flash standalone film will be FLASHPOINT. For comic geeks like myself, this is huge news. Fans of THE FLASH television series should be familiar with this story, as it was loosely adapted for season 3. For those of you who don’t know, allow me to quickly explain what FLASHPOINT is.


In 2011, FLASHPOINT saw Barry Allen, The Flash, run back in time to save his mother from being murdered by the Reverse Flash. When he returns to the present, everything is different. Barry finds out that his mother is alive, that his connection to the Speedforce is gone, and that the world is engulfed in a war which could destroy everything. The Atlanteans, led by Aquaman, are at war with the Amazons, led by Wonder Woman, and the human race is just fighting to survive.

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Barry realizes his selfish actions have ruined the world, so he seeks out Batman’s help to restore his powers. Batman, in this world, is not Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne, his father, became the violent and murderous Dark Knight after a young Bruce was murdered in an alley. This also drove his wife, Martha, insane and she became this world’s Joker. Barry also finds out that Superman’s ship didn’t land in Smallville, but had actually landed in Metropolis. This led to Superman being captured and experimented on by the government.

Once Barry restores his connection to the Speedforce, he realizes that he can’t get enough energy to time travel. This is because Reverse Flash is here also, using up the Speedforce just to keep Barry here to suffer for his mistakes. In the final battle, Aquaman uses a weapon that will destroy the whole planet. Batman kills the Reverse Flash while he is distracted so that Barry can muster the energy to run back to the night his mother died so he may stop himself from saving her. When he does, everything is mostly back to normal with just a few variations. This launched The New 52, the company wide reboot.

What Version Will We See in the DCEU?

While I am excited about The Flash’s solo movie, FLASHPOINT is an odd choice to do so soon. But, that could depend on the context in which the story is adapted. There are ways to do this story that doesn’t require rebooting everything afterwards. THE FLASH tv show adapted FLASHPOINT into a more personal story and didn’t turn the world into a war zone. Perhaps we will see something like that, or maybe we’ll see something closer to the comics.

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There are plenty of theories as to what this adaptation could entail; here are a few of mine.

Closer to the Comic

It’s possible that we could see a more faithful adaptation with minor tweaks to fit in the DCEU. Which means we could even see Jeffrey Dean Morgan return as Thomas Wayne, the Flashpoint Batman. We’ve gotten a little tease of this possibility in a tweet directly from JDM himself.Jeffrey Dean Morgan FlashpointA closer adaptation to the comic would mean the film would be more in the style of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR in the sense that it features almost all of the heroes, but it mainly focuses on one of them. FLASHPOINT features all of the Justice League members that will be in the upcoming DCEU film, but it is 100% Barry Allen’s story.

It is a big event story, so it won’t be rushed. If this is the version of FLASHPOINT we’re getting, chances are we won’t see the film for a few more years. However, doing a truer comic adaptation would be an extremely fun ride and allow us to see an alternate timeline.

Art by BossLogic
Art by BossLogic

The Personal Story

Instead of being this big event film, the first solo Flash film could be a more contained and personal story. It may simply be the Flash trying to save his mother’s life by fighting against the Reverse Flash. No Atlantean/Amazonian War, no gunslinging Batman or doomsday devices. Just a race against (and through) time; The Flash vs The Reverse Flash.

This approach is safer for Warner Bros, but it’s also very similar to how the tv show adapted this story. Since it’s been done before, and because it would inevitably disappoint fans of THE FLASH tv show, it is very unlikely that Warner Bros. and DC would take this route. Still, it’s an interesting idea to see what they would try to do on a smaller scale.

nightmare, flashpoint


It’s possible that FLASHPOINT has already happened in DCEU in the form of the Knightmare sequence in BATMAN V SUPERMAN. There’s a scene in the movie where the Flash runs back in time from a future where Darkseid has conquered Earth. Perhaps the war-torn Earth we see in the film is the DCEU version of FLASHPOINT. Maybe, Barry Allen never went back to save his mom; what if it was a different catalyst that caused the FLASHPOINT? Potentially, Superman dying at the hands of Doomsday in BATMAN V SUPERMAN was never supposed to happen.

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The inevitable resurrection of Superman in JUSTICE LEAGUE may be orchestrated by Darkseid himself, bringing Superman back under his control. Superman’s return could be as an enemy of the League, and Knightmare is that future. Barry would run and hide and try to fight, but fail. The Flash was also apparently supposed to appear in the original Knightmare sequence, along with Cyborg. Images of their costumes for the sequence were released in September of 2016.Flashpoint, Knightmare

Perhaps, by working with Cyborg, Barry finds out how to run fast enough to travel through time, which allows him to go to the past to warn Bruce. On his way there, Barry might discover that it was the Reverse Flash who caused this. He was there to make sure that Superman died, thus allowing Darkseid to take over. Barry, now knowing the true threat, must stop him.

Evidence for Knightmare

This may seem far fetched at first, but looking at evidence makes it all the more plausible. The Knightmare sequence isn’t just a pointless cool scene in BVS, there’s a reason for it. We know Barry travels through time at some point in the future to warn Bruce. Batman is much closer to his FLASHPOINT counterpart in the Knightmare sequence with his guns and murderous approach.

This could be giving Warner Bros. too much credit with how they’re planning their movies, but all the groundwork is already set. There is absolutely a huge chance that FLASHPOINT will heavily deal with the Knightmare sequence in BATMAN V SUPERMAN.


FLASHPOINT is potentially more than just another installment in the DCEU for Warner Bros. and DC. This film could be a way for Warner Bros. to make changes to the films’ continuity as a whole, similar to how X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST retconned all the previous films (the bad ones in particular) and rewrote its history with the new films.

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It’s a device that’s not used often in cinema, but it’s very familiar in comics. FLASHPOINT could allow them to erase the films that didn’t work in favor of a more educated approach. Also, if the rumors of Warner Bros. wanting to phase out Ben Affleck as Batman have any validity, FLASHPOINT would be where they could recast/replace him. Affleck has denied these rumors, but he may have done so just to save face for himself and the DCEU.

FLASHPOINT is huge for DC, but can Warner Bros. deliver? What do you think? Are my theories preposterous, or do you think I’m onto something? Let me know in the comments down below!

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