DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers

DC & Warner Bros. crossovers are the gift that keeps on giving. From the Eisner-nominated meeting Elmer Fudd and Batman — the covers of which Tom King has done some spectacular things with — to Green Lantern encountering the Space Ghost, these special comic issues are absolute gems. I mean, who doesn’t want to dive into a story about Lex Luthor and Porky Pig?

So Many DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers, So Little Time

As DC releases four new, intriguing Looney Tunes + DC crossover issues this week, we asked ourselves what other mashups would be on our wish list. DC & Warner Bros. crossovers are so rich and full of life that the possibilities are almost endless. We had some trouble narrowing it down, but we eventually found our favorites.

Here are the top six DC & Warner Bros. crossovers we’re dying to see:

Batman & Aragorn (LORD OF THE RINGS)

DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers
Batman and Aragorn. Images courtesy of Warner Brothers.

If you want to see Batman and Wonder Woman go to a fantasy land, check out THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN. Yet if what you’re really looking for is the broodiest DC & Warner Bros. crossover ever, we’ve got you covered!

I mean, really, these two dudes have a whole lot in common. Aragorn is the rightful king of Gondor, but he chooses a life of exile as a Ranger of the North. Bruce Wayne is the closest thing to royalty Gotham has, but he patrols the city as Batman. They both have strong senses of duty, a bit of an emo side, and a love story with a lot of complications. Plus, they’re both intelligent and noble as hell.

Please, someone put these two angry, handsome men in a room together.

Harley Quinn & The Weasley Twins (HARRY POTTER)

DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers
Harley Quinn and Fred and George Weasley. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

This would be one of the most hilarious DC & Warner Bros. crossovers ever. These three goons would cause so much mischief, I don’t think the DC Universe would ever be the same.

Harley Quinn loves toys and causing trouble. We’ve known that since BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. This is literally the business of Fred and George Weasley. Put the three of them together and all hell would break loose … in the funniest fashion. This books would simply be a joy, and I’d like to see it now.

If you’re wondering how that would work since (SPOILERS) Fred died in the last installment of the HARRY POTTER series… maybe we can set this story in the past? Just let me have this joy.

The Flash & The Thundercats (THUNDERCATS)

DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers
Flash and Lion-O of the Thundercats. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Okay, so this one is very surface-level, but that’s where some of the greatest DC & Warner Bros. crossovers are made! I mean, really, what did Batman and Elmer Fudd have in common?

They do have one connection based in nature, though — thunder and lightning. Plus, honestly, the Flash (either Barry or Wally) meets people from other planets and talking animals (i.e. Grodd) so often that he most likely wouldn’t be too thrown off by a band of cat-people.

This one just seems to work conceptually, even though I’m not sure what kind of story they would tell. Honestly, I just want to see if it’s possible.

Deathstroke & Scorpion (MORTAL KOMBAT)

DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers
Deathstroke and Scorpion. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

In probably one of the darker and more violent DC & Warner Bros. crossovers, we’ve got another couple of angry, angry men. This time, we’re putting two antagonists together.

These two are incredibly complex individuals — arguably anti-heroes — who are primarily motivated by revenge. Deathstroke takes the death of his son out on the Teen Titans, while Scorpion tries to avenge his own death throughout the legendary games.

Deathstroke and Scorpion have the potential to get along, but it might be even more fun if they pit themselves against each other. What a fight that would be!

Green Arrow & Legolas (LORD OF THE RINGS)

DC/Warner Bros. Crossovers
Green Arrow and Legolas. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Oh, look. Two blonde guys with a bow and arrows, a passion for justice, and a thing for the color green. That’d be fun!

That’s kind of my entire argument.

In all seriousness, these two have a lot in common. They’re pretty well-off in society, but still want to fight for what’s right. Legolas is an ancient, immortal elf — a race seen as elegant and who think themselves superior. Yet through the course of LORD OF THE RINGS, he becomes incredibly noble and even forges a bond with Gimli, someone he previously judged. Oliver Queen is a rich playboy who’s dropped his selfish tendencies by the wayside to become a “social justice warrior.”

Their journeys aren’t identical, but they would certainly have a lot to talk about, and not to mention a whole lot of fun.

Wonder Woman & Narcissa Malfoy (HARRY POTTER)

DC & Warner Bros. Crossovers
Wonder Woman and Narcissa Malfoy. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

This may sound pretty obscure, but hear me out.

Narcissa has some serious problems with her son, Draco, during his sixth year at Hogwarts. Voldemort has chosen him to kill Albus Dumbledore, and Narcissa is terrified for her son to do so. As any POTTER fan knows, Draco isn’t actually a terrible guy. His father is kind of a monster and he’s a bully as a result, this is true. He’s done bad things, but he’s not evil, and he’s definitely not capable of murder.

In the HARRY POTTER series, Narcissa goes to Severus Snape for help. Yet what if she went to someone else? A woman with a big heart who would want to help anyone who’s suffering. A demi-goddess who wants to bring conflicted, hurt people under her kind wing.

Literally, give me Narcissa and Diana having some tea and talking this whole situation out. Give me Diana using the Golden Perfect on Draco so he can finally admit that he’s not actually into Voldemort’s nonsense and he needs help. Give me a heartwarming story about these two strong women dealing with the garbage situations men create.

Endless Possibilities

There are endless combinations of DC & Warner Bros. crossovers which are just begging to be explored. From the dark, to the heartwarming, to the just plain fun, these stories open up the imagination in a whole new way. They’re not always expected, but they’re always fun.

So long as they keep providing this kind of content, I’ll always be eager to see what kind of adventures the next round of DC & Warner Bros. crossovers will bring.

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