Initially announced way back in September of 2014, the live action Teen Titans adaptation series, ‘TITANS,’ is finally beginning to feel like a reality. Last week, the first casting news for the series was announced with newcomer Teagan Croft in the role of Raven. Croft is the only person cast for the series as of yet. The young actress has only featured in the film SCIENCE FICTION VOLUME ONE: THE OSIRIS CHILD earlier this year and several times on the Australian Soap Opera, HOME AND AWAY.

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Troubled Beginnings

TITANS has struggled to get off the ground for years and was initially intended to be a series on TNT. Status on the show was quiet for some time before word hit of TNT passing on the project. The network passed due to poor scripts and fear of over-saturating the market. With the huge amount of superhero shows already on air, TNT didn’t have enough faith in TITANS standing out.

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The series was dead until this year when it was announced that the DC had revived it. The series would be part of the launch of a DC branded digital streaming service, similar to Netflix or HBO Now. Two of the showrunners for TITANS will be DC Comics Chief Creative Officer/comic book legend Geoff Johns, DC CW Universe mastermind Greg Berlanti and DARK TOWER, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT and BATMAN FOREVER writer, Akiva Goldsman.

While that last name does bring a lot of worries, the show is still in skillful hands. During San Diego Comic Con 2017, Johns took to his Twitter to announce that production had begun on the series.

Characters & Connections

Previously, Geoff Johns had also announced a new character that would feature on the show’s roster that was previously unannounced. Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Starfire and Raven, were the only confirmed characters to appear on the show until Johns tweeted that Beast Boy would also be a part of the team. There have been no further developments as of yet on which version of Dick Grayson we will be seeing or what connection the series will have to either the DCEU or the CW shows (i.e. Arrow, The Flash).

With the series expected to debut some time next year and production already underway, we can expect a lot of new casting news before the end of the year at the very least. Perhaps, we might even get some story details as well. The potential connection to the CW DC Universe would open the door to characters like Arsenal, Artemis, Speedy, Deathstroke (Manu Bennet), Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, and several others that have been a part of the Teen Titans and Young Justice cartoons and comics in the past.

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On the other hand, a connection to the DCEU could flesh out the world more. Particularly for characters like Nightwing, who is getting his own standalone film by the director of THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. TITANS might have a showdown with the DCEU’s Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello), or perhaps an appearance by Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Only time will tell who and what we will see on the show. 

Titans, Go!

Although we are still a-ways off from release, there is plenty to be excited about in regards to TITANS. The show will debut alongside YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS on DC’s currently untitled streaming service sometime next year.

What characters and stories do you want to see? Will the show be a part of the ARROW/FLASH universe, the DCEU, or will it stand alone? Let me know in the comments! For more news on TITANS and everything else comic related, set your portal guns to ComicsVerse!

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    August 8, 2017 at 3:02 am

    I am actually one of the actors who auditioned for the role of BeastBoy, tell me what do you think of me ?


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