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Last year, I sat in the Studio 54 theater in New York. I anxiously waited to watch the Broadway show SHE LOVES ME. I was ready to be astounded by superb performances from Broadway star Laura Benanti (who played Alura and Astra on SUPERGIRL) and Jane Krakowski. However, while these women were magnificent in their roles, it was Zachary Levi who surpassed all of my wildest expectations of the show.

zachary levi
Shazam as portrayed by Alex Ross. Image Courtesy of DC Comics

Levi brought a youthful vitality that was so unique to his character in SHE LOVES ME. He stole every scene he was in with his perfect comic timing and incredible singing and dancing. That is why it thrills me that Zachary Levi will be playing Shazam in the DCEU movie coming 2019.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I have been anticipating SHAZAM for a long time ever since DC announced the film back in 2014. While people criticize Shazam as a copy of Superman, I think the Shazam movie has the opportunity to be an incredibly original superhero film. The Shazam comics are about a young boy (Billy Batson) who gets the opportunity to become an adult superhero on the same level as Superman.

It is likely that SHAZAM will primarily be a comedy as we see a large and powerful hero talk like a young boy. While I enjoy Henry Cavill’s Superman, that is a very somber portrayal of the character. Shazam is a fun superhero who can offer the perfect contrast to the overly serious and gritty DCEU heroes. With an optimistic tone, SHAZAM has the opportunity to inspire kids to become heroes in their everyday life.

The TITANS (2018) Have Found Their Beast Boy!

My hopes for SHAZAM rose even more once I learned that David F. Sandberg, director of last year’s immensely creative horror film LIGHTS OUT, would helm this project. Now with Zachary Levi’s casting, this film rises to the top of the list of films I’m most excited for.

Whether it is TANGLED, CHUCK, or even his brief appearance as Fandral in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, Levi never fails to improve the quality of a scene. DC could not have cast a better Shazam. Levi encapsulates the boyish charm that will make people fall in love with this character.

zachary levi
Zachary Levi as Fandral in THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Image Courtesy of Marvel Studios

His skill in musicals proves that he has the physical presence needed to portray this famed hero. For those who are concerned that he does not have the body type for Shazam, let’s remember that few actors start in perfect physical condition. Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pratt did not have their superhero bodies when they first auditioned for their role. They trained for months with personal trainers. I am confident Zachary Levi can gain the muscle mass to embody Shazam.

Zachary Levi: The Dream Shazam

This is just the good news that DC needed to increase hype for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Whatever your criticisms of the DCEU are (trust me, I have plenty), you cannot criticize their casting of heroes. Between Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Margot Robbie, and others — the actors have merely nailed their comic book counterparts.

Zachary Levi is another stellar casting decision in the DCEU. I am confident that after watching him onscreen as Shazam, I will relive that glorious feeling of watching him on Broadway.

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