The news has been going crazy lately with reports that Henry Cavill could potentially be done with his role as Superman. It’s probably too soon to tell as to whether or not Cavill is truly leaving DC comics movies, but it does have us thinking. Here are 5 reasons why we think Superman shouldn’t be re-casted.

1. It Would Be A Continuity Nightmare for DC Comics Movies

Seriously. Warner Bros. has enough problems with their DC universe as it is. To recast Superman would be jarring to the narrative. Even providing some logical reason for it within the universe would be hard to pull off. At least not without having audiences feel like it’s forced.

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We also haven’t really seen this version of Superman all that much. Yes, we have MAN OF STEEL… but that’s on the origin story. Plus, BATMAN v. SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE are so chock full of other characters and issues that we haven’t really seen Superman just be Superman.

So far, he’s either been learning to use his powers and place in the world, in conflict with his actions and the people he’s trying to save, dead, or back to life for a quick fight with Steppenwolf. We’ve yet to see Henry Cavill’s Superman in a prolonged amount of time where he’s confident in who he is and his position in the universe. In other words: He’s just getting started, coming into his own as Superman.

Recasting, especially with some kind of narrative reason, would more than likely throw all of that character development and subsequent audience investment away; which would suck. Fact.

2. We Finally Have The DC Trinity

We finally have a universe of DC comics movies where the DC Trinity are all present and exist. They’ve interacted with each other, they’ve fought against and with each other. It’s awesome and comes from the stuff of comics fans’ dreams. A recasting of Superman could mean that those interactions never happened with this new Superman.

Furthermore, even if Superman just gets a recasting with no narrative explanation, it wouldn’t be the same as Henry Cavill’s Clark working with Ben Affleck’s Bruce. Even if Warner Bros. tries their hardest to make a potential recasting seamless, there would still be a new dynamic at play with a different actor.

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Maybe that dynamic would be better, but it would still be different. Viewers would still probably think of Cavill, which would more than likely pull audiences away from the story. That would not be ideal.

3. Warner Bros. Needs To Earn Another SUPERMAN Film

While I don’t think Cavill should be re-casted as Superman, I do think that the next step should be waiting a while until a SUPERMAN sequel happens. MAN OF STEEL is okay but has its controversy. BATMAN v SUPERMAN is just not good. JUSTICE LEAGUE had potential but misses the mark. None of these DC comics movies listed are major successes or wins for Warner Bros.

In my opinion, Warner Bros. should spend some time away from Superman for a while and let audiences want him a little more, building a stronger appetite. In all honesty, they should probably do the same with Batman, but Matt Reeves’ BATMAN is already in the works, so there you go. For the record, most of what I’m saying for Henry Cavill’s Superman can and should be said for Ben Affleck’s Batman. The same issues with recasting apply if not more so.

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Included in The Hollywood Reporter’s article on Cavill’s rumored departure was a line suggesting that it was Warner Bros. who made the decision to part ways. Furthermore, the report goes on to say that it’s coupled with Warner Bros. deciding to recast Batman as well, with a new actor playing Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeve’s upcoming film, instead of current Batman actor Ben Affleck.

Warner Bros. has essentially created for themselves a train wreck where there are good parts and characters among the dumpster fires they call films. They need to earn the right in fans minds to make another Superman film or Batman film. So, if Warner Bros. should stay away from their biggest characters for a while, what do they do in the meantime? I’m glad you asked…

4. Warner Bros. Should Focus On Their Various Other DC Comics Movies, Not Recast!

If you’re not having a Superman film for a while, as The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting, why recast? Focus on the huge library and trove of characters at your disposal, Warner Bros.! Make that AQUAMAN movie! Let SHAZAM! be a comedy! Double down on the WONDER WOMAN promotion because she’s the best thing you’ve got right now.

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Warner Bros. needs to flesh out their universe, which has so far been largely disappointing. JUSTICE LEAGUE was a rush job. There shouldn’t have only been four films before it. There should have been much more. The AQUAMAN, FLASH, and CYBORG films should all have come before, not after.

Batman should have had his own solo movie. Heck, even BATMAN v SUPERMAN should have been its own movie, without all of the DAWN OF JUSTICE parts. If Warner Bros. truly wants to have success, especially with one of their biggest characters like Superman, they need to create a decent universe for him to effectively operate in first. Don’t recast, just wait and make some other DC comics movies first.

5. If You Gotta Recast, Recast Right

Perhaps Warner Bros. decides to just go ahead and recast, which again, seems really ill-advised. At the very least they should cast the right person. Two specific actors seem to be at the forefront of most fan’s minds currently.

Micheal B. Jordan’s name was one of the first to pop up in the reports following the one about Cavill’s supposed exit after talks for him to cameo in SHAZAM! allegedly fell through. Micheal B. Jordan has been on a bit of a winning streak with some of his latest roles, such as in CREED and Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER. Both of those roles won Jordan praise from both critics and audiences alike.

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Seeing a person of color playing such a huge American icon would be incredible. It would really say something about Warner Bros. attempts for diversity in their DC comics movies as well as a step in the right direction for our culture in general. If someone absolutely has to replace Henry Cavill as Superman, I wouldn’t have any qualms with Micheal B. Jordan taking the reigns as a new Superman.

Honorable Mention: Maybe Super Hamm?

Then there’s the other actor pick: Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm is constantly being recruited by fans to be the new Batman. And rightly so. If Hamm ever does get the role of Bruce Wayne, he’ll for sure knock it out of the park. He has the right charm to play the billionaire playboy by day, and it’s not hard to imagine seeing him easily transition into the brooding vigilante by night. He’s got the chops.

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However…what about Superman? Could he pull it off? I’ll say it’s just as easy for me to see Hamm play Superman as I can for Batman. I can totally picture him fumbling around as Clark Kent, and then heroically rushing to save the day as Superman does. Perhaps one day we’ll see it, but hopefully, it won’t come to that. With any luck, we can get Cavill for a few more films and this report was just jumping the gun due to a simple missed cameo opportunity.

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