Exciting news for young DC fans everywhere as DC Entertainment announces two new imprints: DC Ink and DC Zoom. So DC Ink will produce new graphic novels catering to young adult (YA) readers. DC Zoom will focus on a middle grade (MG) audience. With tons of more mature comic book content out there, it’s about time we get more for our younger audiences.

So the new, original stories are set to be penned by a top-notch roster of bestselling authors including Laurie Halse Anderson (SPEAK and CHAINS), Melissa de la Cruz (ALEX & ELIZA and BLUE BLOODS), and Gene Yang (AMERICAN BORN CHINESE and NEW SUPERMAN).

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DC Entertainment President Diana Nelson stated:

“Superheroes are more popular than ever so it only makes sense to bring these DC characters to an entirely new generation of young readers.”

Will Cinematic Exposure Help DC Ink and DC Zoom?

Furthermore, with the release of Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER on the horizon, there’s plenty of hype to fuel the train. So, superhero mania doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. The comic book industry has constant exposure with its frequent tv and movie releases. With the success of shows like CW’s SUPERGIRL and ARROW, it makes sense that they’d capitalize on the trend. 

Nelson goes on to say:

“The first comic books created decades ago were for kids, and as the business evolved and matured, it became more focused on adult readers. DC Ink and DC Zoom present an exciting new opportunity to grow our publishing business and ensure beloved stories built around iconic characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are endeared as part of the fabric of childhood for years to come.”

A Brighter Future For Young Readers

Hopefully this means DC Ink and Zoom will have plenty of characters to dig deep into. Some of the best YA and MG writers will be tackling the most popular icons in DC’s roster. This is a big power play coming from DC Entertainment. The use of these bestselling writers will likely expand DC’s always growing audience. Other authors also joining the fun include Meg Cabot, Shea Fontana, Kami Garcia, Minh Lê, and Marie Lu.

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The first entry for DC Ink will be HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS by Mariko Tamaki (SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER). Following that release will be MERA by Danielle Paige (DOROTHY MUST DIE series). Then for DC Zoom it will be DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: SEARCH FOR ATLANTIS from writer Shea Fontana. Look out in the coming months for more announcements about these imprints.

These DC Ink and DC Zoom’s titles are hitting shelves in Fall 2018, with more set to release in 2019!

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