Brandon Bloxdorf talks to David Stoupakis about Heavy Metal at NYCC 2017. HEAVY METAL has been around since 1977 and publishes quarterly issues. Now the editor-in-chief, legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison has revamped and brought back some of his favorite aspects of the company.

A hard working artist and fan of the magazine have made various covers and several pieces of art for HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. David was at NYCC promoting his cover for the latest issue for HEAVY METAL. He also speaks on some of his upcoming art shows and activities going on outside of HEAVY METAL.

Check out his work, and hopefully one of his art shows are near you!

ComicsVerse: What’s it like doing the covers for Heavy Metal, what has the experience been like?

David Stoupakis: It’s been a dream come true. I mean Heavy Metal was one of those extremely influential magazines to me. I grew up in the very early 80s — I was born in ’74, so it was one of those first magazines that I had seen that gave me the okay to want to pursue the type of work that I love so much. It’s a bucket list type thing.

ComicsVerse: What was your first Heavy Metal memory that you can think of?

David Stoupakis: I used to go to the corner store every Sunday, and my father would go there and get his health and bodybuilder magazines and scratch tickets or whatever. Then I was always able to grab either a comic book up from the spinner rack or any magazine that I wanted to get. Back then it was like a Fangoria or something like spinning or something like that.

One day I walked in there, and I saw Heavy Metal, and it just blew my mind. I was “WHAT IS THIS?!” These painted covers and you know, covers that would take you somewhere. You would travel through time with them and go on these journeys and then never mind once you opened up that cover page and you fell into these stories of whatever they were, unlike anything else you were getting at the comic book; well, there was no comic book stores back then but the spinner racks.

ComicsVerse: Nice. What led you into Heavy Metal? How did that relationship start?

David Stoupakis: Just more or less that experience of seeing that first issue and then after that I was just hooked, so I would wait every month or every other month that it was coming out at that time.

David Stoupakis

ComicsVerse: Nice.

David Stoupakis: I mean I know now its bimonthly, I can’t remember back then if it was bimonthly.

ComicsVerse: How did you get the opportunity to work for them?

David Stoupakis: It was just all about being at the right place at the right time. I mean right now we’re at New York Comic Con, and I met Jeff, one of the owners of Heavy Metal, four years back being in artist alley and seeing my work and dug it. We just struck up a friendship and kept in touch and then a couple of years later, they had seen another painting of mine that they wanted to use for the fear issue two eighty-something.

ComicsVerse: Yeah. That’s a good one yeah.

David Stoupakis: I don’t remember what it is but that was the first one and then when it came time to want to do the magic issue that Grant was writing kind of an essay in that issue about his relationship with magic and Jeff asked me if I would be willing to do the Grant thing, which was you know, that’s another bucket list dream come true. I’ve been into Grant’s work from the get-go.

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ComicsVerse: Yeah. He’s a legend. He’s one of my favorites too personally. Where’d you draw your inspiration from?

David Stoupakis: Everything. Inspiration, its everything in life, living. I mean a lot of my inspirations from these old Heavy Metal magazines, to album covers back in the day. Eddy, Maiden, Dio album covers, all that stuff, but it comes from comic books. It comes from studying classical art. Going to the museums and seeing stuff.

ComicsVerse: Nice. Cool stuff. Do you have any projects you got going on right now?

David Stoupakis: I have a show coming up in Australia that’s the beginning of next year, so I’m working on that right now. Some group shows around the city. I live in New York, so I’ve got a show coming up at Last Rights Gallery.

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