The newest addition to Marvel’s STAR WARS comics, DARTH VADER #1, brings us something both dark and fun! Charles Soule is no stranger to the Star Wars universe. He previously wrote LANDO, OBI-WAN AND ANAKIN, and currently writes POE DAEMERON. Charles Soule teamed up with Giuseppe Camuncoli (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) for this epic new origin story.


Fans refer to DARTH VADER #1 as DARTH VADER: YEAR ONE. The “Year One” references Frank Miller’s iconic 1980’s BATMAN: YEAR ONE. The story picks up immediately after the events of STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH. It continues during the undergoing construction of the Death Star. The series contains the early days of Vader and his descent into the villain we all love to hate.

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DARTH VADER #1: The Rise of Vader

At this point in STAR WARS history, the Clone Wars ended and a new reign of power has taken hold. Anakin Skywalker has been sliced and diced by his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Due to their falling out, Anakin believes he killed his wife and child by his own hands. Fueled by anger and hatred of what he has now become, Anakin Skywalker no longer exists. Only a mechanical creation of the Sith — Darth Vader — remains.

Charles Soule blazes headfirst into territory STAR WARS fans always wanted explored further. First, we will see the beginnings of this newly formed Sith Lord. The story continues with the creation of his famous red blade to understanding the meaning behind his position as a Sith. Fans will finally get a deeper understanding of the Dark Lord due to when this book takes place. This book will definitely include more insight into this legendary character and what makes him tick!

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Comparing Charles Soule’s DARTH VADER #1 to Kieron Gillen’s

Kieron Gillen wrote a run of DARTH VADER that left fans wanting more. Kieron Gillen’s series occurs between STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. For those unsure, this DARTH VADER is no relaunch. Soule said this when comparing his Vader to Gillen’s:

“I would say that in Kieron’s series, you had a man who had been doing that job and was sort of accustomed to his reality in a way that this Vader is not. So [in this new series] the fire is burning very, very bright in terms of his hatred and anger and the things he’s trying to work through. He’s trying to understand himself, whereas Vader in Gillen’s series was almost sort of an older crocodile that’s been around for a long, long time and has no real enemies or challenges. Obviously there were challenges in that book, but this is someone who’s very, very sure of his place in the universe and galaxy. It was kind of about topping that a little and taking that away from him and seeing what he did,” Soule explained of the differences between the two series.

“Now this is more someone who isn’t sure what’s going to happen to him. He doesn’t know if he’s going to be alive in two weeks or 40 years. He doesn’t know what his day to day is going to look like and he doesn’t know what his purpose is. So it’s about trying to understand that, what life without Padme is like, and just kind of understand what it means to be a Sith lord, because all this stuff is new to him. And really exploring the Dark Side in an open way where he doesn’t have to be ashamed, doesn’t have to hide from the Jedi, can really go deep into it.”

DARTH VADER #1: A New Chapter?

DARTH VADER #1 enters a new chapter for the well-deserved villain that explores his history. After the success of Marvel’s STAR WARS comics, fans should expect nothing less than an exciting and dark comic book. In conclusion, DARTH VADER #1 will certainly provide more insight on what makes Vader the greatest villain of all time.

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