The DARK PHOENIX Trailer is here! The X-Men are back, it’s the 90s, and Jean Grey is losing control of her powers. Let’s break this trailer down and determine what we now know about the next chapter of the X-MEN franchise.

DARK PHOENIX Trailer Opens With Young Jean Grey

The trailer begins with Xavier meeting Jean as a young girl. We get a voiceover from Charles saying that the mind is fragile. He says that it takes only the slightest tap to tip it in the wrong direction. This is the first indication we get that Jean’s mind, where her powers are based, is potentially in jeopardy. We then cut to the present-day 90s Jean, played by Sophie Turner. She’s lying on a table, while Beast is presumedly running tests. Raven, aka Mystique, asks Charles what he’s done. He responds:

“I had to keep her stable. I protected her.”

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The DARK PHOENIX trailer cuts back to young Jean in the car with her parents. At the tap of her feet, their car careens into the car in the opposite lane, flipping theirs up into the air. Jeans uses her telekinesis to keep shards of glass from hitting her. Mystique asks if Charles was protecting her from the truth. The implication is that the truth Charles was protecting Jean from was the inadvertent killing of her parents, due to her inability to control her powers.


This tracks with what happens in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. Jean’s incredible powers and darker personality are limited by Charles’ efforts. He puts up mental barriers to keep her dark phoenix persona away until it, of course, breaks free as the film progresses. It looks as though DARK PHOENIX will follow a similar path with Charles trying to contain Jean this time around (or is it the first time?)

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However, it looks as though DARK PHOENIX will be following the source material more closely than THE LAST STAND. The Dark Phoenix persona won’t be an alternate personality that just randomly manifests due to Jean’s enhanced powers. It will, in fact, be the result of cosmic energy Jean comes in contact with on a mission to space, just as it happens in the DARK PHOENIX storyline.

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Jean Is Looking For Answers In DARK PHOENIX Trailer

As the trailer continues, we see that Jean is looking for Erik Lehnsherr, A.K.A. Magneto. She finds him on an island, where Magneto’s living in some sort of community.

Image from Fox/Marvel Entertainment

Perhaps this is the first look at Utopia or Genosha? In the comics, Magneto rules over an island nation that exists as a safe haven for mutants, away from the persecution that the rest of the world typically offers to mutants.

Image from Marvel Entertainment

My guess? After APOCALYPSE, Magneto leaves the X-Mansion and begins work on Utopia. It would offer a solution for what he’s been doing since the last film and provides an opportunity for Erik to better mutant-kind without resorting to violence and desiring to destroy humans. Leading Utopia (or Genosha) also provides Magneto with something to work on that that Xavier and the X-Men wouldn’t be opposed to. I’m also assuming that after Jean learns the truth, she grows angry with Charles. Perhaps she’s hoping she can find what she’s looking for with Erik.

Jessica Chastain’s Character Has Cosmic Knowledge

After this, Jessica Chastain‘s character approaches Jean, telling her that she doesn’t belong where she currently is. She says that they, presumedly the X-Men, can’t begin to comprehend what she truly is. This is followed by several shots of the X-Men such as Cyclops, Quicksilver, Storm, and Beast.

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We don’t know much about Jessica Chastain’s character, and the DARK PHOENIX trailer reveals very little about who she might be. Interviews with Sophie Turner and director Simon Kinberg tell us a little bit more. Turner tells IGN that Jessica Chastain’s character knows about the cosmic forces that Jean has acquired and is seeking to manipulate is for her own agenda. Kinberg also confirms that she is not from our planet.

This would make sense if she has knowledge about the cosmic energy inside of Jean. If she is indeed alien, perhaps she’s Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire? The Shi’ar are heavily involved in the DARK PHOENIX storyline, so Lilandra having a role in the film would be logical, especially if Kinberg wants it to better represent the source material, as he’s said he does.

Jean Is Transforming

The DARK PHOENIX trailer then cuts to Charles telling Raven that Jean is changing. She asks him what she’s changing into. Magneto then tells Jean with tears in her eyes that she didn’t come to him looking for answers. He says she came looking for permission.

We then see the X-Men in new costumes, very classic yellow and blue, approach Jean. Charles leads the group consisting of Raven, Beast, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Cyclops. Police rush towards Jean and Cyclops calls out to her, but Jean uses her growing powers to flip the squad cars over.

Image from Fox/Marvel Entertainment

Several action shots appear in quick succession: teams of what appear to be military soldiers are forming up, guns raised in what could be the X-Mansion? It’s unclear. Jean brings down a helicopter with her telekinesis coupled with a voiceover from Charles:

“She’s all…rage…pain…and it’s all coming out at once.”

X-Men In Space

We then get the first shot of the space mission where Jean comes into contact with the cosmic energy. The X-Men’s Blackbird Jet flies up into space for what is probably a rescue mission. Cutting back to Earth, we see an explosion, Jean clutching her head, while Cyclops says that while she did lose control, she’s still their friend. Beast tells Charles that’s it’s his fault while he smashes a glass in anger.

Cut back to space and we see the Blackbird directly in front of a burst of flame in space, most likely either the cosmic energy itself or Jean absorbing it into her. We get reaction shots from Raven inside the jet as well as from Charles connected to Cerebro. Charles says that their world is on the brink and he’s sorry that he didn’t stop it sooner. Magneto tells Charles that he’s always sorry and that’s there’s always a speech, but nobody cares.

This is combined with Erik donning his iconic helmet once again. It certainly looks like Erik is going to rejoin the fight, potentially to do something Charles won’t. Perhaps putting Jean down?

Death Of An X-Man?

After this, there are several more quick shots: Cyclops and Jean together, Erik crying, SWAT Teams jumping out of a truck, and also Magneto and a new Brotherhood with Beast beside him.

We then see the X-Men, standing in the rain, over a grave.

“They’re right to fear me” Jean says.

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Does this imply that Jean kills one of the X-Men? Charles, Beast, Storm, and Nightcrawler are seen at the grave. Potentially this could mean that either Scott or Raven dies. It certainly is intense if Jean ends up killing Scott due to her lack of control. However, I’m willing to bet Raven dies instead.

Jean kills Scott in THE LAST STAND, and I’d imagine Kinberg would want to create as few comparisons a possible. No, it’s more likely that Raven dies, which would definitely explain Beast’s anger at Charles.

The Rise Of The Dark Phoenix

More explosions, Erik yelling, Nightcrawler teleporting himself, Charles, Cyclops, and Storm. A shot of Beast and Raven together. A voiceover from Magneto:

“I’ve seen evil”

Shot of Magneto looking up menacingly, then a shot of Jean in space taking in the burning cosmic energy and all of the light into herself, leaving darkness.

“And I’m looking at it now.”

The final shot of the DARK PHOENIX trailer is Jean, a very dark look on her face, as her skin begins to crack with light. It looks as though her body can barely contain the power and energies inside of her.

Image from Fox/Marvel Entertainment

By the film’s end, there is sure to be significant changes to characters and to the status quo in general. We’ll have at least one death, if not more. The main conflict will lie with the X-Men: Do they try to save their friend, or save the world from her? We won’t know until the film comes out this coming February.

What did you think of the DARK PHOENIX trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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DARK PHOENIX releases February 14, 2019, starring Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Micheal Fassbender

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