DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
Out of the Dark Multiverse and into the Dreaming! Snyder and Capullo continue to expand their epic Metal saga while expanding the DCU as a whole!
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The Plot Thickens
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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are back at it again as they continue expanding the DC Universe. DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 takes readers on a trip to the Dark Multiverse, into the Dreaming, and then the heart of everything, the Forge of Worlds. We follow Batman and Superman as they learn the secrets of these ancient cosmic beings and the current fate of the other Justice League members spread across the universe. We listen to the Sandman as he unveils a story that began in the beginning of time. Readers will get all that and so much more in DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4. Find out the origins of the Dark Multiverse and the fate of Batman and Superman as they enter the Forge of Worlds!

Interview with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo at Five Points Fest 2017


DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Bring Me a Dream

Coming straight from what seems to be a book in Lucien’s library, page one of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 gives a sweet little recap of where our Leaguers are scattered across the universe. The books within Lucien’s library, for those unfamiliar with some of the many concepts in Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN series, are full of untold stories. Stories that were thought of but never written, or would never be told. The fact that this story has already begun indicates that none of these events should have ever unfolded.

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We’re then taken to the Dark Multiverse where Bruce has been strapped to the Anti-Monitor’s antenna for thirty years. Surrounded by Dark Multiverse Supermen, all nightmares of a Superman gone wrong. We see Big Blue sporting a costume that matches Lex Luthor’s classic green and purple warsuit, along with an armored suit from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Bruce then steals a Kryptonite loaded glove, possibly a nod to Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet, to rescue his Superman. The two disappear before having to face off against the other Supermen into the Dreaming, where answers await.


Meanwhile, we go to Wonder Woman, Kendra Saunders, and Doctor Fate in the Rock of Eternity. Currently trying to find Hawkman’s Nth Metal mace, they battle personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins. Deathstroke and Aquaman come across twisted remains of murdered mermaids when uncovering the tomb of the First King of Atlantis. Through said tomb, Nth Metal awaits deep within the dark portal, to a location unknown. On Thanagar Prime, Hal Jordan and Mister Terrific meet the new ruler of Thanagar, Onimar Synn. Alongside Onimar is his new ally, and an old foe of the Justice League, Starro the Conqueror!

DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Creator Talk

Overall, Snyder does an amazing job of not only giving exceptional characterization throughout the book but also some interesting references. Within the first few pages of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4, he gives nods to Dylan Thomas’ poem, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, and metal band Five Finger Death Punch. Also, diving into more of Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN universe does great justice to the epic scale of the DCU. A character that does not often come by, using this greater part of the DCU is a big card to play. Although, Scott’s interpretation sounds more like the original Sandman, Morpheus, rather than Daniel.

Also, Greg’s work just gets better with each new issue in the series. It’s a treat to see his work bounce from world to world and be filled with legendary characters. The cosmic landscapes and altered Supermen are just epic. He has become a superstar in recent years, and with good reason.

DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 page 11. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Overall, DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4 adds more to the amazing event. Snyder and Capullo are stacking more and more on us with every page. Not only adding more to the story but to the DCU as a whole. Bringing in Dream and Starro will hopefully make this story all the more exciting. The cliffhanger at the ends has us all wondering just what happened to Carter Hall, and how it all ties together. There’s still much to come from this event, so be sure to pick up a copy of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4!

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