As 2017 wraps up, comic book publisher Dark Horse plans on closing out the year out with a bang! Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting comics offerings from Dark Horse releasing this November and December.

Fan-Favorite Titles Return to Dark Horse

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November starts things off with the continuation of the ongoing Dark Horse series — HARROW COUNTY. On November 8th, the reign of Evil Emmy will continue in HARROW COUNTY #27. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the final showdown between Emmy and her sinister counterpart. However, worry not! The wait is short! It looks like the face-off between the two finally takes place in HARROW COUNTY #28, set to release on December 13th!

Dark Horse
Image courtesy of Dark Horse.


Also, on November 22, Lara Croft returns! TOMB RAIDER: SURVIVOR’S CRUSADE sees Lara Croft tying up the loose ends of the main series as she continues to investigate her father’s death. This mini-series features writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and artist Ashley A. Woods, known for her work on NIOBE and LADYCASTLE. With Woods on board, this latest iteration of the beloved franchise promises to deliver on girl power!

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New Series to Watch Out For: GIANTS!

Dark Horse
Image courtesy of Dark Horse.

We’re hoping to add GIANTS to our list of Dark Horse favorites when it releases this December 13. This miniseries marks the first major U.S. release for the Valderrama Brothers. This duo consists of writer Carlos and artist Miguel. The cover art for this new series gives us a look at one of the massive kaiju-esque monsters that are terrorizing humanity, as well as our plucky protagonists. The stakes are high right from the jump in this miniseries. We can’t wait to explore this fantastic and frightening new world. Furthermore, we’re excited to witness the talents that this team of brothers has to offer the comics industry.

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The Mike Mignola-Verse in Dark Horse Continues to Expand

Dark Horse
Image courtesy of Dark Horse.

Finally, November and December are shaping up to be prolific months for the Mignola-verse. Several mini-series, including RASPUTIN: THE VOICE OF THE DRAGON and JENNY FINN, are set to release in the coming months. Still, we must admit that we’re most anticipating the HELLBOY KRAMPUSNACHT one-shot that releases on December 20th. In fact, the only pairing more exciting than Hellboy and Krampus might be the creative team behind this comic — Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes. On the cover, we get a peek of Hughes’ signature art style. We’re sure there are plenty more visual goodies packed inside this perfect stocking stuffer.

For more great comics coming from Dark Horse in November and December, take a look at the gallery below!

Dark Horse November and December Solicitations Cover Gallery

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