DAREDEVIL Season 3 releases on Netflix tomorrow! With that in mind, here’s a DAREDEVIL series recap with everything you need to know to catch up. We’ve also seen the first few episodes of Season 3 so read on to see what we think upcoming season!

DAREDEVIL Series Recap: Season 1

Season one of DAREDEVIL shows us the origins and first nights of Matthew Murdock’s vigilante career. A lawyer by day, Murdock goes out at night to catch the criminals that slip through the cracks of the legal system.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Matthew Murdock loses his sight at a young age, a barrel of chemicals splashing in his eyes. However, the chemicals enhance his other senses as well. His father, a boxer, raises him alone. However, when he refuses to throw a fight for money, he is killed. Matthew then goes to live in a Catholic orphanage. He also receives training to hone his skills and abilities from an old man named Stick who is also blind.

Growing up, he becomes a lawyer, creating his own firm with his long-time friend Foggy Nelson. Karen Page comes to them after discovering a pension embezzlement scandal, and the case leads all the way to the organized crime kingpin, Wilson Fisk.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Using his abilities as both a lawyer and vigilante, Daredevil does everything he can to take down Fisk and his plans. Eventually, Fisk is put behind bars. He also took down the Russian mafia and drives out the Yakuza and Chinese crime gangs.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap: Season 2

Next for our DAREDEVIL series recap is Season 2. It sees Matthew Murdock looking into some of the new gangs that are taking over, such as the Irish and the biker gang Dogs of Hell. Both gangs were hit with what was considered an army. However, that army turns out to be one man: Frank Castle, aka The Punisher.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Daredevil goes after The Punisher. Castle captures Daredevil and Matt tells him that there’s goodness in everyone, even criminals. That’s why he shouldn’t kill. Punisher believes his justice is the only real kind, like the criminals, he punishes and kills never do wrong again.

Punisher continues to go after criminals while Page investigates his life. After Daredevil helps Punisher escape, Punisher tells Matt about his wife and family being killed which is why he’s made it his mission to take criminals down. He surrenders and is arrested.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Meanwhile, Elektra Natchios returns to Matt’s life, telling him that he knows his true nature. When they were younger they formed a relationship together with their shared skills. She convinces him to help her take down the remnants of the Yakuza crime gang.

Matt, Karen, and Nelson decide to represent Castle in court, in order to help him avoid the death penalty. After Karen bonds with Castle, he agrees to work with them. Even so, Castle turns down a deal for a life sentence. He pleads not guilty. This means that a new trial will happen: The People vs. Frank Castle.

Matt’s involvement with Elektra distracts him and causes problems for the case. It begins to cause issues between him and Foggy.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap: Fisk’s Role in Season 2

While Foggy works hard to sway the people to see Frank’s plight with his family, Frank tanks his own trials and is sent to prison. Things may have gone differently if Murdock had been there, however he was involved with Elektra and Stick. Apparently, they want him to join the Chaste which is locked in a war with the Hand. Matt convinces Elektra to leave Stick and stop killing. However, even after this happens a young ninja attacks them. Elektra kills him, which is obviously a problem.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Castle goes to prison, where he meets none other than Wilson Fisk. Fisk uses Castle to gain power in the prison. He also arranges for Castle to escape and go after a drug dealer name the Blacksmith.

Matt meets with Fisk and has an altercation with him and Matt threatens him and the woman he loves, Vanessa. Later Fisk feels a cut on his lip from where Murdock punched him. He remembers a similar cut from a fight he had with Daredevil in Season 1. He now suspects Murdock’s true identity. This is probably one of the bigger things to remember in our DAREDEVIL series recap.

At the end of Season 2 several things happen, Castle discovers about the men who conspired to kill him and his family, paving the way for the eventual PUNISHER series. Stick, Matt, and Elektra fight the Hand. Castle assists and then goes to embrace his life as The Punisher. Elektra gives her life fighting the Hand. Foggy joins a new law firm, and Matt reveals to Karen that he’s Daredevil. At the very end, the Hand takes Elektra’s body, as they have plans to resurrect her as a weapon called the Black Sky.

Daredevil Series Recap: Quick DEFENDERS Tie-in

Here’s all you really need to know about the DEFENDERS for our DAREDEVIL series recap. Matt Murdock reluctantly joins Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand in a fight against the Hand and their plans to gain immortality and destroy New York. Elektra becomes the Black Sky for the Hand, and at the series’s end, she tries to take over the Hand for herself. Matthew sacrifices himself to stop Elektra, and they share a moment before the building they were in crashes around them and buries them. The series ends with Matt lying in a bed, heavily bandaged, at the orphanage where he grew up. Somehow, he survives.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Now you’re all caught up with our DAREDEVIL series recap!

Daredevil Season 3: Early Reactions

After seeing the first few episodes of DAREDEVIL Season 3, it’s safe to say that this season is turning out to be the best one yet.

Matt is definitely a changed man. He’s different mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually. Matt’s faith in God has been a constant in the entire series. He believes that his calling to stop criminals is one that comes from God. However, the events in Season 3 alter his beliefs somewhat leading to very engaging and new dynamics for Murdock in this new season.

Karen knows that Matt’s Daredevil, which will be an interesting dynamic going forward. Both Foggy and Karen know his identity and struggle with the fact that from their perspective, Matt is dead.

DAREDEVIL Series Recap
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Wilson Fisk also returns as the series villain, and he’s just as ruthless and cunning as before. Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance continues to be one the series’ best parts. He also suspects that Matt is Daredevil so expect some serious consequences for Matt going forward as a result.

The trailer also shows us that Matt will be going back to basics, once again wearing his original black suit from Season 1. What’s really cool about DAREDEVIL Season 3 is that we’ll be seeing a lot of restructuring of Matt’s character, as he begins to reevaluate his effectiveness as a vigilante. Is there more than he’s willing to do in his fight against crime that he wasn’t before? We’ll know tomorrow.

From what we’ve seen, Season 3 is amazing and the rest of the season is sure to blow all of our minds. Hopefully, you found our DAREDEVIL series recap helpful. Keep checking in as we’ll have episode reviews and breakdowns at the ready.

DAREDEVIL Season 3 releases tomorrow, 10/18, on Netflix.

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