DAREDEVIL Season 3 — 5 Things To Get Excited About

DAREDEVIL Season 3 releases this October! We have a few hints as to what we can expect, so here are the top 5 things you should be excited to see in DAREDEVIL Season 3.

1. Matt Murdock’s Mom

We last saw Matt Murdock fighting Elektra at the end of THE DEFENDERS. As they fight, the Midland Circle building crashes on top of both of them, assumedly killing them both. As far as anyone else is concerned, they are both now dead. However, the show closes with a shot of Matt, heavily bandaged, lying in bed with a nun at his side. When he stirs, the nun tells someone to get Maggie and to tell her that he’s awake.


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Without reading the comics, some might be confused. Who’s Maggie? Maggie is none other than Matthew Murdock’s long-lost mother, who is currently a nun. What does this mean for Season 3? Well, in the comics Maggie’s reintroduction into Matt’s life happens in a very similar fashion in the BORN AGAIN storyline, written by Frank Miller. She nurses his wounds and discovers that he’s her son. Many have taken this scene to mean that DAREDEVIL Season 3 will be taking its influences from BORN AGAIN. We’ll be seeing more of Maggie for sure as actress Joanne Whalley has been cast to play her for Season 3.

2. Kingpin’s Revenge in DAREDEVIL Season 3

There are other clues that hint towards the BORN AGAIN story, such as Kingpin Wilson Fisk potentially learning Daredevil’s true identity. In DAREDEVIL Season 2, Matthew Murdock has an altercation while visiting Wilson Fisk in prison. Later, Fisk feels a cut on his lip that he received from Matt. He then asks for his lawyer to bring him the files on Matthew Murdock, wishing to reexamine them.

This implies that Fisk is starting to put things together, such as Murdock being Daredevil. If that happens, Matthew going to have some serious problems. During their prison meeting, Fisk tells him that if he thinks having the Punisher out on the streets is bad, that he should just wait until he himself gets out. Wilson Fisk will be in Season 3, presumedly returning as the season’s main antagonist.


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Likewise, Fisk learns Daredevil’s true identity in BORN AGAIN, although in a much different and darker way. In the BORN AGAIN storyline, Wilson Fisk buys the truth from none other than Karen Page. In this story, Karen has a lot more issues than she does in the Netflix show.

She stars in adult films in order to pay for her drug addiction. Fisk takes advantage of her desperate situation and that’s why she’s so willing to sell him Daredevil’s identity. Fisk then proceeds to systematically take down and destroy every part of Matthew’s life. The same kind of dismantling would be crazy to see in DAREDEVIL Season 3.

3. Karen’s Secrets Revealed?

On Netflix, Karen is certainly not in the position that she is in BORN AGAIN, and probably won’t be. She’s currently working as a writer at the New York Bulletin which she’s been doing since Nelson and Murdock fell apart. While she does now know Matthew’s alternate identity, I don’t think she’s in enough of a desperate place to sell it to Fisk as she is now. More likely, he will already know and could perhaps seek to confirm the truth by manipulating or threatening her.


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How might Fisk manipulate her? It could very well be that Fisk digs into her history. We know that Karen has a dark past that’s she been trying to hide. We know it has something to do with her brother and a car crash that presumedly happens before she moves to New York. She’s certainly more capable of darkness than she lets on, such as when she shoots Fisk’s right-hand man Wesley in DAREDEVIL Season 1.

When he tried to bluff, asking if she really thought he would leave a loaded gun near her, she responded by asking if he really thought it was the first time she’s shot someone before. If Fisk were to pull this information out and threaten to expose her, it could very well be enough for her to confirm his suspicions. This would be a very interesting situation for Karen, in conflict over whose secrets she should protect. Should she protect Matt’s, or her own? No matter what, it’s about time for Karen to get some more interesting and dynamic screen time.

This would certainly be the route to do it.

4. Bullseye in DAREDEVIL Season 3?

One of Daredevil’s primary foes that have yet to make an appearance is Bullseye. A master assassin with perfect aim, Bullseye is often employed by Wilson Fisk and his criminal enterprises. He does Fisk’s dirty work, taking out people who are problems… like Daredevil.

Many people are expecting to see Bullseye make an appearance this season. In BORN AGAIN, Fisk hires the super-soldier Nuke to make Matthew’s life horrible. However, Nuke is dead in the MCU having already appeared in the JESSICA JONES series. Bullseye would be an excellent, and probably more welcome, alternative.


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What’s awesome about Daredevil/Bullseye fights is that you have one guy who can’t see and the other who can see exceptionally. It forces Daredevil to rely on his augmented senses, even more, to stay out of Bullseye incredible range and aim. Bullseye pushes Daredevil to his limits, making his defeat even more satisfying as Daredevil will have to be incredibly creative in taking him down.

5. Murdock No More, Only Daredevil

While there has yet to be a trailer for DAREDEVIL Season 3, there are a few teasers. One teaser shows Matthew in a confessional. Wearing his black costume from Season 1, he says that he was fooling himself for ever thinking there was justice in a court of law.

“Darkness only responds to darkness…The truth is, I’d rather die as the Devil, than live as Matt Murdock…”

This is pretty heavy, but it does make sense. Nelson and Murdock are done, Elektra went crazy becoming the Hand’s evil weapon of destruction, and Kingpin is probably going to be gunning for him. Hard. Plus, Wilson Fisk was able to maintain his power and operations even after Matt put him in prison. So why keep up two identities? Why not just be the Devil and find justice in the dark? It’s a good question, with an answer that Matt will undoubtedly discover as DAREDEVIL Season 3 progresses.


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Those are the top 5 things you should get excited about for DAREDEVIL Season 3! What are your thoughts? Are looking forward to a new season that will no doubt be more intense and dark than seasons past? Are we ready for that? Let us known in the comments below!

UPDATE: New Full DAREDEVIL Season 3 Trailer Released

check out the new trailer for Daredevil season 3 here!  Check it out below:

It looks as though Bullseye will be in DAREDEVIL Season 3, working for Kingpin and committing murders dressed as Daredevil! Daredevil Season 3 can’t come soon enough!

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DAREDEVIL Season 3 will release October 19th on Netflix.

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