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Fans gave a warm welcome to Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung at ACE Comic Con in Long Island, NY. The two talked at a panel about their time working on DAREDEVIL. The stars of the series discussed bringing these characters to life as well as what the future holds for them.

Charlie Cox Elodie Yung Daredevil Panel

Behind The Scenes Shooting DAREDEVIL

One of the first topics they went into was researching their characters. Thy both said it required going into the comics to gain some insight. Charlie stated that he didn’t grow up reading comics, so he had to brush up on DAREDEVIL’s history. Charlie said that some of the comics inspired the first scripts.

He referred to a couple of comics by Jeph Loeb and Joe Quesada that he enjoyed reading. He also said he kept up to date with some of the latest issues. Elodie also explained that she didn’t grow up reading the comics before landing the role of the female assassin. The actress said she ended up getting as much material as she can to gain information on Elektra.

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The next thing that the two actors talked about was the connection that they had with their respective characters. Elodie spoke about Elektra being sociopath who is capable of love. Charlie Cox discussed his connection with Matt, enjoying the opportunity to explore his humanity and struggling to make the right decisions.

Charlie Cox Elodie Yung Daredevil Panel

Charlie got to touch on the aspects of portraying his character’s disability and his extrasensory abilities for the show. He elaborated that he often found it difficult to express his emotions as an actor since his character is blind. He even thought some of his fellow castmates were having a hard time, but not for Elodie.

The actress jumped in and told a story of their first screen test together where they couldn’t look each other in the eyes and initially thought her co-star was actually blind. Charlie finished up to say that he even found everyday tasks to be difficult as a blind person. He also explained how his other senses were shown on screen.

DAREDEVIL Fan Q&As With Charlie and Elodie

Jumping into the Q&A, Charlie and Elodie answered some fan questions about working on the show. Charlie answered a fan’s inquiry about the costumes saying that he found it quite comfortable wearing the iconic suit and joked about seeing how his character changes outfits in between scenes. On the other hand, Elodie said that they did feel uncomfortable at times but likes the changes made to the costumes.

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Charlie and Elodie went into working with the crew and collaborating with the writers. A fan asked about the actors’ transition from film to TV with Charlie explaining the different emotions that Matt went through in two seasons and how it has changed his character. The actors were asked about possibly doing a DAREDEVIL movie. Charlie replied to that question stating that no plans are in place yet since they are so busy with creating the show but would love the opportunity.

Charlie Cox Elodie Yung Daredevil Panel

In another fan question about shooting in New York, Charlie spoke about filming in different parts of the city to portray Hell’s Kitchen like the comics. Charlie got to discuss the action sequences, saying that his stage combat training did come in handy. However, he had to let the professionals do the hard stunts. He recalled a time when he and Jon Bernthal had a fight scene together. Charlie said he had to tell Jon to stop after getting kicked by him.


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