DAREDEVIL Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix! Here are our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns for episodes 7/8. Why did Karen move to New York? What is Fisk’s master plan? How much longer will Nadeem ignore the corruption? How much darker will Matt become?

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 7

Episode 7 primarily focuses on the aftermath of the attack on the Bulletin. Kingpin’s focus is on getting his painting, Rabbit in a Snowstorm, back after his incarceration. We also see his secret room underneath his penthouse where he monitors the city and his interests. He watches the news and they all blame Daredevil for the attack.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Matt believes he was a fool for thinking he had the drop of Fisk. Maggie asks him if he should call others for help, like the Defenders, but he says Fisk is his problem. He notes that the fake Daredevil’s suit was a perfect copy. He goes to see Melvin, and sure enough, Melvin made the suit for Fisk. Melvin tells Matt he had to do it or Fisk would hurt Betsey, his parole officer he’s in love with.

Meanwhile, Agent Nadeem questions Foggy and Karen. He says that the man posing as Daredevil talking to Karen implicates her. Karen says that that wasn’t Daredevil. Karen asks Nadeem if he’s looked at any of the leads she gave him like Red Lion Bank or Felix Manning. He asks where Matt Murdock is as Evans is dead. Karen says that the fake Daredevil did Nadeem a favor by as now the world won’t know what a fool Fisk has made the FBI.

Melvin takes Matt to see the molds he used to make Fisk’s man the new suit. He asks Matt if he wants him to make him a new one, but Matt declines. He’s outgrown what the suit stood for. Nadeem is beginning to have suspicions and asks his director for the chance to find the truth about whether or not Fisk is manipulating the FBI.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Nadeem Putting Pieces Together

After realizing that he almost lost his life, Foggy proposes to Marci. She declines, wanting the proposal to be from the heart.

Karen visits her editor in the hospital and tells him the attacker wasn’t Daredevil. This prompts him to ask her if she knows who the real Daredevil. Because she won’t tell him, he fires her.

Melvin takes Matt to the new shop Fisk made for him. Melvin tries to lock Matt in with a second suit, to frame him per Fisk’s order. They fight as the FBI is on their way. Melvin tells Matt that Fisk’s man is an FBI agent. When the FBI arrives, Matt escapes and leaves Melvin for the FBI to arrest. He begs Matt to help him but Matt keeps going.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Nadeem heads to Fisk’s penthouse to talk to him. He heads to Fisk’s bedroom, and Fisk returns from his secret room underneath just in time. Before Nadeem arrives, Fisk was talking to Felix about Melvin. Fisk decides to leave him alone. He is now inconsequential. They also talk of Dex who is also laying low, as per Fisk’s orders.

With Nadeem’s arrival, Fisk asks Nadeem how his family is. He also asks if Nadeem needs any more help. Nadeem says he’s seen his kind of help before and doesn’t care for it. Fisk tells Nadeem to have faith and that all of the luxury he now has is his price for his full cooperation. Nadeem straight up asks Fisk about Evans. Fisk simply replies that Nadeem’s desperation diminishes him.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Matt’s Conflict

Matt continues to hear Fisk is his head. Inner Fisk taunts him about leaving Melvin. Asking him if he’s relieved that he didn’t have to risk his life for him. Inner Fisk tells Matt that he’s not strong enough to fight Dex and not smart to beat him. Matt father was too proud and he’ll die the same way. Matt goes and finds Betsey, telling her about Melvin’s arrest. He tells her to leave town. She tells him he’s cold and that Melvin thought he was a hero. She says he and Fisk are cut from the same cloth.

Foggy continues to search through papers, figuring out Fisk’s master plan. Meanwhile, Karen sits in her car and calls her dad. She asks him if she could come home. He says it’s a bad time, but tells her to call anytime. Karen tells him she was trying to do the right thing and it went wrong. That’s what she does, he father says before hanging up.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Nadeem continues to head home, still looking for evidence against Fisk. His family surprises him with a party to celebrate his promotion. When he goes to the garage, Matt is there, revealing that he’s the real Daredevil. He tells Nadeem that Fisk is playing him. Who does Nadeem think is the danger? Him or the fake Daredevil? Nadeem asks him what he’s offering. Matt tells him that the man dressed as Daredevil is in the FBI. Nadeem tells him to keep talking.

DAREDEVIL Episode 7: Pros and Cons

Next for our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns is the pros and cons for Episode 7.

The best part of the seventh episode is definitely the fight between Melvin and Matt. Melvin’s just a big dude and it’s everything Matt can do to stay out from under him. The aftermath of that fight is also really good in that we get to see Matt’s conflict with leaving him behind.

A Matt from an earlier season may have actually risked his life to save Melvin. This whole scenario is a perfect way for audiences to see how dark Matt has become. He’s not taking any extra steps to be a hero or connect with anyone. He is sole-minded in his purpose to stop Fisk.

To give a con, I personally would have liked to see a better reason for no Defenders appearances beyond Matt believing Fisk is his sole problem. Granted, it tracks with his character arc, but it’s not hard to see a situation where someone like Danny Rand showing up offering his help.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 8

Next, for out DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns is Episode 8.

Back home, Dex listens to his tapes where his therapist tells him he needs to structure his life around pillars of order. He cleans up his apartment, all of this indicating he’s found a new direction and his life is starting to get back on track.

Nadeem is sitting at his desk considering Matt words. He’s looking at Dex’s file and then watches the security footage of Dex turning off cameras and then going into Fisk’s penthouse. Nadeem gives Matt Dex’s name as a probable suspect, but he tells Matt not to hurt him. Matt needs Dex to testify so they agree to go together to his place to search for evidence.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Meanwhile, Dex attempts to reconnect with Julie. He asks her to just treat him like a caller when they used to work at a suicide hotline. She agrees. Foggy meets with Karen to share his theory about Fisk. He believes that Fisk is giving up specific criminals with the express intent to be the sole government protection provider for criminals across the city.

Foggy wants Karen to write one more article to make noise. Also, he wants to debate against DA Blake Tower to make even more noise, forcing Tower to react and get Fisk back behind bars. Karen tells him she lost her job for not giving up Matt. They still decide to go confront Tower together.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Nadeem Works With Matt

Fisk is watching monitors in his secret room, watching his men shoot Julie in the head. Felix is present at the shooting. Dex meets with Nadeem at the FBI headquarters. He tells Dex they got him an attorney to sue for wrongful suspension. Nadeem meets up with Matt and they search the apartment. Nadeem can’t see how Dex could fall for Fisk. Matt replies that it’s what Fisk does, finding the weakness and exploiting it until you surrender.

Just like the FBI, he adds. Matt finds a safe and unlocks it with his hearing. The suit was there but is now gone. However, Matt does find his therapy tapes.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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The attorney tells Dex he could have his job back in 6 months, to his dismay. He texts Julie, getting a text back saying to leave her alone. He tries again, and his number gets blocked.

The tapes reveal Dex’s troubled childhood. Matt and Nadeem climb up to the apartment just before Dex returns. Dex sees their shadows above. Using their shadows as a target, Dex ricochets bullets to shoot them. Nadeem gets a bullet to his side. Dex takes pieces of a chandelier, throwing them at them. Nadeem and Matt escape. The police arrive and Dex gives them his FBI ID. Matt is on the roof, recorder, and tapes in hand. He doesn’t go after Dex.

Foggy calls out Blake Tower about Fisk. He tells Tower that while Fisk’s case is a federal one, Tower could prosecute for any current crimes he’s committing. Foggy tells all present about Fisk’s plan to control all bribery and protection. Foggy says that he’s still passionate about what the law can do. That’s when he comes to a realization and suddenly leaves the club.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Karen vs. Wilson

Karen is at the Presidential Hotel to meet with Fisk, pretending to be writing a story about Fisk’s mother. Karen sits down with Fisk. They agree that the opulence in the room is offensive to Karen. He says he does not like intrusions into his privacy. Karen says she not actually writing a story about his mother, but about what she said. Karen tells Wilson that she knows about him killing his father, and wonder if there’s any part of him that’s not broken.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Fisk takes a slow and controlled breath and says he has questions of his own. At what point did she know that Matt was Daredevil? Karen counters by revealing that she killed Wesley. She tells Fisk that Wesley died quickly and didn’t suffer much. She tells him that she shot him 7 times but only because the clip ran out. He deserved more. She says that Matt is the one he should worry about, it’s her. Fisk rises and screams, about to attack Karen when Foggy and the FBI guards arrive to stop him.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Matt’s Mother

Foggy and Karen leave with Foggy telling her not to turn into Matt. Karen said he ruined her plan of trying to get Fisk to react emotionally on camera to put him back in prison. Foggy says that now she took her shot, Fisk is going to have an army to shoot back.

After the police leave Dex’s apartment, he takes the rest of his tapes and burns them. Felix arrives and tells Dex to come with him. Nadeem still bleeding out from his bullet wound, sits in his car. He calls Hattley and tells her that they need to talk. Felix takes Dex to Fisk’s secret room. Dex tells Fisk that Nadeem knows about him, but Fisk says he’ll take care of it. He tells Dex that rage cannot stay inside. It has to go somewhere or else it acts like a poison. Fisk says that he finds that a primal scream is the only release when the rage can’t stay buried. Dex’s savagely screams and Fisk embraces him. While he does, Fisk watches a monitor where his men are cleaning up the scene where they shot Julie.

Back at the church, Matt tells Maggie about Dex. Says he’s nothing like him and that Dex was a psycho from a young age. He had a shot but instead chose to keep his word. He regrets his choice. Maggie leaves.

While Matt is training below, Maggie prays. She prays to someone, saying that Matt is stubborn, full of fury and pride. She prays that Matt won’t make the same mistake that this person from them.

“Our son is too much like you Jack.”

Matt hears the prayer from below and falls to his knees in shock that Maggie is his mother.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Pros and Cons

Lastly for our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns is the pros and cons for Episode 8.

The eighth episode’s best part is a three-way tie between Dex’s shots ricocheting off the wall to hit Matt and Nadeem, Karen’s verbal (almost physical) battle with Fisk, and Matt discovering Maggie is his mother. It’s impossible to choose.

Dex’s prowess as a marksman is incredible. I would pay serious cash to see him fight Hawkeye. The guy can turn anything into a deadly weapon with even deadlier accuracy. Karen’s fight with Fisk is intensely scary. You honestly can’t tell what either of them was going to do at the moment. Karen risks everything, going into an incredibly dark place for her character. So far it’s been one of my favorite scenes this entire season and the best for Karen specifically.

Lastly, the reveal that Maggie is Matt’s mother is really good. Even if you read the comics and knew it was coming, it was still great. However, there is one part about it that has me torn so it’s kind of a pro/con. The pro is Matt’s reaction to hearing Maggie’s prayer, revealing that she is his mother. He falls to his knees with his shock, unable to believe the new revelation. The con is that Maggie didn’t have the foresight to think that her son with super-senses wouldn’t hear her revealing prayer from below. It’s a small issue, but it can be overlooked.

What did you think of our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns? Let us know in the comments below! Click here for episodes 4/5/6 or here for 1/2/3.

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