DAREDEVIL Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix! Here’s our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns for the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes of the new season. What are Fisk’s plans for Agent Poindexter? What is Matt willing to do to stop Fisk? If you’d like to read out other DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns for episodes 1, 2, and 3, click here.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 4

Episode 4 begins with the FBI doing a room check of Fisk’s penthouse. He’s ready for them before they even get to his room. Poindexter conducts the search and is visibly uneasy with Fisk staring him down.

We then cut to Matt, operating without his glasses and cane, returning to his apartment. He notices the orderly piles of bills on the table, taken care of by Karen. He gets his lawyer suit. Meanwhile, Foggy is freaking out about Fisk’s release. He’s worried about Matt’s warning when his girlfriend suggests that he runs for DA as a write-in. His campaign can be on a single platform: putting Fisk back behind bars. That way he can go on the offense and make enough noise to create difficulty if Fisk were to go after him.

Matt takes a taxi to the prison where Fisk was held, he tells the driver to wait for him, and he gets in using Foggy’s ID, hence the reason he stole Foggy’s wallet earlier. Then, he meets with an old client of his and Foggy’s to see if he can connect him with the Albanians. Though, he wants to find out why Fisk chose to give them up specifically. The old client refuses, punching Matt and telling to other inmates in the meeting room that he didn’t tell Matt anything. The guards tell Matt a nurse has to check him out before leaving.

Meanwhile, Nadeem’s wife tells him that she and his son are afraid that he will die due to the shooting where several agents were killed by the Albanians.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Fisk Begins His Revenge

Karen and Foggy go to Matt’s apartment, both now sure that Matt’s alive. Karen is very angry at Matt. They still both determine to fight Fisk. Karen says they don’t need to help Matt or get help from him. Foggy seems to think the Matt they know never came out from under Midland Circle.

While Matt is being checked out in the waiting room, the nurse suddenly attacks Matt with a syringe. Matt knocks out the nurse and finds that the door is locked. The phone rings. Matt slowly picks up the phone. Fisk in on the other line. He asks him if he remembers when Matt threatened to keep Vanessa away from him. The only person he loves. Fisk says that because he threatened Vanessa, and not just him, he is unable to forgive. Matt tries to respond but Fisk merely hangs up. The door unlocks.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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A large collection of inmates and guards attack Matt, further showing the amount of power Fisk has, even while in custody. Matt fights them off, struggling to stay standing. He ends up coming into contact with Vic, one of the Albanian leaders. He asks Vic to tell him why Fisk flipped on them. Vic tells him it doesn’t matter.

Vic also reveals that they never tried to kill Fisk on the inside. Their only attack was on the outside when the FBI was moving him. The shanking was orchestrated by Fisk himself in order to convince the FBI to get him out. He bribed a man with a life sentence to shank him in exchange for freedom. Vic tells him the lifer’s name is Jasper Evans. Evans is the only proof of Fisk’s set-up.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Fisk Covers For Dex

Vic helps Matt get out the prison despite the massive rioting and explosions. Matt staggers into the cab that brought him there and he passes out. After this, Dex is asked to leave Fisk’s penthouse while they interview Fisk about the night Dex saved him. Apparently, there was a discrepancy between the forensics and Dex’s report of what happened. Dexs’ report being that he gave the Albanians the chance to surrender. Foggy goes to a police union meeting and get the union’s endorsement for his campaign. After this, the FBI director advises Agent Nadeem to lie to his son about the danger he’s in to keep him at ease. Karen is desperate for evidence about Red Lion National Bank which is connected to Donovan, Fisk, and the Presidential Hotel. She gets a new name: Felix Manning.

Dex comes back to Fisk’s room, convinces the other agent to leave the room, and uses the security footage to play back the interview. Apparently, Fisk lies for him, telling the investigators that Dex’s killings were in self-defense. He covers for him, keeping Dex in the clear. Dex turns off the cameras and goes to Fisk, face-to-face. He tells Fisk he doesn’t need any favors from him. Fisk says not favors, but sympathy.

Fisk shows him the papers saying that Dex saving him was an FBI disaster. He offers sympathy, saying that Dex shouldn’t be under investigation for doing his job and saving his life and other agents. Fisk stands up from his table and says that the real heroes receive ridicule. That’s why he offers sympathy. The episode ends with Matt waking up in the taxi, and the driver jumping out of the car. The car drives straight off a dock and into the river.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 5

Episode 5 starts with Dex going through his morning routine. The word routine being an understatement. We can obviously see that Dex is extremely OCD.

We then cut to authorities pulling the taxi out of the water. There is nobody to be found. Donovan reports this to Fisk and Fisk wants Murdock found at all costs. He meets with the FBI and “rats” out on another one of his accomplices: Matt Murdock. This is a ploy by Fisk to get Murdock out in the open and make him a target.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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We see Dex again, going on a run, and also stalking Julie. Meanwhile, Agent Nadeem goes to Murdock’s apartment. Matt’s not there, but he finds his wet clothes. He says Matt’s been there recently.

Karen meets with Felix, a fixer for Fisk, and tries to get him to speak out against Fisk. She’s acting like she has the upper hand of knowledge against him until he reveals he knows all about her including her past as a drug addict. Karen leaves rattled and is quickly picked up the by FBI where they take her to Matt’s to be questioned by Agent Nadeem. He asks her about Nelson and Murdock, her time with the firm, and if they were ever hired to work for Fisk. He also asks her if she knows James Wesley. This freaks Karen out even more, as she killed Wesley in Season 1.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Dex’s Past

Donovan arrives at Fisk’s penthouse with several cassettes and files. All of them are about Dex and his past.

Even as a child, Dex has perfect aim. We see him as a kid throwing a baseball at a wall so many times in the same exact spot, he’s drilling a hole in it. His coach arrives at Dex’s orphanage to take him to his baseball game. Dex is pitching perfectly, with no kid able to hit his pitches. His coach wants to give another kid a chance, which upsets Dex. He thinks if he throws a perfect game his parents might come back. The coach benches him. In his anger, Dex throws a baseball at a pole, it ricochets and hits his coach in the head, instantly killing him.

We then see young Dex in therapy. His therapist writes down that that he has a borderline personality disorder. Dex admits that killing his coach wasn’t an accident. He says his coach was a jerk. The therapist writes that Dex has psychopathic and antisocial tendencies. She determines that Dex needs to practice empathy. Fast forward and Dex is a teen. His therapist is dying. She tells him that he’ll be fine if he gets a life and job with a rigid structure.

Dex gets angry and wants to punish her. He wants to kill her for dying and leaving him. She tells him all he needs is a north star to guide his moral compass. Fast forward and Dex is now an adult. He’s working at a suicide prevention hotline where he meets Julie. When she’s around, he talks to callers with empathy and compassion. When she’s not, he tells callers to take their pain out on others.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Dex & Julie

Donovan asks Fisk why all the interest in Dex. Fisk responds that the city needs a new scapegoat. A new villain to distract them from Fisk. Fisk is confident he can mold Dex to be that villain and distraction. Dex is eating below in the hotel restaurant. To his surprise, he comes face-to-face with Julie, who is a brand new hire as a waitress. It’s evident that her hiring is Fisk’s doing. They decide to get dinner together once her shift is over.

Meanwhile, Nadeem continues his Murdock investigation and goes after Foggy. Foggy stands firm and gives Nadeem little to work with and no information about Matt.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Back to Dex and Julie, Dex can’t help but reveal he knows everything about her, his knowledge coming from his stalking of her. Julie creeped out, leaves Dex. Dex gets incredibly angry. Cut back and Karen meets with Foggy and admits to him about killing James Wesley. Dex goes home and his incredibly off-center, he listens to recordings of his past sessions with his therapist to try and calm himself down.

The episode ends with a flashback to when Nadeem entered Matt’s apartment, finding his wet clothes. Matt got to the roof just in time and learns that the FBI are after him.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 6

Episode 6 starts with Karen and Foggy talking about Wesley. He tells her she did it out of self-defense. She tells him she shot Wesley seven times because she wanted him dead. Matt arrives at Karen’s place to ask for her help. He wants her to help him get Jasper Evan’s testimony out to the public using her paper.

She refuses and tells him he owes her for rent. Meanwhile, Dex continues to struggle after losing his shot with Julie. He’s off-kilter and losing control. The FBI agrees to allow Fisk to have some of his furniture and possessions back. Is a visual sign that Fisk’s power and control are getting larger.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Karen meets with Foggy about Matt’s need for help. Foggy tells her she should do it on one condition: Matt turns himself into the FBI. If the witness talks, Matt’s in the clear and them as well. Foggy decides to reach out as Matt’s attorney and negotiate his surrender to the FBI. Karen says she’s not ready to forgive him. Foggy believes that Matt’s actions are hurting him just as much them. Foggy decides he doesn’t want to bail on him.

Dex meets with Fisk. He tells Fisk that he doesn’t know anything about him. Fisk tells Dex about his own horrific childhood and killing his father. He says that Dex has fashioned himself into something the world could tolerate. Like an FBI sniper. He tells Dex that Julie would’ve never understood him. Society won’t either. Fisk says it punishes people like the two of them. Dex leaves and then learns that the FBI is blaming him for the Fisk transfer failure thanks to an anonymous tip (Fisk).

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Karen’s Darker Side

Karen goes to the church looking for Matt and meets Sister Maggie. Maggie shares that when Matt was younger he’d have nightmares, yelling for help. She’d go to him and be there for him. One night when he screamed for help, she was busy with other children and didn’t go to help him. He stopped calling for help after that. She urges Karen to not give up on him. Dex gets suspended, and his control slips even more.

Karen goes to a crackhouse and finds Evans. When she’s attacked, Daredevil intervenes, having been waiting for her, hoping she’d come to help. Karen tells him about the deal they want to make and Matt agrees. They decide to take him to the Bulletin so that his testimony couldn’t be considered coerced and so they can have more witnesses. They tell Evans to confess but Evans refuses. If he talks Fisk will kill his son.

Karen says he can either tell the truth and they’ll let him run, or he goes back to prison and she prints the story as he talked anyway. She would lie and get them killed if that’s what it took. Meanwhile, Foggy negotiates the deal with Nadeem and tells him about the witness. Matt’s getting dressed at the church and tells Maggie that he’s turning himself into the FBI. Nadeem goes to talk with the director about the deal and she notifies him that he’s getting a promotion. They both come to the conclusion that Matt and Foggy are bluffing about their witness and what he can prove.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Dex’s Future With Fisk

Dex arrives home after his suspension notice. He’s not taking his pills, has a gun, and is hearing voices. Right before he’s about to pull the trigger and kill himself, the phone rings. Fisk is on the other line. He tells Dex that his mother kept the hammer he used to kill his father. Fisk’s mother was proud of what he had done and who he was. She accepted him without shame. That’s what Fisk wants for Dex. He sends him a gift.

An opportunity to become his true self, he says. Fisk says he’ll never abandon Dex. He hangs up and there’s a knock at Dex’s door. It’s Felix telling him a car is waiting. Foggy and Matt are waiting outside of the Bulletin. Matt gives Foggy a new wallet. Karen leads Jasper into the Bulletin. The FBI is on their way to meet Murdock and find out what’s happening. Karen’s editor thanks her for being brave. Suddenly, Matt hears screaming.

Right as Jasper’s about to testify, the lights go out.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: A New Devil

A man arrives, throwing deadly batons with lethal accuracy at the reporters. It’s Dex and he’s dressed as Daredevil wearing the red-horned suit. Karen pulls out her gun, protecting herself, her editor, and Evans. Foggy enters the room. This Dark Devil turns to face Foggy and throws a lightning fast baton right at his face. Just before Foggy is about to be killed, Matt catches the baton.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Matt turns to face Dex. Foggy runs into the room with Karen. He asks him who he is. Dex responds that he’s Daredevil.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Matt and Dex engage in combat. Dex throwing everything and anything he can get his hands on with perfect aim, Matt doing everything he can to barely avoid the projectiles. Dex emerges the victor, knocking Matt out. He goes into the other room, stabs Karen’s editor, and then kills Evans. Dex says hello to Karen, and that it’s nice to see her again. The FBI arrives to see the aftermath and carnage. They face Dex on the stairs, still as Daredevil. Dex fights them off and escapes, as does Matt. An Agent asks who did all of this, and Nadeem responds that it was Daredevil.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Best Parts of 4, 5, and 6

One of the best parts has got to be the prison riot scene. It’s this season’s hallway fight from Season 1 and stairway fight from Season 2. The fighting choreography is epic and the camera work is impressive. Karen’s past continues to be revealed as we go further, which is also interesting to see. Apparently, her brother’s death potentially has something to do with her past as a drug addict? We’ll see going forward.

However, the best part of these episodes has got to be Fisk’s learning and subsequent molding of Agent Poindexter. Dex’s evolution into a villain is masterfully depicted, made even better by his past being filmed in black and white, with Fisk learning as we, the audience, does. Super engaging and dynamic.

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What about you? What were your favorite parts? Let us know in the comments below and hopefully, these DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns are helpful.

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DAREDEVIL is streaming now on Netflix.

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