DAREDEVIL Season 3 is now airing on Netflix! It looks like Matt Murdock survived the Midland Circle battle in DEFENDERS. It also looks like Matt Murdock is going back to basics for Season 3. Here are our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns for the first three episodes. If you’d like to catch up, read our series recap post here!

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 1

DAREDEVIL Season 3 opens by showing us how Matt survives Midland Circle. It turns out that he gets out through the sewer. He convinces a man to take him to the orphanage where he grew up. After that, we see that sister Maggie has helped Matthew recover. When Matt awakes, he discovers that he can’t hear out of one ear and can’t smell. This leads to him finding an inability to recognize his surroundings like he once did.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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We then see Karen and Foggy. We learn that Karen has been paying all of Matt’s bills and rent, refusing to believe that he’s dead. There’s a flashback scene that happens after Matthew reveals to Karen that he’s Daredevil in Season 2. He tells Karen that he doesn’t need the Devil anymore to feel whole. Karen responds by saying that she’s not so sure the Devil is the problem. Going back to Karen and Foggy we learn that they are blaming themselves for Matt’s supposed death.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Dying as the Devil

With Matt’s senses disabled, he starts to make certain connections. He tells Maggie if she remembers the biblical story of Job. Job was one of God’s most faithful followers. However, even after Job suffers immense loss and hardship, he refuses to curse God. He remains faithful. Matt now realizes that Job should have cursed God. Matt certainly wants to. He’s lost his abilities, lost Elektra, and feels like he no longer has purpose. He says that at this point he rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock.

We then cut to Wilson Fisk, who is still in prison. He contains a huge amount of control, yelling for quiet and instantly getting it. He receives a visit from his attorneys. They tell him that his appeal is on schedule. However, the woman he loves, Vanessa, who fled overseas during his incarceration, is unable to return to the US. If she does, she would face prison time for her part as an accessory.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Going back to Matthew, Maggie refuses to let Matthew wallow in his self-pity. She helps him recuperate and he starts to get some of his senses back. He starts to train. To become the Devil once more. He goes out in the classic black costume that he had in Season 1. He prevents two men from kidnapping a man and woman and they escape. The two men beat him down to the ground,  and Matt hands them a crowbar. He’s looking for death. To die as the Devil. Instead, the men run off.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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The episode ends with Fisk partnering with the FBI in order to eventually clear Vanessa.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 2

Here is episode 2 of our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns. Episode 2 begins with Matt returning from his fight. We also see Fisk, has just given the FBI information on the Albanian crime gang. Fisk goes to the prison’s workout room, where a prisoner stabs him for ratting out the Albanians. Fisk beats him down and then sits down for the guards to come in to contain the situation.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Maggie urges Matt to give himself time to heal more. Matt asks her what she’d do if she lost her calling. Maggie says she certainly wouldn’t lose faith and she’d find a new calling from God. Matt says he no longer cares what God wants. He’s having a complete crisis of faith.

We get a flashback of Father Lantom talking to young Matt. He tells him that he needs to harness his anger and deal with it. When Matt says he never hears God, Father Lantom tells him to listen harder because God is subtle.

FBI agent Nadeem, the agent who Fisk makes the deal with, demands to get continuing Fisk detail. With Fisk becoming a target in prison, something needs to be done.

Karen becomes obsessed with Midland Circle, not wanting to believe that Matt is gone.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: All Devil and No God

We get another flashback of young Matt. He’s sitting in a pew listening to all of the prayers others make to God. Cut back to older Matt. He says he was deluding himself into thinking he was doing his godly calling. Now he believes God has nothing to do with it. He is Daredevil and God can’t stop it.

Karen learns about the masked vigilante who saved the man and woman, the woman being a wealthy socialite. She tells Karen she’s been dealing with the press her whole life, always taking her life and destroying the truth. Karen connects with her by telling her all of the stories people made up about her when her brother died in their small town. The woman then tells Karen about Matt saving them. Karen now knows that he’s alive.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Going back to the FBI, they want to put Fisk under house arrest, out of prison in order to protect him. Nadeem says the city will be safer because of Fisk. He says that he will save lives if they can keep him talking.

Foggy visits his family at their meat shop and sees their struggles and plight. He considers if he’s happy with his life. He tells his brother that he’s losing his purpose and direction without Matt. Karen arrives and tells Foggy that he’s alive. Foggy says it’s not possible because he would’ve reached out.

Daredevil goes and finds the kidnappers at their laundromat which is a front for gun-running. Daredevil beats them up and reports the guns they have. He then goes to the socialite and tells them the men are in custody. She says thank God. He says that we helped them, not God.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Fisk Out Of Prison

Meanwhile, Fisk gets transported by the FBI to the Presidential Hotel where he will be under house arrest. While being transported, Fisk shares that he discovers that loneliness was not his strength like he once thought. He searched for connection and found it in Vanessa. In love. However, he says that love is the perfect prison and that he is always in prison as he will do whatever is necessary to protect her.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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As he says this, there is a massive explosion and gunfire. The Albanians want revenge. Fisk gets trapped in a flipped over car. Enter Agent Poindexter. He kills all of the Albanians with some of the bullets ricocheting off of lamp posts. The FBI then secures Fisk and they take him to the hotel. As this happens, Matt gets his hearing back just in time to hear that Fisk is now out of prison.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Episode 3

Fisk is now in his hotel penthouse under heavy observation by the FBI. His attorneys tell him that Vanessa is now missing overseas.

We then cut to Karen eating lunch with her editor’s family. She then learns that her editor is trying to set her up with his son. He wants her to be happy. It’s then that they both get calls that Fisk has been released. Karen is extremely angry about Fisk’s release.

Matt goes to the hotel where Fisk is being held. Fisk is in his head, taunting him. Matt then sees Karen at the hotel. Inner Fisk tells him that Matt will end up getting Karen killed like all those he gets close to.

Matt goes into the hotel. Inner Fisk asks Matt if he’s now become more valuable to the city than Matt ever was. Meanwhile, Real Fisk learns from Donovan that Vanessa is safe and keeps moving to stay safe. Fisk wants her safer and closer.

Cut to Foggy and he really wants to get Fisk back behind bars. Then, Matt keeps considering what he should do. He’s feeling like there’s only one way to stop Fisk. Matt’s feeling guilty because of letting Fisk live.

We then cut to Fisk speaking to Agent Poindexter, also known as Dex, the FBI Sniper who saved him. He tells Dex that he’s never seen someone with his level of skill and talent.

When getting interviewed to see if he’s mentally fit for duty, Dex is angered by the fact that an investigation is underway into his stopping the Albanians. He says that if he was wearing a mask he’d be seen as a hero. When asked if he has anyone to talk to, he says that he has a woman named Julie. Julie listens and doesn’t judge.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Devil’s Return

Daredevil grabs Donovan, Fisk’s lawyer, in a parking lot. He forces Donovan to tell him what Fisk’s after. He confesses that Fisk’s cooperating with the FBI because of Vanessa.

Then the FBI agents arrive to intercept Daredevil. He fights the agents and begins to beat one of them down. Inner Fisk tells Matt to let the Devil out. Matt evades the agents and runs.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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Meanwhile, Karen discovers that the Presidential Hotel is owned by shell companies that Donovan’s firm owns, Donovan being Fisk’s lawyer.

Matt determines that people can’t change their fundamental nature. While this is something that he means for Fisk, it’s also something that works for Matt as well. He thinks it’s God’s joke that as soon as he gets his hearing back, he hears that Fisk is out prison. Fisk’s arrest and being in prison was probably Matt’s biggest success as Daredevil. He’s trying to determine what he should do about Fisk and Maggies warns him not to become the monster he wants to stop.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns
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We then cut to Dex stalking a woman who is most likely Julie. Then, we see Matt revealing himself to Foggy to warn him about Fisk. He tells him that he left Murdock behind. Matt says he going to take down Fisk and that he needs Foggy and Karen to stay far away. He leaves Foggy after stealing his wallet.

The episode ends with Donovan telling Fisk about Daredevil attacking him. Fisk now knows that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is back.

DAREDEVIL Episode Breakdowns: Best Parts of 1, 2, and 3

Matt Murdock’s crisis of faith has got to be one of the most interesting things of the Season thus far. This is a vigilante who has consistently seen his abilities and fighting crime with them as his God-given calling. Now that he doesn’t see it that way, does that mean that he’s willing to take his power further, crossing lines he refused to go before?

Fisk is back and it’s hard to tell if his motives are just for Vanessa or if there’s something more underhanded going on. Karen certainly seems to think so. It certainly seems convenient that Fisk is in a hotel that he happens to own.

Dex also has some interesting stuff going on. This is an FBI agent who will at one point become the villain Bullseye. While comics’ fans know the result, it’s still engaging to watch the journey there. It already looks like Fisk has plans for him and will come to fruition later on.

Did you enjoy our DAREDEVIL episode breakdowns? What did you think of the episodes? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check back for our next set of episode breakdowns.

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DAREDEVIL is now streaming on Netflix.


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