daredevil #609

Marvel has been hinting at Daredevil dying for a while now. But are they planning to kill off Matt Murdock also or just get rid of his heroic alter-ego? This DAREDEVIL #609 preview might give us some answers to those questions.

[one_half]daredevil #609


Published: October 17, 2018

Written by: Charles Soule

Art by: Phil Noto

Cover by: Phil Noto

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Can’t wait for DAREDEVIL season 3 to come out? Neither can we, so here are five things we’re excited about!


The eleventh hour draws near as Matt Murdock prepares to square off against the Kingpin of Crime! Matt is forced to ask himself how long he can take hits against the ropes as Daredevil before he has to hang up the horns. But first, Matt will have to embark on a crusade to free the city of New York from Wilson Fisk’s mayoral reign!

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daredevil #609 daredevil #609 daredevil #609 daredevil #609 daredevil #609

daredevil #609
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