DAREDEVIL #26 commences a new tale that follows the Guardian Devil on his journey in finding his ally, Blindspot. The issue is the first entry in the “Land of the Blind” storyline. Because of this, the work is primarily an introduction into what Daredevil will soon face. However, despite its introductory nature, the issue is particularly absorbing and immediately segues into the overarching narrative.

Under the writing direction of Charles Soule as well as the artistic talents of Ron Garney and Matt Milla, DAREDEVIL #26 is a well-crafted adventure that will leave you anticipating what is in store for our titular hero.

daredevil #26
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Even Heroes Take a Day Off

The narrative of DAREDEVIL #26 primarily revolves around Matt Murdock striving to find his lost ally, Sam Chung, also known as Blindspot. After receiving a clue that Sam may be residing in China, Murdock takes a leave of absence from work to follow up on his lead. With this, it is interesting to see the intertwining of Matt Murdock and Daredevil’s lives. Though Murdock is often depicted trying to balance these two facets of his character separately from each other, it is clear that his Daredevil persona maintains the superiority within his nature. Because of this, the issue subtly explores his insatiable need to be a guardian.

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Though Murdock’s intentions are certainly noble, he does face doubt from his peers. In this particular issue, Sam’s sister, Hannah, expresses some resentment towards Daredevil. This, of course, may be attributed to Sam’s participation as a vigilante, which contributed to his eventual disappearance. However, another factor towards her anger may be her perception that Daredevil has not done enough to protect innocent lives. Hannah appears to believe that Daredevil maintains an idealistic perspective of his vigilantism in which he believes he is changing the world when, in reality, everything remains the same.

Of course, this perspective does not deter Daredevil from embarking on his journey to China to find Sam. Upon his arrival, he immediately encounters The Hand, which inevitably results in a battle. Upon the conclusion of this battle and the overall issue, our titular hero finds himself opposing someone familiar. This cliffhanger suggests that an interesting narrative lies ahead alongside some thrilling, action-packed contributions from The notorious Hand.

daredevil #26
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The Palette of DAREDEVIL #26

This issue certainly embodies a grittier tone that seems to find its roots in realism. Because of this, I enjoy the way Ron Garney and Matt Milla introduce Daredevil into the issue by depicting him lurking in the shadows. There is certainly a juxtaposition between the coloring palettes of the Matt Murdock and Daredevil personas. The panels that feature Matt Murdock embody more vibrant tones whereas the sequences involving Daredevil interacting with another character are certainly much grimmer. This is a great way to showcase the duality of Murdock’s nature.

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With this, I found Garney and Milla’s portrayal of what lies inside the temple Daredevil is led to quite creative. They truly depict the horrors of this place through the detail of the monsters within the temple as well as the structure’s exterior. Interestingly, despite the darker tones present in Daredevil’s panels, his suit consistently shines through the pages. The vibrancy of the red suggests a sense of hope despite the horrors our vigilante encounters. Along with this, the suit’s brightness may also suggest the presence of humanity that stems from the Matt Murdock persona into Daredevil.

So, ultimately, the artwork within DAREDEVIL #26 is not only compelling on its own. It elevates the story, as well as Daredevil’s overall character, beyond our expectations.

What Lies Ahead

I found this issue to be successful in showcasing both Matt Murdock and Daredevil alongside their respective characteristics. Though DAREDEVIL #26 may come off more as an introduction to a new story, it immediately compels you to engage in the plot. The artwork is engaging and highlights the action-packed sequences. You will not find yourself bored at any time. If anything, the work will leave you wanting more.

DAREDEVIL #26 by Charles Soule, Ron Garney, & Matt Milla
With some beautiful artwork and a cohesive narrative, DAREDEVIL #26 proves to be the beginning of something great.
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An impressive and engaging introduction
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