daredevil #2

Daredevil is out to prove his innocence in this DAREDEVIL #2 preview. He says he didn’t kill the thief and is going to figure out what happened. Check out the preview below to see where he starts!

[one_half]daredevil #2


Published: February 27, 2019

Written by: Chip Zdarsky

Art by: Marco Checchetto, Sunny Gho, Clayton Cowles

Cover by: Julian Totino Tedesco

Daredevil is back and you don’t wanna miss out on his adventures! Get your issue now!



DAREDEVIL #2 Preview Image Gallery

daredevil #2 Daredevil #2 Daredevil #2

Daredevil #2
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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