When all of the contributors at ComicsVerse got the chance to look at the creator list for Wizard World Philadelphia, Danny Fingeroth was a name that everyone on our staff noticed. Not only an excellent editor, Fingeroth is a teacher and Eisner award judge who has had his hands in developing almost every major Marvel property over the course of the last 30 years. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the dark and gritty characters like Matt Murdock or the lighter pop stars like the dazzling Alison Blaire, Danny Fingeroth has been involved in their growth. SPIDER-MAN, DAZZLER, AVENGERS, DAREDEVIL, and IRON MAN are just a few of the titles that have gotten the Fingeroth treatment over the course of a few decades.

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From the place and importance of comics in people’s lives, both emotionally and analytically, to transitioning from editing to teaching, Fingeroth was more than happy to open up about what it is like to be inside of the industry and how important comics have been to him all of these years. He also identified to me a clear preference for Spider-Man, a weakness that mosts of us definitely have sometimes in spite of ourselves. He even asked me what Spider-Man comics I had read and when I told him I got into Spider-Man after reading ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, he immediately responded, “Oh, Bendis is lovely.”

Overall, it was a pleasure to get the chance to speak with such a prolific and smart comic book fan, editor, and teacher. He blends experience with education in a way that you can’t help by admire, and I was beyond honored to get a few minutes with such an amazing person. If you like Marvel or comics at all, check out this interview. I promise you won’t regret it.

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