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ComicsVerse spoke with pop culture blogger and TV personality, Danny Choo about his show, doll-line, and more at Anime NYC 2017!

ComicsVerse: Hey there. I am Schane Flowers. I’m here with Danny Choo. And you’re watching ComicsVerse Anime NYC. So Mr. Choo, how has Anime NYC been treating you so far? How do you like it?

Danny Choo: Oh, it’s been great. Yeah, it’s been fantastic. The crowd is like really, really great. I mean it’s still only Friday, and we expect to meet much more folks over the next few days as well. I’ve just moderated a panel just now, and it’s been great so far.

ComicsVerse: Now as a TV personality of Japanese culture, what’s your opinion on the view of the term “otaku” both in and outside of Japan?

Danny Choo: So otaku is loosely used to … I mean the person using it may describe an otaku in different ways. So you have a wine otaku, someone who loves wine, or like a train otaku, someone who loves trains. I think mostly it’s used for folks who love anime, and who specialize in the field of anime. People use it obviously outside of Japan, but inside Japan as well. My understanding is that it’s used to describe someone who is very passionate about anime.

ComicsVerse: And speaking about passion, I saw your show, CULTURE JAPAN. I want to know what was your favorite episode?

Danny Choo: So CULTURE JAPAN is a TV show, which I produce, direct, and host on. For the past two seasons, we go to Edo Wonderland, where I become a ninja. I train to be a ninja. And so I’ve been back there twice already. I’ll be going back again to finish my ninja training.

ComcsVerse: And I can’t help but notice this cute little thing here. What was your inspiration for Smart Doll?

Danny Choo: So Smart Doll, I’ve been designing characters in two dimensional field, and they are stuck in paper, or in the poster, or in the sticker, but I wanted them to exist among humans. So, I’ve decided to make a fashion doll, and I started creating them using 3D graphics, and then using 3D printers, and then once you have something 3D printed, you can then start making molds, where you can start making thousands and thousands of them.

ComicsVerse: Alright. Now, I also know that you’re making season three of CULTURE JAPAN. I want to know what locations will you be going to next in the upcoming season?

Danny Choo: So for the past seasons, I spend most of my time in Tokyo, but this time, I would like to show our viewers more of the other parts of Tokyo throughout parts of Japan with like different seasons. So maybe, where it’s kind of like a really old Japanese huts with lots of snow, and other parts which I think folks who love Japanese culture would like.

ComicsVerse: Okay, awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time, and thanks for having us here. For more interviews, check us out at ComicsVerse.com. I’m Schane, and you’re watching ComicsVerse.

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