DANGANRONPA is one of the most popular murder mystery game franchises out there. Although the setting and characters change for each title, three main points remain the same throughout the series:

  1. The cast is a group of students from an elite private high school, Hope’s Peak Academy. The school only accepts the best students in any given field, and then assigns them titles based on that field. Students at Hope’s Peak could range from the Ultimate Swimmer to the Ultimate Delinquent to the Ultimate Soldier. Thus, each member of the cast has his or her own special gimmick.
  2. The students are trapped in the game’s setting with no memory of how they got there. They are also usually unaware of who the other students are.
  3. The only way out is to get away with murder. Every chapter features at least one new “crime scene” as students turn to killing each other in an attempt to escape. The player must then gather clues and evidence to uncover the truth behind each murder. Afterwards, the class holds a trial to determine the culprit. If they catch the culprit, it’s a success and the next chapter begins. If not, game over.
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This formula has held true since the first game’s release in 2010. The latest game, DANGANRONPA V3: KILLING HARMONY, keeps those core elements as well. However, it also features a few new twists to be enjoyed when it comes out in North America this September.

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English voices and more!

DANGANRONPA V3’s first English trailer was released at E3 on June 13th. Take a look below:

In it, each character gets a brief line of dialogue, offering a taste of their English voices. There is no news yet on the official English voice cast.

The trailer also shows the class trials’ updated visuals and gameplay. One of the new features shown is the Mass Panic Debate, which involves several characters talking over each other and requires the player to narrow in on the inconsistency among their dialogue.

Like its predecessors, DANGANRONPA V3 features a group of students trapped in a certain setting — in this case, an abandoned school surrounded by a cage. As usual, a student must kill someone and get away with it in order to escape.

Unlike previous games, however, the protagonist must lie during class trials in order to succeed. Furthermore, Hope’s Peak Academy apparently does not exist in DANGANRONPA V3’s world — yet, mysteriously, each student still holds an Ultimate title. DANGANRONPA V3 is also the first main title to feature a female protagonist, the Ultimate Pianist Kaede Akamatsu. Ideally, these changes will provide a refreshing and challenging experience for anyone growing tired of DANGANRONPA’s established formula.

Spike Chunsoft first released DANGANRONPA V3: KILLING HARMONY on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita in Japan on January 12, 2017. The company is publishing the game on the same platforms in North America on September 26, 2017. They will also release it on Microsoft Windows worldwide on the same date.

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