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Speaker 2: I guess I’ll start. When we’ve spoken, one of the big things we talked about is your role in this, as being this kick-ass female character on TV and what that means to you. What is it like now that there’s Ash’s daughter, who’s this new female character on the show? How do you– are you like her teacher? And what’s that relationship like?

Dana Delorenzo: That’s a great question. Because it’s very true to life in the sense of something that starts one way, ends up being another. And it really… Kelly’s journey this season really takes everything that has been building up for both seasons, which is, you know, she’s still sort of… Ash’s heir apparently, she’s just– you see that a lot.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Dana Delorenzo: You see the similarities, we’ve really built that up. And she would never admit that because… you know, they butt heads, they’re so similar a lot of the times, but when they’re on together, they’re on the same page, they’re together.

DD: I love the way that… real life mirrored, as it does on the film for some reason because there’s a show about a guy with a chainsawed arm, yet life imitates– art imitates life a lot, you’d be surprised. But the fact that in real life when Lindsay and Ariel were brought on, we have such a tight-knit group it’s like, “How is this going to change the dynamic offset and onset?” But my dynamic with the two of them and how it starts mirrors that of our characters. So you know, you bring in Lindsay for example– oh, we were talking about Ariel, let’s focus on that.

DD: So Kelly, you know, yeah she gets a little bit miffed that all of a sudden, now there’s this girl. “Oh god, she’s eighteen. Oh, she’s a teen.” Now Kelly’s like, “I gotta babysit this girl, we don’t need any more obstacles. Evil is back. This is all I’ve been waiting for.”

DD: It’s really interesting because then Kelly is the one that takes Brandy under her wing because she starts seeing these similarities. Brandy loses her mom. Brandy thinks Ash is a dummy just the way Kelly did when he first saved her life. And Kelly is the one who’s telling Brandy, “Look I know he seems like an idiot, and he is. And I get it. You know you’re gonna have lots of therapy after you lose your dad. But honestly, the guy’s gonna save us all from evil.” It’s Kelly being the one that convinced Brandy that, which usually you would think would go to Paulo. I love that that is the journey. She takes her under the wing the same way Ruby did with Kelly.

DD: But I cannot say enough about Ariel. We are gonna be friends for life. She just stayed with me for two weeks. I love that was like, day one, it was for life and instantaneous. And same with Lindsay. We’re here staying on vacation after. Like, these are two characters, two magnificent charming people as you’ve met, brilliant actors, but also wonderful people and their dynamic changes everything on the show and I can’t wait for you to see the stakes that it raises.

DD: ‘Cause yeah, you know you bring any guy in a motorcycle jacket, who rides a motorcycle, into a world and you’re bringing between the two, Pablo and Kelly, somebody’s going to get their mustache in a bunch and it ain’t Kelly. But it’s interesting to see how that raises stakes and what that forces both Pablo and Kelly to do. It all plays cogs on a wheel. I just need to stop talking right now.

Speaker 2: Pamela, you’ve talked about how you’re now in a role where you’re going to be teaching lessons to the new characters. Is there a lesson you can share with us?

Dana Delorenzo: I wouldn’t say it’s like full on, “Hey class. Here’s what we’re going to learn today.” It’s more about… it’s actually just like being on the show. I didn’t know how to– actually when I was covered in blood and my face with twenty-six gallons for the first time and you just do it and then you just, “Okay I got that. Now I know how to do that.” That is the same way that Kelly does with Brandy in the sense of she… by being around Kelly and by Kelly saying to Brandy, “Look, we’re stuck in this catch-22. This is our best option.”

DD: Brandy’s like, “Let’s just do this. Let’s just run.” Kelly’s like, “No. That’s the worst idea. Calm down, rebel without a cause. Here’s how you’re going to do it. Here’s what we’re going to do. This is the best option.” I think that, inadvertently, Kelly is teaching her just by being there and giving her the experience but also Kelly wants to protect her but she’s actually Ash William’s daughter so Brandy’s going to have those innate skills anyway.

DD: Because Kelly and Brandy are really similar, Brandy’s going to hold her own from day one. It’s just Kelly sort of has to very quickly take the teenager out and put the warrior in and be like, “This is not the time to be stubborn and go out past your curfew and be a rebel. This is the time when you have to listen to me and learn.”

Speaker 3: It’s interesting because I think it’s almost like the group, it was a familial dynamic. With you and Ash, it was very daughter-father.

Dana Delorenzo: Daughter he never had and then he has one, whoops!

Speaker 3: And now he has one.

Dana Delorenzo: Who will help us now?

Speaker 3: And now suddenly you’re kind of like the older sister role where you’re like, “God, this is so annoying. No, don’t do that. I’m trying to help you. Stop being a brat.” But it’s still very caring.

Dana Delorenzo: But then, like an older sister would be, at the end of the day you see very quickly that Kelly and Brandy become like best friends but it does change the dynamic with the family that is bound by blood and the family that is bound by bloodshed. That’s what this season is.

Speaker 2: All right that’s a good quote.

Dana Delorenzo: Hey guys, I finally got one. I finally learned how to not have a run on sentence that is one question. Bound by blood, bound by bloodshed.

Speaker 2: How has your… you mentioned when we spoke last year about the physicality of the show and the constant blood being poured on you. Has that gotten easier for you, your stunt work and all that, now that you’ve done more of it?

Dana Delorenzo: You know, easier is a tricky word. You never… it’s never easy when you different forms of blood and viscera in your eyes, down your pants, areas you didn’t know you had but you do know what to expect and, honestly, it becomes the fun. I actually prefer those days. When you’re in makeup for two hours, three hours, and you have to just be normal — when we do this, when we do that.

DD: I will say, in terms of action, yes it has gotten a little bit easier in the sense of I’ve been able to work that muscle. I’m so grateful that this is a show that does action and horror and comedy and drama. As an actor, that’s a dream because now I get to do all of that and learn from these incredible people, our incredible stunt team, incredible veteran actors who blow my mind every day.

DD: I don’t know if it’s easier but it sure has become something that I can build upon and become more comfortable with every time. I look forward to pushing myself farther each episode. If I don’t, the writers and the creators sure as hell will.

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Speaker 4: After three seasons, why do you think that having characters like Kelly on television is so important?

Dana Delorenzo: I’m glad you asked that. I wrote an article for women in horror month saying it takes a village to raise a strong “female” character. I put “female” in parentheses because right now we do have to say, “Oh it’s such a strong character. Kelly is such a badass female character.” I think this goes to all parts, all roles, all characters that it is important to have people like Kelly Maxwell for two reasons.

DD: Number one being we need to have such an abundance of diverse roles that we don’t have to say any more strong female character, strong African-American character. We just say strong character. I think that goes for every ethnicity, every show. Just write a strong character and let the people that are meant to play it play it. I hope that we get to that point where it’s such a plethora, we don’t have to specifically say it anymore.

DD: I also think it’s important because, especially in horror, those roles are like the trope roles, the final girl, the girl who’s running naked in the woods. We know that that’s happened even in this franchise. I think it’s important not only that they’ve taken this to another level in this franchise alone in such a redeeming way with these… the character that Lucy Lawless plays, the character of Kelly, Brandy but also it’s just important to have those kinds of role models whether you’re man or woman, wherever you’re from in the world. We have fans all over the world.

DD: I think it’s important to have characters that are strong but also flawed because that’s real. I love the superheroes. I love all that stuff so much but, for me, I personally respond to when I see somebody that’s struggling, when I seem somebody even like Ash Williams who’s a smoking angel and just the failure of life but he’s still really good at this and he still has heart and guts and glory.

DD: That’s what I think is important to keep showing on TV, the flawed human beings because we’re all flawed. Somebody that we can all root for because the underdog– you always want the underdog because that’s what makes life interesting, right?

Speaker 5: You started with a question about Ariel. I want to ask you about Ruby because you and Ruby, you had that kind of relationship with Ruby last year and now Ruby’s obviously a supervillain again.

Dana Delorenzo: Because good Ruby killed evil Ruby. It’s 1980’s Ruby we let out of the time warp. You’re asking what?

Speaker 5: What’s your relationship with Lucy Lawless and Ruby this year?

Dana Delorenzo: Oh Lucy Lawless, she’s my Lucy flawless. I can’t say enough about her. It’s tough for Kelly because she’s like, “Dude, why did you have to come out of the portal? I was just starting to like the old you. Or the new you. This is the old you.”

DD: Now that she’s full-on evil and out to get Ash and Brandy… it’s really great because Kelly takes her moment in the sun. She finally gets agency where she’s not telling a great idea to Ash and he’s like, “No, I’ll go with my plan today.” Kelly says, “All right. Hey, Ruby, I got this idea,” Kelly says and Ruby’s like, “No, I need you to do this with me. Let’s go get that demon spawn.”

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DD: Kelly’s like, “Okay.” Kelly goes for Ruby, Kelly goes for all of the evil ghosts with Ash and says, “I’m going to take this moment, I’m going to do what I think is right.” How great that, when she finally maybe has this chance for revenge, it might not be what she wanted in the end at all. When she goes for it, that’s what matters and she’ll never be the same ever. You’ll see how that turns.

Speaker 3: Because it was her mistake to make.

Dana Delorenzo: All let you end on that one.

Speaker 2: Thank you.

Speaker 3: Thank you.

Speaker 5: Thank you so much.

Dana Delorenzo: It was her mistake to make.

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