Dan Watters was at New York Comic Con 2018, and ComicsVerse got the chance to catch up with him! With LUCIFER, his newest comic for Vertigo, releasing October 17, 2018, we wanted to know as much as possible about what it was like writing this series and joining the Sandman Universe.

But before we got any details on LUCIFER, we had to ask about his writing career, how he got started, and about his idea notebooks. Our favorite piece of advice?

“Warren Ellis said a really good thing once: ‘Stephen King says you shouldn’t keep notebooks cause if you’ve got a really good idea, you’ll remember it. But you are not Stephen King.'”

Getting the chance to hear Dan Watters discuss his trajectory into writing and what his path along the way looked like was definitely inspiring. Especially considering he’s now writing LUCIFER! Speaking of LUCIFER, we had to know what it was like for Dan to jump into this world of established characters, mythology, and lore and start writing about Lucifer. His description of Lucifer was on point too:

“He’s essentially a metaphor for the darkness in us.”

Dan says he could write a Lucifer story every month for forever and never run out. We’d love to see that happen! However, hearing about the first arc Dan and his team have in store is basically just as good. You’ll have to keep up with LUCIFER to get the story in full, but here’s a small hint.

“I really wanted to see how [Lucifer] would react if he had to really, really suffer…so in our first arc he’s blind, he’s broken, he doesn’t know where he is.”

Dan also wants to showcase the religious aspects as well as the spirituality of this story and character. We cannot wait to see what all he does in his LUCIFER run!

Want to know why you should read LUCIFER? Take it from Dan Watters himself:

“[It’s] the dark mirror to the Sandman Universe.”

A huge thank you to Dan Watters for talking with us!


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