Spinning out of Scott Snyder’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL event, the New Age of DC Heroes has been a blockbuster ride. Pairing the company’s best artists and writer, this lineup has given the company some incredible new characters. Among these is Elvis Ethan Avery, Private First Class in the US Army. Also, for one hour a day, Ethan Avery is the walking weapon of mass destruction known as Damage. Until now, much of Ethan’s history has been shrouded in mystery. However, as we see in this exclusive preview for DAMAGE ANNUAL #1, DC will soon answer all our questions!

The DAMAGE series has used flashbacks to great effect, though they typically last only a few pages. As DAMAGE ANNUAL #1 begins, though, we pay witness to a long, extended look at one of Ethan’s first missions. Inside of a Bialyan military bunker, a group of enemy soldiers cowers as the earth shakes around them. Damage has paid them a visit and will stop at nothing to find his target. Easily smashing through a three-meter thick concrete wall, Damage mows through the enemy combatants. He even takes a rocket to the chest without flinching. Meanwhile, a mysterious scientist looks on fearfully. This scientist, Dr. Willig, seemingly knows something about Damages origins and realizes that the soldiers have no hope of stopping this monster.

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DAMAGE ANNUAL #1: Final Thoughts

In this DAMAGE ANNUAL #1 preview, DC has given very little concrete information away. However, my excitement couldn’t get any higher. I cannot wait to see what this issue will explore. Dr. Willig’s hints toward Damage’s origins gives us a brief glimpse at the secrets yet to be revealed. More importantly, this series has long focused on action. The hulking monster is constantly facing against greater and greater foes. Writer Robert Venditti and artist Aaron Lopresti continue that tradition in this issue. The fight sequence doesn’t quite have the intensity of Damage’s earlier battles with the Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman. Nevertheless, I still felt satisfied seeing such an impressively powerful creature at work!

DAMAGE ANNUAL #1 Preview Gallery:

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