Previously in DAMAGE, our titular character, Ethan Avery, found himself on the perilous Monster Island. Consequently, it was not long before Ethan had to face off against monstrous beings including, but not limited to, an enormous purple dragon.

Now, in DAMAGE #15 the threats have only grown, and Ethan aka Damage must embark on a brutal fight for survival!


damage #15




  • Series: DAMAGE 2017
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
  • On Sale Date: Mar 20, 2019
  • Volume/Issue #: 15
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Trim Size: Comic
  • Page Count: 32

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The End is Nigh

There are only a couple of issues left in this DAMAGE run. Thus, these final issues are crucial to wrapping up the adventures of Ethan Avery and his hulking alter ego.

So, if you can’t wait until March 20th to dive into DAMAGE #15, check out ComicsVerse’s very own exclusive preview below! Based on the images provided, Ethan is wildly outnumbered by the intimidating population of Monster Island. Although, Congo Bill’s ominous appearance on the last page of the preview indicates that there is more than meets the eye.

Now, before you check out the preview below, be sure to read DC Comics’ official synopsis for DAMAGE #15!

Batman has banished Ethan Avery to an island where monstrous beasts and creatures roam. Trouble is, they are monsters around the clock, and Ethan can only be Damage for one hour each day. Luckily, Congo Bill serves as the island’s caretaker, and he’s giving Ethan a quick lesson in how to avoid becoming a light afternoon snack for a hungry fiend. Strike the wrong balance between humanity and Damage, and Ethan won’t survive to eat his next meal himself; get it right, and Damage could become king of the monsters!

DAMAGE #15 Preview Image Gallery

damage #15

damage #15 damage #15
damage #15 damage #15

damage #15
All images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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