cyborg #20

Beware: some spoilers for CYBORG #20 abound!

CYBORG #20 takes its titular hero deeper on a journey into a small village within Sudan. Here, he confronts his own perceptions of humanity. From writer Kevin Grevioux and artist Cliff Richards comes an issue that provides a deeper understanding of a hero readers may have thought they already knew everything about. So, how did this issue in the Cyborg mythos fare? Find out below!

cyborg #20
CYBORG #20 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Wretched of the Earth

CYBORG #20 begins with a glimpse into the horrors that have overtaken the village of Magnur. Soldiers send children into labor, forcing them to mine for jewels. One sequence, in particular, depicts the General of GUR shooting and killing a child who was caught stealing some of the jewels. It’s truly a horrific world these children exist in, and it almost feels as though this village is void of hope.

The issue then segues into Cyborg’s perspective. After the events of the previous issue, Cyborg has been rendered human by the magic of a rhino’s horn. Additionally, he has just witnessed the death of a multitude of children who wished to be free of the General of GUR’s rule.

In an attempt to revive the children, Cyborg takes hold of the horn and declares his wish for the children to come back to life. After a few moments, the children turn into zombies. Nailah, who had previously voiced her opinion that the horn is evil, meets her death by the wrath of the zombified children.

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Without giving too much away, Grevioux does a fantastic job of balancing poignant themes throughout CYBORG #20. Firstly, he exceptionally depicts the horrors of Magnur within the first few pages of the issue. Also, he emphasizes Cyborg’s inner conflict between his dissatisfaction as a human and his ultimate desire to be, what he perceives to be, normal. Additionally, the final pages of the work discuss the concept of fate. With this, Grevioux incorporates a commentary on mysticism versus reality. He touches on the mystical’s inability to truly assert its authority over the inevitabilities of time, even if an individual knows what events time will eventually bring about.

cyborg #20
CYBORG #20 page 20. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of CYBORG #20

Artist Cliff Richards does an exceptional job in CYBORG #20. His attention to detail truly elevates the issue. To accompany Richards’ work, colorists Ivan Nunes and Gabe Eltaeb establish a beautiful balance in tones. I particularly enjoy their work in the panels that depict the birth of the zombies as they subtly implement darker hues. With this though, CYBORG #20 isn’t inconsistent in its imagery. There’s a nice juxtaposition between hopefulness and suffering throughout the issue that reflects in the narrative and the artwork.

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This juxtaposition is particularly noticeable in the final panel that features Cyborg and Sarah. Sure, they have won another battle. However, they witnessed, and suffered, much loss. So, there’s quite a bit of ambiguity in the final panels of CYBORG #20. Additionally, it would have been worth discovering whether the consequences of today’s battle will continue into tomorrow.

What Lies Beyond

The narrative of CYBORG #20 is without a doubt its best quality. From Grevioux’s characterization of Cyborg and the issue’s supporting characters to the themes that are interwoven into the narrative, the work excels. So, if you have been avidly reading this series, I am sure you will particularly enjoy this entry. If you are new to the series, hopefully this issue will drive you to look back on previous installments, considering this is the end of CYBORG’s solo run.

CYBORG #20 by Kevin Grevioux, Cliff Richards, Ivan Nunes, and Gabe Eltaeb
CYBORG #20 presents a beautifully executed narrative rich with a tale that challenges our powerful, titular hero.
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  1. Dc4life

    January 4, 2018 at 10:10 am

    This is the final issue…the series was canceled.


  2. deevo

    January 3, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    SPOILERS. The best thing about this issue is that someone finally, FINALLY tells the main character to stop moping around about his circumstances when so many have it way worse. And thank god, Vic finally pulls his head out of his butt. He can look normal whenever he wants with his nanites. He’s possibly the MOST POWERFUL MEMBER OF THE JL. STOP WHINING!!! I only wish this writer had the reigns well before the series was cancelled. I liked Semper’s stuff, but man, Grievoux really gets it.


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