CURSE WORDS #5 has drama that will make you sweat, twists that will make you gasp, and artwork that will make you forget where you are.
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A weirdo's dream come true!

CURSE WORDS #5 had me gnawing on my nails and flipping pages so fast I could’ve gotten whiplash. As the issue ends the first volume of the comic, it really delivers on a compelling climax. From the very first issue, CURSE WORDS simmers with rising tension from the promised confrontation between our leading magical beefcake Wizord and his ex-lover Ruby Stitch. Finally, the promise is fulfilled, and the reunion is incendiary. 

Birds and their Baggage

Magical or not, exes always have their baggage, am I right? Part-time-fowl Ruby Stitch is no different. CURSE WORDS #4 ended with Wizord saving a California beach full of people from a tsunami and discovering the next assassin out to get him was his ex-lover. CURSE WORDS #5 opens with Wizord teleporting back into his plane to seek help from his companion, Margaret.

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However, Ruby Stitch follows Wizord, ripping a hole in the roof of the plane. A flight attendant almost certainly dies, but it’s hard to concentrate on that when Margaret falls out of the plane, too (but more on that later). More immediately important to the plot is that Ruby Stitch throws a powerless Wizord out of the plane. This moment is an absolutely intriguing peek into Ruby Stitch’s character, as she saves Wizord from hitting the ground at the last minute. She doesn’t want to make his death that easy — how delightfully vindictive. More than that, it hints that Wizord did his part of major emotional damage. Hole Earth hath no fury like a bird-woman scorned.

Image from CURSE WORDS #5, courtesy of Image

Our Favorite Marsupial

If you’re an ongoing fan of CURSE WORDS, then I’m sure the first thing you want to know about is Wizord’s ever-popular talking koala, Margaret. As a huge Margaret fan myself, CURSE WORDS #5 was a complete emotional rollercoaster. I mentioned above that Margaret falls out of the airplane when Ruby Stitch attacks, and I’m not ashamed to admit that got my heart pounding.

Since animals are my soft spot, I knew I would never recover if something happened to Margaret. Fortunately, Wizord uses the last of his power to keep her safe. As she falls through the sky, Margaret transforms into an eagle. I’ll admit that I found this partially disappointing, as a large part of the charm of CURSE WORDS is the talking koala. However, Margaret is still Margaret. There’s a different kind of charm to be had in a character that can’t settle permanently into one animal body.

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Without giving anything away, I will say that this issue gives a massive insight into Margaret’s origins. My mind is absolutely blown by the doozy of a twist that writer Charles Soule drops in this issue. Never in my life have I ever gasped so loud in a public place than I did when I got to that panel. If you read for no other reason (and really, there are a million reasons you should already), then read this issue for this monumental moment of storytelling alone.

Image from CURSE WORDS #5, courtesy of Image

Quaint Quirks

CURSE WORDS is a series that is rife with wit and delightful quirks. From the story to the art, it’s a comic that speaks to the weird in all of us. That said, here are some shout-outs to some particularly amazing oddities of CURSE WORDS #5.

First of all, the use of language in this issue is spectacular. Have I ever heard a single adult ever say the word “cripes?” No. And yet three different people say it in a matter of five pages, and it just gets more delightful every time. Talk about perfectly executed humor. Wholesome language in the face of death? Count me in.

Second, this issue earns major sentimentality points for its continuation of the non-magical world providing magical rejuvenation with their beliefs. In this issue, Wizord regains his power in the casinos of Las Vegas. The faith that average gamblers have in the power of fate and luck restores Wizord’s majestic beard and makes him powerful enough to bring us to the next amazing thing about this issue.

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Third, the Eiffel Tower — or the fake one, at least. Wizord enchants the model structure to come alive. Honestly, it’s quite possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me in all my 23 years. The cute little guy comes complete with bold eyebrows, an exaggerated French accent, and the sweet, innocent desire to see the world.

Image from CURSE WORDS #5, courtesy of Image

Astounding Artwork

The artwork by Ryan Browne (with color by him, Michael Garland, and Michael Parkinson) is as beautiful as I’ve ever seen comic book art. The expressions on the characters’ faces are intricate and authentic. The vivid coloring pops right off the page and grips the reader and pulls them right into the world of magic. I can almost feel the magic crackling.

The art style is a slightly exaggerated one, but it is used efficiently and reveals a greater realism to the work. Viewing the world through the lens of the comic, I see how Wizord fell in love with it. The artwork appeals to both my childlike wonder and the gritty darkness in the pit of my tortured soul.

Image from CURSE WORDS #5, courtesy of Image

Really, You’re Going to Want to Read CURSE WORDS #5

I’m bouncing in my seat waiting for the arrival of CURSE WORDS #6, due for release on July 12th. In addition, for those who look forward to the trade paperback, that’s going to be out shortly after on July 19th. I encourage readers to support this series in any way they can. This summer the CURSE WORDS team is visiting 14 comic stores in different cities, and fans should definitely attend. For dates and locations, check in the back of CURSE WORDS #5, released on May 17th.

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