The characters are fun, bright, and a nice change of pace. For those wanting an adorable alternative to the traditional superhero comic, this story is for you.
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An adorable, epic adventure

You know, comics have been missing something for years. Yes, it’s nice to have the stories that validate the medium, but we also need cuteness in our lives. Too many stories attempt to take themselves so seriously, they lose sight of how to have fun. They forget that sometimes, the best tales are the ones with colorful imagery that just want to revel in the moment. In a time when the world feels like it could end at any moment, it’s nice to relax with a light-hearted tale about anthropomorphic animals like the one Gigi D.G. delivers with CUCUMBER QUEST: THE DOUGHNUT KINGDOM.


CUCUMBER QUEST: THE DOUGHNUT KINGDOM takes the first two sections from the popular webcomic CUCUMBER QUEST and puts them in trade form. The story follows a young rabbit named Cucumber. Just before he attends magic school, his father summons him to the castle. For the evil Queen Cordelia wishes to rule the world and plans on summoning the wicked Nightmare Knight to do so. It’s up to Cucumber, the chosen hero, to save the world from Queen Cordelia’s evil plan! To help him on his quest, he joins forces with his sister, Almond, a spunky girl with a hero’s heart, and the kind Sir Carrot.

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I cannot stress enough how utterly adorable this comic is. All of the characters are memorable with bright and distinct personalities. For example, Cucumber is a nervous wreck. All he wants to do is practice magic; he has no interest in saving the world. Yet, on the other hand, his sister is a much more rambunctious character. She wants nothing more than to be the hero. However, everyone keeps telling her she can’t; she’s just the little sister. These characters are distinct, and their interactions are enjoyable to watch.

Supporting An Artist

My only real qualm with the tale is that it seems a bit drawn out. A big part of this is that it’s a straight adaptation of the webcomic. Currently, the creator Gigi D.G. updates the comic on Tuesdays and Fridays, since it’s incomplete. That’s not to say it isn’t an enjoyable ride. But since it’s really only the beginning of the journey in this volume, it builds up to a point where you’re excited for the story to start before dropping you off at the end. Thus, the main benefit of this book is how it spotlights this truly gifted comic creator. If you like her work and have read the story online, this is a great way to support her.

Delicious Imagery

Gigi D.G. shows off her characters in probably the cutest way I’ve seen in a long time. For example, she rounds off her designs, really emphasizing these big doughy eyes that you can just get lost in. These adorable bunnies and other animals really make the story work. Not only are the characters each unique to look at with their various food-themes, but the world itself appears alive and vibrant. The bright pastels really set CUCUMBER QUEST above the rest. To think a single artist is behind all this creativity! Gigi D.G.’s story and art show what happens when a person has a passion for her creation. It truly rings as a genuine work of someone who loves what they’re doing.

Image courtesy of First Second.

If you’re on the fence about getting this story, do check out CUCUMBER QUEST’s official website. If you find you love the story, please support this artist by buying her comic. It’s a really cute story with fun characters that just emits positivity from every fiber of its being. CUCUMBER QUEST: THE DOUGHNUT KINGDOM truly exemplifies an artist’s journey. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store in the next installment.

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