Last August, anime streaming platform Crunchyroll announced that they would be entering the video game space, starting by partnering with Sumitomo and GREE to publish a mobile game based on the anime IS IT WRONG TO TRY TO PICK UP GIRLS IN A DUNGEON? (DANMACHI). The game previously launched in Japan last June. And today, it had its official North American release.

What You Need to Know About DANMACHI: MEMORIA FREESE

Titled MEMORIA FREESE, the game centers on an original storyline from the first season of DANMACHI (which follows wannabe adventurer Bell Cranel as he explores a monster-filled dungeon in an RPG-like world) and from DANMACHI: SWORD ORATORIA (a spin-off series that takes place at the same time as DANMACHI, but which follows another adventurer, Ais Wallenstein). The game’s story was overseen by the original light novel author, Fujino Omori, and includes new stories written by Omori.

The game is a side-scrolling RPG with visual novel elements, with voices provided by the anime’s original voice actors. (English subtitles are available.) It also features an “Interaction Mode” that allows players to talk to characters and change their outfits.

What Comes Next for Crunchyroll Games?

MEMORIA FREESE is the first game in an agreement between Ellation, Crunchyroll’s parent company, and GREE (whose Wright Flyer Studios developed the game) to distribute mobile games based on certain titles licensed by Crunchyroll. When asked via email whether future games that come from the partnership will be ones that previously launched in Japan (like MEMORIA FREESE) or new titles that release simultaneously for eastern and western audiences, the game’s Associate Producer Kodai Morishita could only say that both options were possible.

Beyond their work with GREE, Crunchyroll said in an FAQ that they’re open to working with other game studios, and are considering experiences “across many genres and platforms.”

DANMACHI: MEMORIA FREESE is available on iOS and Android phones, and is free-to-play with in-app purchases. However, as of this writing, I’m unable to download the game because my phone isn’t compatible with the app, even though my version of Android exceeds the minimum requirement stated on the game’s Google Play page. This is echoed somewhat by Alex Ro’s review on the page, but others don’t seem to be having any problems. ComicsVerse has contacted Crunchyroll and Wright Flyer Studios and will update this article as needed.

A second season of DANMACHI and a movie (called DANMACHI: ARROW OF THE ORION) have been announced. The release dates of both projects are unknown at this time.

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