CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS has come to the Arrowverse. CRISIS Part 1 has just released and it wastes no time in getting things rolling. It clearly lays out the stakes and consequences. With several reveals, easter eggs, and big changes to the status quo, here’s our Part 1 breakdown of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

Warning: Spoiler for CRISIS Part 1 to follow!

Cameos From Across the DC Media Landscape Past and Present

After an explanation from the Monitor about the infinite Earths in the multiverse, we see the red anti-matter wave lay waste to several different Earths. The Earths destroyed include Earth-89, where the Tim Burton BATMAN films are set, Earth-9 which belongs to the TITANS series, Earth-X where the Ray and the Nazi’s still reign from the crossover 2 years ago, and Earth-66 which is apparently the Adam West Batman universe.

The destruction of these Earths clearly display how high the stakes are should the Anti-Monitor succeed. It certainly lends logical sense as to why the Monitor was pushing and testing his selected heroes so hard, preparing him for such a large and devastating threat.

Earth-38 is No More after CRISIS Part 1

Much of CRISIS Part 1 has to do with the anti-matter waves’ next target Earth-38, the Earth of Supergirl. The Monitor sends the Harbinger to assemble the heroes: Green Arrow, Flash, Superman, Batwoman, White Canary, The Atom, Lois Lane, and Mia Queen. They all gather assist Kara in preventing the anti-matter wave, and evacuate as many people as they can before the inevitable strikes. They protect a quantum tower, similar to the tower we see in the actual CRISIS comic story, from the the Anti-Monitor’s forces.

With the help of ships from several alien refugees, as well as a trans matter portal courtesy of Lena Luthor, over 3 billion people are saved before the wave demolishes Earth-38.

CRISIS Part 1: Green Arrow Dead Already?!

Sadly, Oliver Queen gives his life trying to buy as much time as possible for the evacuation. As he dies, he gives his friends a final goodbye and tells his daughter to keep him in her heart. With that, the Green Arrow has already fallen in CRISIS Part 1.

The Monitor does seem shaken by his death. Green Arrow’s passing was a foreseen outcome. However, the Monitor says that this particular death was not the one he foresaw. Does this mean that Oliver Queen is done just yet with the Arrowverse? Hopefully. In any case, the rest of the Arrowverse’s heroes are sure to be even more determined to save the multiverse and prevent what seems to be an unstoppable doom.

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CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is now airing on the CW.


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