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CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS has come to the Arrowverse. CRISIS Part 2 has just released and the heroes of the multiverse are reeling from the events and sacrifices made in CRISIS Part 1. With several reveals, easter eggs, and big changes to the status quo, here’s our Part 2 breakdown of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

Warning: Spoilers for CRISIS to follow!

Pouring One Out For Oliver

CRISIS Part 2 begins with Sara, Kate, and Kara pouring one out for Oliver, who gave his life to save an extra billion people before Earth-38, Supergirl’s Earth, was destroyed. Barry refuses to partake, unwilling to give up on Oliver just yet. Neither has Oliver’s daughter Mia. Together, along with Constantine and Sara, they find an Earth with a still functioning Lazarus Pit. While they do succeed in bringing back his body, Constantine is unable to bring back his soul. It’s unclear as of yet if they’ll be able to down the line, but CRISIS Part 2 leaves Oliver as a monstrous shell without a soul.

The 7 Paragons in CRISIS Part 2

The Monitor reveals that there are 7 heroes across the multiverse known as Paragons who might be able to conquer the Anti-Monitor. Supergirl is the Paragon of Hope and Sara is the Paragon of Destiny. The Monitor then sends teams to find the Paragon of Truth and Courage. Truth looks to be a Superman who has suffered a great loss, so Clark, Lois, and Iris West-Allen search to find him. Meanwhile, Kate and Kara go to find the Future Bat of Courage, leading them to find Bruce Wayne, the Batman.

Superman, The Paragon of Truth in CRISIS Part 2

Lois, Clark, and Iris first go and find an Earth where its Superman has just been killed by the Lex Luthor of Earth-38, having stolen the Book of Destiny. Lex was brought back by the Monitor, supposedly because Lex has a part to play. Going next to Earth-167, they find a Superman who is still alive, the version from SMALLVILLE played by Tom Welling. However, Lex is close behind, teleporting them back to the Waverider. When this Earth’s Clark reveals that he gave up his powers to have a family, Lex complains that he took the fun out of killing him and he lets Clark live. It’s a pretty satisfying cameo, providing SMALLVILLE fans with some fun closure, getting to see Clark have a family with Lois.

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Later, Lois, Clark, and Iris find their Superman Paragon, played by current Atom actor Brandon Routh. (Routh played Superman once before in Bryan Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS). This Superman lost several friends and family due to a gas bomb set off by the Joker. Before they can fully recruit this new Superman, Lex arrives, using the Book of Destiny to corrupt him, having him fight the Clark from Earth-38. However, Lois is able to get the new Superman to see the truth about himself, breaking Lex’s hold on him.

Batwoman, The Paragon of Courage?

While Kate and Kara believe Bruce Wayne of Earth-99 to be the Paragon of Courage, things don’t occur quite as they expect. This version of Bruce is played by Kevin Conroy, who has long been the voice of Batman in the cartoons as well as in the widely popular ARKHAM video game series. The aging Bruce that Kate finds is one that has broken his code of no killing. He’s killed all of his main adversaries, including Superman. He refuses to help Kate and tries to kill Supergirl with Kryptonite. The ensuing fight leads to Bruce dying.

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Returning to the Waverider, the Monitor reveals that Kate is the Future Bat Paragon of Courage. Unsure of herself as she’s so new to being a vigilante, Kara provides her with some encouragement and hope. After Kara leaves, it’s revealed that Kate kept the Kryptonite that Bruce had. Could Kate be preparing for the worst? It is something a Bat hero would be inclined to do.

The Anti-Monitor is Revealed at the End of CRISIS Part 2

At the episodes’s end, Lyla is called by a mysterious voice. It’s revealed that the voice belongs to the Anti-Monitor, and Lyla looks to be pulled under his sway…

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CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is now airing on the CW.


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