cowboys and robitussin

At Philadelphia Wizard World, we had the pleasure of sitting down with local artists Chris Walter and Lauren Niedelman, who spoke to us about their work, their inspirations, and their aspirations as they represent their collaborative project, Cowboys and Robitussin.

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Chris and Lauren talk about how it can be overwhelming working in a crowded art scene such as Philadelphia’s, but how it makes for a great learning experience. This year marked only their second time at the convention, and they spoke of how being there a second time made a world of difference in preparation and mindset.

They talk about how they began working on their Cowboys and Robitussin webcomic, and how they collaborate as college students in animation and developing their art.  In developing the Cowboys and Robitussin project, Walter discussed the influences that Calvin and Hobbes and Family Guy have in their project, and the distinct influence Bill Watterson had on his work.

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To find their work, you can find Walter on twitter @Rorschach42 and Christopher Walter Art on Facebook.  You can find Niedelman on Facebook at Narlystudios and on Etsy at Narly Studios as well. Their collaborative process can be found on Facebook at Cowboys and Robitussin, so check out their work.

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