INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin
INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin sets up a cosmic chessboard. The resulting game will determine the fate of the universe.
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Cosmic Starter

INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin starts the next major saga of the Marvel Universe. The story continues plot points from MARVEL LEGACY #1, Gerry Duggan’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY run, and various other Marvel Legacy comics. This issue sets up the major players of INFINITY COUNTDOWN while also giving Marvel fans several surprises along the way.

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The Next Big Thing

INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 has the feeling of a major cosmic crossover, similar to SECRET WARS. It’s an event that will have major ramifications for all of our favorite characters. Previous “primer” or “0” issues of crossovers in the past have set up the story in a fairly straightforward manner. Comparatively speaking, this issue has various surprises throughout. Marvel crossovers have been a questionable bag recently, with SECRET EMPIRE and CIVIL WAR II getting mixed reviews. INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 harkens back to the days of ANNIHILATION and ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST as a universe-shattering event.

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The plot of this book is fairly simple. It shows us where the Infinity Stones are located and who currently has them. Along with this, it also builds several threats along the way. I will try to avoid any major spoilers, but in order to discuss this issue, do know there will be some spoilers.

Our favorite unkillable mutant, Wolverine, begins the issue. It’s good to have him back, and he’s actually given something to do in this issue. Wolverine fans who are frustrated with seeing him randomly pop in other characters books without anything to do should be happy here.

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Lost Guardians

Fans of Gerry Duggan’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be pleased with this issue as it picks up from where #150 left off. Peter Quill has the Power Gem, and we’re able to find out about the rest of his band of misfits are up to. While Quill and Gamora are arguing, there’s a cut scene detailing the rest of the guardians. We also briefly see Captain Marvel is in possession of the Reality Gem, even though she is in a different reality. Despite checking in with several characters, INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 never feels inaccessible. All of the players and locations are more or less reader-friendly. The lesser known characters are some of the best surprises about this book.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME # 1 Enters Unknown Territory

The plot is straightforward but there are plenty of surprises in this book. Based on the cover of INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1, there have been many educated guesses in chatrooms on who has the remaining three stones. This has been building up quite some excitement. The character who has the Mind Gem is someone that I didn’t recognize at first, even though I have a pretty deep knowledge of Marvel lore. I had to do some research to figure out who he is, and it’s a very clever move. The ending features a few surprise turns and even hints of redemption for a lost hero in the possible future.

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Cosmic Balance

Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin do an excellent job with the tasks given to them. The book jumps around from planet to planet, character to character, and they knock it out of the park. As we visit each gem, Frank Martin uses that stone’s specific color (red, yellow, blue, etc.) to color the panel to a wonderful effect. Mike Deodato Jr.’s Wolverine looks pin-up worthy in the pages of the book. There is an action sequence where Wolverine is fighting a character (who I won’t spoil), and the result is very gory. It’s surprising to see that level of violence in the book, as I’m sure it’s meant to be mainstream. Additionally what happens to this character is a little ironic and a fun nod to a recent Marvel movie. You’ll see what I mean upon reading INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1.


Final Thoughts

INFINITY COUNTDOWN PRIME #1 set’s up a brand new conflict for the Marvel Universe. It aligns the players nicely in addition to having several surprises along the way. The art is superb and a welcome sight for some truly iconic characters. On top of the main story is an explanation and history of the Infinity Stones to give the reader more context. INFINITY COUNTDOWN is shaping up to be something special.

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