Last October, I had the privilege of attending the Tenth Annual New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center. It was my eighth time attending NYCC over the past decade, and I was once again blown away by how big the event had grown. The event’s Artist Alley section alone is bigger than the entirety of most other conventions. Over the course of the con, I had the opportunity to speak with many creators for ComicsVerse, and more than anything I enjoyed speaking with various creators, about their independent projects. While I love Marvel and DC comics as much as the next fan, I’m always fascinated by the deeply personal meanings that creator-owned comics tend to have behind them, especially when said creators are using these independent projects to break into the industry. A perfect example of this phenomenon is Cory Levine. 

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One of the new creators I had the pleasure of speaking to at NYCC 2015 was writer Cory Levine, a former editorial staffer at Marvel Comics, and the author of the BOWERY BOYS: OUR FATHERS published by Dark Horse comics. We spoke at length about the mid-18th-century concept the story is based on, why the creators went with the graphic novel format instead of traditional single issues, and what it’s like for Cory to transition from a fan to someone on “the creator’s side of the table” at Comic-Con. It was a great chat all around, and something that I’d definitely recommend to any fans of Levine or just an aspiring writer attempting to break into the industry.

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