This year marks the 40th anniversary since the release of the original STAR WARS film on May 25th, 1977. This month, writers at ComicsVerse will be bringing you our insights on all things STAR WARS as we look at where the series has been and where it will take us next in the galaxy far, far away…

Welcome to the STAR WARS Character Spotlight. To the Star Wars fans who only know the movies: you’re missing out. There are hundreds of characters, planets, and stories just waiting for you in a galaxy far, far away that you have yet to discover. From books and comics to TV shows and video games, there’s a ton of canon material ripe for the picking.

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Unfortunately, some of my favorite characters are no longer canon. There are even more characters that have influenced and shaped STAR WARS if you check out the Legends Universe, previously called the Expanded Universe. In the wealth of material produced and authorized by Lucasfilm, there are stories and characters galore to suit any taste. So in this edition of Character Spotlight, we’re going to talk about Corran Horn, a man who manages to be a space detective and a starfighter pilot and a Jedi. Does it get any cooler than that?


Corran is from Corellia, the son of Valin “Hal” Horn. Corran’s grandfather, Rostek Horn, was a very influential man in the Corellian Security Force, or CorSec. Both Hal and Corran followed in his footsteps, creating an impressive lineage of Horn men in CorSec. Corran greatly values this lineage; he wants more than anything to make his father proud.

Corran followed in his father’s footsteps and worked in anti-smuggling. Corellia is a hotbed of smuggling activity and has a somewhat seedy reputation as a result, something that bothers Corran. He is very proud that Hal Horn had managed to arrest the notorious smuggler Booster Terrik; the two men had been something akin to mortal enemies. Corran thinks that if he had been a little older, he would have been able to take down Han Solo as his father took down Booster.

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Corran is devastated when Hal is murdered on a raid one day. He is comforted by his partner, Iella Wessiri. Iella, her husband Diric, and Corran’s supervisor Gil Bastra became antagonistic toward the Imperial liaison Kirtan Loor when Loor let Hal’s murderer walk free. Seeing Loor grow in power as the Empire got more and more involved in Corellia, Corran and co., started to feel that they were unsafe. They created false identities so that when things hit the fan, they were able to escape. Unfortunately, this exiled them from Corellia.

Rogue Squadron

Corran went to the New Republic, which was looking for hot pilots to restart Rogue Squadron. Corran struggles at first because the Rebellion had always been too closely tied to smuggling for his tastes. Finding himself on their side took adjusting. Luckily, Corran was not alone; he had brought his R2 unit, Whistler when he escaped. Whistler was programmed for security work, and his skills proved useful time and again in keeping Corran safe. More than that, Whistler is a friend for Corran. The Droid has a very distinct personality, and the two bicker lovingly.

Corran’s X-Wing is painted CorSec green.

As the squadron starts, Corran struggles to prove he is the best. He also isolates himself from the other candidates and begins to have a reputation for arrogance. Eventually, a pilot from Kessel confronts him. Kessel is a penal colony, and the pilot confronts Corran for making assumptions. After this, Corran makes an effort to be friendly.

After the Battle of Borleias causes severe casualties, Corran concocts a plan to secure the planet. His plan succeeds, but he is stranded on the planet when his fuel cell breaks. Luckily, he is saved due to the quick thinking of Tycho Celchu and Mirax Terrik. This is a problem because Corran has had his doubts about both of them. Tycho was imprisoned in Lusankya, notorious for creating Imperial sleeper agents. The New Republic doesn’t trust him, which inclines Corran to be suspicious. Now, Mirax, on the other hand…

Mirax Terrik

Mirax is the daughter of Booster Terrik, Hal Horn’s old enemy. She was raised by her father and learned all the tricks of the smuggling trade. However, whereas Booster mostly looked out for himself, Mirax works hard to support the Rebellion and the New Republic. Part of this is because of her affection for Wedge Antilles. The two were raised more or less together, first because Booster left Mirax at Wedge’s parent’s when he went on dangerous missions and then when Booster took Wedge in after his parents died.

The two are still very close. Rogue Squadron runs into Mirax on a shipping run gone awry and helps dispatch her attackers. Corran’s X-Wing is damaged in the attack, and he needs a tow back to base. He doesn’t know who is towing him, only that it’s a good pilot. When they land, Corran sees a very attractive woman…who turns out to be the daughter of his father’s worst enemy.

Mirax Terrik does NOT play around.

Corran scorns Mirax for her smuggling ways and her father’s imprisonment years earlier. Mirax, for her part, displays an equal readiness for hatred. Wedge jumps in to break up any potential fights by pointing out that they are both good people. He even mentions that they would get along if they tried.

They by no means become friends overnight. Each struggles against their old enmity, but there is a lot of sexual tension between them. When Mirax comes to his room bearing (possibly stolen) gifts, she expects him to rebuff her, or use her sexually. He does neither. Taking a hint from Wedge, Corran extends hospitality and finds out he does like Mirax.


After their success at Borleias, the Rogues are given the not-so-simple task of taking Coruscant (called “Imperial Center“) from the Empire. Corran is paired with Erisi Dlarit, a beautiful and wealthy woman from Thyferra. Erisi had previously indicated an interest in Corran, and until he met Mirax, he had been open to furthering their relationship. On the trip to Coruscant, however, he sees that Erisi is spoiled and petty.

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Corran thinks he sees Tycho meeting with his old enemy Kirtan Loor. Wedge tells him to leave it, but Corran is CorSec guns blazing and confronts Tycho. Right before their attack on the Coruscant shields, Corran tells Tycho he will root out the spy in their midst, no matter what. In the attack, Corran achieves incredible levels of skill, and their plan is successful. However, his fighter begins malfunctioning, and he crashes. The whole squadron is left to mourn not only Corran’s death but Tycho’s arrest for said death.


Except Corran isn’t dead. He’s been captured and brought to the terrifying Ysanne Isard, Director of Imperial Intelligence (and de facto head of the Empire) at her infamous Lusankya prison. Corran finds irony in ending up at Lusankya since that was where Tycho was brainwashed into becoming an Imperial agent. Corran gloats that she will not be so successful with him.

Ysanne Isard. Red eye as hot as her rage, blue eye as cold as her fury.

Isard tries to break Corran through a number of torture techniques. However, through some inner stubbornness, Corran can resist her brainwashing attempts. She dumps him with the regular prisoners at the maximum security level. The other prisoners reveal that this means she has given up on him.

Corran has not given up, though. He is determined to escape and reveal Tycho’s duplicity. No one has ever escaped from Lusankya before, but Corran’s detective training and keen mind give him a leg up. He discovers that the prison is upside down — anyone who thought they were escaping would only end up deeper in prison. He makes his escape only with the help of the prisoners’ leader, Jan. Corran tries to get Jan to come with him, but Jan insists that he needs to stay with the prisoners for their safety. Corran promises to return and rescue them all.


As Corran makes his escape, he makes a startling discovery. Lusankya is not a prison planet; it’s a ship buried beneath Coruscant. He emerges into the Imperial Palace and finds himself in a strange Jedi mausoleum. Desperate to escape the patrols looking for him, he finds a lightsaber and proceeds to cut his way out.

He calls Whistler, who guides him to the courtroom where Tycho’s trial is underway. On his way out of the prison, Corran found a datapad with information on the prisoners. He is shocked to discover that, like him, Tycho was a failed attempt at brainwashing. Tycho was not the spy in the squadron at all — it was Erisi.

Corran and the Rogues. Tycho Celchu is the farthest right.

Isard begins blasting her way out of Coruscant. She causes massive damage on her way out, including millions of casualties. Isard and Erisi flee to Thyferra. Thyferra produces most of the galaxy’s miracle medicine, bacta.

Notably, bacta can cure the Krytos virus, which Isard engineered to attack the non-human population of Coruscant. By cutting off the government’s supply of bacta, Isard puts them in the position of not being able to save their citizens. Even worse, because the virus doesn’t affect humans, it looks like the New Republic is as xenophobic as the Empire was.

The Rogues prepare to follow and take down Isard and Erisi. It’s personal now. However, bureaucracy stands in the way; they are told they cannot go to Thyferra because it would be interfering in a planet’s government. It would look bad for the New Republic. Corran cannot let Isard go. He has promised to liberate the other prisoners, and he never backs down on a promise. So he quits. This prompts a mass resignation, and suddenly the Rogues are just… rogues.


Corran and Mirax travel to Tatooine to buy some weapons, and Mirax shows her true smuggler persona. Her tough exterior amuses Corran. When they find another buyer is looking at their goods, Corran tries to intimidate him by using Mirax’s name.

Except the guy isn’t remotely intimidated. Corran asks why, and Mirax sheepishly responds that the man is her father, Booster. Booster and Corran take an immediate dislike to each other, something Mirax won’t stand for. She and Corran have started a relationship, and she insists that Booster deals with it.

Corran, the Rebel.

The Rogues use an abandoned space station as a base and begin attacking Isard’s bacta shipments. They function like smugglers, hitting and running. Corran chafes at acting like a smuggler, but knows it’s necessary to defeat Isard. They also insert a team of anarchists onto the planet to start a ground-based revolution. Corran’s old partner Iella is part of the insertion team. Diric, Iella’s husband, had been a Lusankya case. When he was activated, Iella was forced to kill him. It’s personal for her too.

Eventually, the Rogues unseat Isard through a combination of psychological warfare, guerilla tactics, and sheer luck. Isard attempts to escape the planet, but Corran shoots her down. In the victory celebrations, Wedge secretly marries Mirax and Corran. Presented with a fait accompli, Booster has to accept his new son-in-law, even if he does so begrudgingly.

Corran is disappointed to find that she has removed the prisoners from Lusankya but knows he has still won. The chase for the prisoners will take some time, and despite eventually rescuing them, Corran is disappointed in himself for not finding them sooner.

Although to be fair, he had a lot on his mind…


You might remember that I mentioned Corran is a Jedi. How did that happen? It turns out that Rostek Horn is not Corran’s real grandfather. His real grandfather was a Corellian Jedi Knight named Neeja Halcyon, who frequently collaborated with Rostek. Neeja died in the Clone Wars, and Rostek eventually married his wife. When the Empire went on the Jedi purge, Rostek used his connections to erase all traces of Neeja and his connection to their family.

This included Valin Halcyon. He takes the name Horn but goes by “Hal” in a small bit of rebellion. Valin had been Neeja’s apprentice before Neeja’s death but eschews all Jedi connections. He knows that Corran has power in the Force, and tries to guide him by teaching him to trust his hunches.

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In a twist of fate (or the will of the Force), the lightsaber Corran took from the Jedi mausoleum was actually Neeja’s. After Corran reemerges from the dead, there is a celebration on Coruscant. Corran is approached by Luke Skywalker, who tells him of his Jedi heritage and invites him to train as a Jedi. At the time, Corran is more focused on defeating Isard and turns Luke down.

Corran keeps wondering, though, if he should train as a Jedi. He can’t decide if he would be disappointing Hal more by training or not by training. He is proud of his Horn heritage and struggles with the knowledge that Rostek isn’t actually his grandfather. Corran identifies very strongly as a CorSec detective and an ace X-Wing pilot. He’s not sure he wants to add Jedi to that list.

Jedi Academy

He is also not sure he wants to add “father” to that list, but Mirax begins asking. He promises her they will discuss it after Thrawn is defeated. Corran talks to his squadmates, unsure if he’s ready to be a parent. They reassure him, and he goes home to Mirax willing to move on to the next phase of their life.

Except…Mirax isn’t there. She might have been on a mission, or out for the day, but Corran instinctively knows something is wrong. When he tries to sleep, he hears her cry out. He knows that the Force is at work, and asks Luke to help. Luke is unable to locate Mirax, but he invites Corran to train at his Jedi academy. Maybe, if Corran learns more about the Force, he can find Mirax and save her.

Corran, under the pseudonym Kieran Halcyon, treats Jedi training like he did his training for CorSec or Rogue Squadron. He is determined to be the best. When a dark presence begins haunting the students, he puts his detective skills to work. He is eventually able to defeat the spirit of Exar Kun, a Sith that had been imprisoned on Yavin IV. He does so with the help of Mara Jade, another Jedi candidate.

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Eventually, despite their success, both leave the Academy, feeling that their paths lay elsewhere. Luke is sad to see them go, feeling that he has failed. In reality, both Corran and Mara have too strong personalities. They also have preconceived identities that prove hard to shake.


Corran decides that he needs to change tack and focus more on his detective skills than his Jedi ones. He sneaks into Corellia with the help of Booster, who is upset that Corran has not found Mirax yet. Corran goes to visit Rostek, to get the full story of Neeja. Rostek counsels him on what to do, but cannot tell him which path to take Horn or Halcyon. Eventually, Corran decides that he will be most likely to save Mirax as a detective, not a Jedi. He infiltrates the Imperial group that has taken Mirax.

Leonia Tavira, who used her sexuality to gain power in the Imperial command.

Corran poses as a pirate with the Invids, who work for Imperial Leonia Tavira. He joins the Survivors, who are coarse and bitter. Corran quickly rises through the ranks due to both his natural skill and attrition. While on a raid, the pirates attack a group of Camaasi, incredibly peaceful beings who lost their homeworld. The Camaasi are like sad puppies, and the Invids are beating them up and stealing their things.

A male Camaasi named Elegos A’Kla steps in when an Invid threatens his niece. The Invid nearly kills Elegos before Corran intervenes. He pretends that he needs a servant, and “claims” Elegos as his spoils.

Elegos is more than a valet, however. His people are known for their gentle wisdom, and he helps Corran reconcile the two halves of his being — Horn and Halcyon. It turns out that Elegos’ uncle was a friend of Neeja Halcyon. Camaasi can pass memories through family, and Elegos has the memory of Neeja’s death. Watching Neeja sacrifice himself to save his comrades makes Corran feel like his Halcyon heritage is something to be proud of.


With Elegos’ help, he constructs a lightsaber and begins haunting the Invids as a “ghost Jedi.” He plays on their superstitious nature to get them worked up, and many quit. Tavira takes an interest in Corran and commands him to find the Jedi and eradicate him. She sends her group to search out the Jedi — the Jensaarai. It turns out that Tavira has coerced a group of Force-sensitives, the Jensaarai, into helping her escape harm. This is how Tavira can be so successful.

When the Jensaarai encounter the “ghost Jedi,” they attack. Corran is almost overwhelmed by their superior numbers until an unexpected ally arrives — Luke Skywalker.

Michael A. Stackpole’s excellent novel I, JEDI explores Corran’s story.

Eventually, with Luke’s help, Corran arrives at Tavira’s facility on Susevfi. Mirax has been held prisoner there because she was covertly investigating them. Corran, Luke, and Elegos storm the facility. They have a confrontation with the Jensaarai, who have an intense hatred for the Jedi.

The leader of the Jensaarai was apprenticed to the man Neeja dueled. When Neeja died, he took the man with him. The leader of the Jensaarai has held this with her. When Elegos shows her the memory of what happened; however, she realizes that her hatred is unfounded.

Mirax is rescued and immediately shows her natural fire and spirit. Luke casually remarks that she is a lot like Mara, and suggests they never introduce the two.

Corran defeats Tavira using his strong ability to influence minds with the Force. He has finally come into his own as a Jedi, though he’ll never stop being CorSec and Rogue Squadron.


Corran and Mirax have two children, Valin and Jysella, who train at the Jedi Academy. When the Yuuzhan Vong invade the galaxy, Elegos approaches them as an emissary of peace. A ruthless and warlike race, they kill him. Corran responds by challenging their commander to a duel for the fate of the planet Ithor. He wins the duel, but the Yuuzhan Vong betray their word and poison Ithor. Corran is blamed for this and chooses to leave public life.

Corran also works with Anakin Solo when the Jedi Academy is attacked. Because his children were at the academy, Corran is quick to act. He ends up serving as a sort of mentor to Anakin, who makes rash decisions. Corran helps Anakin see the benefits of forethought.

Corran at the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong Crisis.

Eventually, Corran helps Luke and the other Jedi defeat the Yuuzhan Vong. He becomes a Jedi Master and helps the Jedi Council decide how they want to be involved in galactic events. Corran, a natural leader, is now able to help guide the future of the galaxy.

Through his winding path from detective to pilot to Jedi, Corran displays a strong sense of character. He is prideful and can be arrogant, but he is also always determined to do the right thing. He’s witty and makes for great jokes. I also love the relationships he forms, especially his unexpected romance with Mirax. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I’m disappointed that the new canon seems to have left him behind.

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