Convergence: Speed Force #1- Zip Ties Review

Writer: Tony Bedard   Artist: Tom Grummett – Sean Parsons   Colorist: Rain Beredo

In a time before the New-52 there was a Gotham that we all knew well. It is now under the dome as Convergence has kicked off. Pre New-52 Wally West and his kids have been trapped for a year, powerless. They have been attempting to accommodate to their new lives until the dome suddenly disappears. With his powers back, how far would Wally go to keep his kids safe?

I have had a long-time admiration for Bedard’s writing of the Green Lantern books. This book has turned admiration to love as he brings back who I loved the most, The Flash I grew up with. This issue was a set-up to the basis of how Convergence works. Not much happens in terms of action and intensity, but somehow this issue shows us a lot. Bedard fills you up with lots of nostalgia with the world of Pre-New 52. He writes Wally so wells it feels like an old friend that has come back to see you. He structures the first few pages to fill you in on who Wally, was in case fresh readers pick this up. Wally is a family-driven character, and you see that a lot, as his only concern is returning to his wife and bringing the kids back home safely. It is what delegates his actions in this issue. We don’t get much in the way of the kids, but enough to derive a general perception of their characters. What makes this issue stands out is the moments that Wally is depowered. He has been attempting to find a way out for a whole year with a pickaxe. Even without his power, he is still trying to be a hero. How could you not love him for it? There are some other surprises in this issue, like the appearance of heroes from other worlds. There is one particular character from a different universe that joins Wally’s quest that I promise will make you laugh. Bedard definitely shows us that he still remembers the old DC world like it was yesterday.

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Grummett, Parsons, and Beredo bring us the visual of Bedard’s nostalgic world. Grummett and Parsons give us an early 2000’s feel with the heavier lines and classic environments. Looking at how Wally and his kids are drawn, it makes me feel like time has been rewinded, and I enjoy it. Aiding the visuals are Beredo’s colors, which make the issue brighter. The classic red suit and the yellow flash lightning is enough to make me appreciate Beredo’s work. I was surprises to not have heard of Grummett and Beredo much, but I am hoping to see more of them beyond Convergence.

If you have not read DC Comics since the New 52 because you favor the older timeline, then you need to check out Convergence. Bedard brings you back to those times with his well-written characters, and by shining hope when most heroes given up. If that is not enough, the art is fantastic and will have you asking for more from this team. Thanks to this creative team for reassuring readers that Wally has never stopped running.

Rating 5/5

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