Age of Ultron / Days of Future Past: Comparing Two Quicksilvers

Two movies, two Quicksilvers. With Avengers: Age of Ultron in the theaters, we have met a new cinematic version of the tremendously fast Maximoff. But how does he compare to the Quicksilver we saw in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Almost a year ago, when the seventh X-Men-movie Days of Future Past was released, fans and critics alike were fascinated by what could be one of the greatest scenes in a superhero movie we have seen in the past few years. For more than two weeks after the film’s release, everybody seemed to talk about the “kitchen scene,” featuring a character that was surprisingly one of the best things about the whole movie: Quicksilver. Even though many fans hated how he looked like before the film was released, nearly everyone came to love how Fox handled him, in the end.

Quicksilver runs: Comparing Two Quicksilvers

But Fox is not the only studio owning the right to Quicksilver. Since Fox has the rights to X-Men characters, and Marvel Studios owns Avengers, the two competing studios share both the rights to use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. These two characters appear in Marvel’s newest blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But what is this new version of Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, like, compared to his X-Men counterpart, portrayed by Evan Peters?

Quicksilver’s Appearance

Quicksilver’s appearance bugged most fans regarding Evan Peter’s Quicksilver before the movie was released. After the release, it made total sense. With his silver jacket, a Pink Floyd shirt, very goofy glasses and long, silver hair, his overall appearance totally suited the way the character acted.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver has silver hair, as well, but he doesn’t look goofy at all: he combines a pair of black jeans with gray sneakers and a close-fitting, gray, blue and white long-sleeve. He also appears to be slightly older than the Quicksilver we got to see in X-Men, as he has quite a lot of facial hair.

Quicksilver’s Backstory

Peter Maximoff grew up in the 60s/70s together with his mother and little sister in a row house in the US. He never got to meet his father, and since he has his powers, he’s always stealing things, depositing them into his basement, so he has a lot of trouble with the police.

Pietro Maximoff, on the other hand, grew up in a small city in eastern Europe’s Sokovia together with his parents and sister. When he was a little kid, someone using technology by Stark Industries killed his parents, causing his desire for revenge against Iron Man. He and his sister both volunteered to be experimented on by Baron von Strucker, giving them their powers.

Quicksilver’s Family

X-Men‘s Quicksilver did have a little sister, but, even though she had red hair, it was already confirmed by Bryan Singer that this is not Scarlet Witch. So the existence of Wanda in this fictional universe is neither confirmed nor disproved.

Days Of Future Past Quicksilver and Wanda: Comparing Two Quicksilvers

But it was hinted at in the film that Magneto is, in fact, Peter’s father (“My mom once knew a guy who could control metal”), even though they barely know each other. No further information exists about the relationship between his mother and sister(s).

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was the other way around: his relationship with his twin sister Wanda was probably one of the most important aspects of his character. The two have gone through many things, together, and have become incredibly important to each other. Their parents, though, are only mentioned in the film, and we don’t know anything about them. Wanda and Pietro also don’t have any relation whatsoever to Magneto, since Marvel Studios is not allowed to use or mention the character.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Avengers: Comparing Two Quicksilvers

Quicksilver’s Character Traits and Motifs

Taking a closer look at the character traits and themes of these two heroes, we realize that they’re pretty much the exact opposites of each other. While Peter is a very joyful, silly and childish, his somehow annoying kleptomania doesn’t have any motivations to save Magneto other than the thrill of breaking into the Pentagon. Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrays Pietro as a much angrier, darker and grittier character who is fueled by his anger against Tony Stark and the love for his sister that he tries to protect but something both takes on the character has in common is a certain sense of humor.

Close to the Comics?

Comparing Two Quicksilvers: Quicksilver in Marvel Comics

It kind of feels like the character that we would get if both interpretations of the character would be combined would be pretty close to the Quicksilver we have in the comics. Comic book Quicksilver influences both interpretations, but, on the other hand, they both have to function inside of pre-existing cinematic universes, so (especially) their back story and motifs had to be changed (which was also due to the legal situation).

Peter from X-Men doesn’t have any Eastern European roots, his relationship to Scarlet Witch was not explored or mentioned, so we don’t know if she exists in that universe at all, and he doesn’t have anything to do with the Avengers or the Brotherhood. He also seemed to grow up in the US in a protective family, which is different to how he and his sister traveled Europe as kids without a home or a family. But the film does hint at the fact that Magneto is his father, and he’s a mutant (even though Marvel retconned those events in the comics).

Pietro from Avengers: Age of Ultron, on the other hand, does have these European roots. In the film, he showcases his strong relationship with his sister and the way they are very protective of each other. His relationship to Magneto is not mentioned or explored in the film (which, again, is due to the legal situation).

The two films show very different versions of Quicksilver, two takes that are massively contrasting.  But which do you prefer?

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