Dodles is a welcoming social space with easy-to-use digital art and animation tools, building an open marketplace where users can sell and purchase animated content and other assets. Dodles’ patent-pending digital animation techniques simplify the process of creating animated messages, memes, interactive comics, stories, games and more.

The Dodles marketplace promises new revenue streams for publishers of animated stories. As well as those wanting to license scenes, objects, characters, sound effects, music, and voice acting. While also adding protection for their intellectual property

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Recently ComicsVerse sat down with Dodles Founder/CEO, Craig Doriot to learn more about his social animation app.

Comicsverse: Can you tell me about the origins of Dodles? Did you always see it as an app? Or a program for the computer/laptop?

Dodles: originated from an actual vision that came when my business partner was praying for how to use the funds from the sale of my last tech company. She basically saw a teenager drawing on a post-it note and when she placed the note on the computer, it animated and a wall of post-its appeared that modified her animation, and then the word “dodles”. We initially believed dodles was some company to invest in, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.

So, its become kind of an adventure where we use our own creativity and combine that with other insight that comes our way. The intent has always been to bring simplified animation to people in every way possible, unleashing creativity and collaboration. So, from the beginning, we devised it for use on both computer and mobile devices. However, that was a lot to bite off in the initial pass, leading us to focus on mobile first.

CV: If it’s a free app, where does your income come from?

Dodles: The primary source of income will be people selling content to each other. Purchasing other people’s assets, users can create animations much faster, and so they can get their creations out to their audiences more rapidly by mixing and matching characters, scenes, objects, and sounds that others have created; perhaps adding their own designs to the mix. This opens up revenue streams for artists, voice actors, musicians, etc, and dodles gets a 30% cut of each transaction.

Other revenue streams will include in-app purchases for advanced tools and advertisement on the social side when that is launched.

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CV: One of the most interesting features of your app is that users can make money with their creations. Has that already started?
Dodles: Not yet. Our first step is to get the basic features launched into the app stores hopefully at the end of April. From there, we will focus on the revenue streams and integrations.

CV: On which social media platform do you see the app be most popular?

Dodles: That’s a tough question. All of the major platforms really embrace animation in their own promotional strategies but are pretty limited in the animation tools they give to their users. The demographics of Instagram and Snapchat is closest to our early adopters. But I think dodles also fits as a marketing tool which would be powerful on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. I personally like the moves Skype has been making as of late as well. A deeper integration like Skype might offer, could allow their users to take advantage of the power of our platform. Moving over to Asia, I think dodles will be an excellent fit for perhaps an even bigger market with platforms like WeChat.

CV: Do you envision Dodles being used for feature films and television at one point?

Dodles: Yes but that will take some time. Today, aside from the app’s internal animation capabilities, you can only export to GIF. Later this year, we will release export to video formats, but we are also developing tools for game creation as well, so we are not just looking to compete within animation.

As the asset store builds out, it will become more interesting to professionals, both for direct revenue streams and for crowdsourcing creative assets. This will encourage people to produce animated comics, ads, and training videos early on, and eventually lead to feature films and more substantial use cases.

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CV: Has your Beta been as successful as you had hoped?

Dodles: The Beta has been very successful. Our primary objective has been identifying and removing bugs on a significant number of devices, and gathering a public response. Perhaps we were “too successful” in finding bugs, but the response has been fantastic in terms of users really enjoying the app’s ease of use.

CV: Have your beta testers been giving you any feedback that you weren’t expecting?
Dodles: Not really. We believed our approach to animation is superior to what has been attempted to date.I feel validated in those beliefs.

CV: Dodles is involved with autism-related issues. How do you see Dodles helping on this issue?
Dodles: Being on the spectrum myself and having family members and employees on the spectrum, autism awareness is a topic that is near and dear to me. I feel our society as a whole tends to disregard people that don’t fit social norms. That has led to tragic under-employment of those on the spectrum, in particular.

This becomes a great burden to parents and caregivers. Who wrestle with the fears that their loved ones won’t be able to sustain themselves as adults. They struggle with social situations, even though autistic people often have incredible focus, drive, and tangible skills.

When these caregivers see the way those on the spectrum respond to dodles and the opportunity it provides, those fears turn to hope. With dodles, they can advance their skills, grow a following. Even generate income and build a career on their creativity and skills. Their ability to hyper-focus becomes an asset instead of a burden, and they are able to bypass the social challenges by doing this all online from the comfort of their own personal work environments.

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CV: Is there anything new you have in the works for Dodles? Or any new projects?

Dodles: We had an excellent show at Emerald City CC in terms of investment interest, 2350 registrations, artist connections, press, app demo and overall momentum. Next up is Collision in New Orleans, which should coincide with our app store release, so all of our focus is there.

I don’t want to give away too much about what is coming next. Many exciting things are slated for the coming year. We want to keep people amazed at the constant innovation they will see after launch.

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If you want to learn more about Dodles, check out or you can go here, too!

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