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Good afternoon and welcome to ComicsVerse Spouts Off, where we give you the unfiltered and, shall we say mildly irreverent takes, on the latest solicits. Will this be an ongoing feature? That would be great! It is also the plan, but, well…we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.

So let’s focus on the now as we take a look at Marvel December Solicits! We’ll save tomorrow for tomorrow.

Marvel December Solicits: Events/Crossovers

Marvel December Solicits Beta Ray Bill
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Always here for more Space Horse! I got a kick out of Michael Moreci on HOAX HUNTERS before the irregular schedule made me lose track of it, so I’m excited to read something new from him. And maybe I should swing back and catch up on the HOAX issues I missed.

Marvel December Solicits Incoming Cosmic
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)
Marvel December Solicits Incoming Campbell
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)
Marvel December Solicits Incoming Jessica Jones
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


The title, the solicit text, and the covers are all over the place in terms of tone. The solicits seem to promise a serious mystery book, the title a somewhat jaunty adventure book, and the covers…well, who knows? A cosmic book?

The best cover in terms of reflecting this is probably the J. Scott Campbell one which is a mix of happy smiling folks (Thor), wicked smiling folks (Loki), and a parade of stoics (Captain America, Storm). Oh and Mary Jane is there to cuddle Spidey and show off her bare feet. It’s a mess of a cover for a seemingly tonal mess of a book.

All of this said, it is nice to see Jessica Jones in detective mode on Weaver/Delgado Variant. It has been a bit since we’ve seen Jones dust off those skills for an offering that isn’t solely available digitally.


This has a reprint of DARKHAWK #6. DARKHAWK #6 is very good. Very, very good. Pay this on the strength of DH #6 alone.

Marvel December Solicits: X-Books

Marvel December Solicits Excalibur
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)
Marvel December Solicits Excalibur Variant
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


I am not much of an X-character fan, as is well-documented, and I resent our former colonizers, the British, with the heat of a 1000 suns. However, the presence of Rogue and Apocalypse on these covers make me think that I might want to check out this book anyway.

Marvel December Solicits X-Force #3
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

X-FORCE #3 & #4

How many “will kill” teams does Marvel have now? 3? Strikeforce, Savage Avengers, and X-Force? Am I missing any?

That’s a weird charter and to have three of them embracing it is especially weird.

Anyway, I have found myself unexpectedly fond of Jean Grey back in the Marvel Girl costume. It is especially cool with Professor X’s wild new helmet.

Marvel December Solicits: Spider-Books

Marvel December Solicits ASM 35
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


I am a sucker for Dr. Doom showing up as a villain in Spider-Man books. It really emphasizes Spidey’s eternal underdog status in the most delightful way. It also lets Doom, typically, be wonderfully arrogant and put out. Arrogant and put out is the best kind of arrogant.

Throwing in Chameleon is just extra icing on this already tasty cake.

Marvel December Solicits AMJ
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


This book just looks like a bunch of fun. Hollywood, in the Marvel Universe, making a movie about Mysterio is a great call. Hollywood loves to make movies about itself AND loves not having to pay someone likeness rights. Given Mysterio is a disgraced stuntman who can’t profit from stories about his crimes because of American law, he is basically the perfect subject.

Marvel December Solicits Black Cat
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Whoa! Black Fox! He hasn’t been in comics since like 1993 and he was Aunt May old back then!

I actually really like Black Fox, an aging master thief who was still great at his job but often had to pause in the midst of a heist because of how hard he was huffing and puffing.

As for the cover…look, Campbell is a pretty solid choice for Black Cat given what the character is about. I won’t even complain about the improbable butt and one breast shot the cover settles on. But why oh why is Cat on her tiptoes to simulate high heels? Who is she doing that for?!

Marvel December Solicits Spider Ham
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Zeb Wells is a pretty perfect choice for a SPIDER-HAM book. Very smart idea.

Marvel December Solicits Sym Spidey
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


On the one hand, I don’t think we need even more stories about Webhead in his alien costume. I understand the black costume looks cool, but that does not convince me that we need to further explore that period.

On the other hand, classic Hobgoblin. I love me some classic Hobgoblin.

Marvel December Solicits: 2099 Books

Marvel December Solicits Doom 2099
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)

DOOM 2099 #1

This one is an automatic buy. The lowkey best character of the original 2099 books paired with writer Chip Zdarsky? That’s the kind of book you definitely take a flyer on.

Marvel December Solicits Ghost Rider 2099
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


At some point, I owned most if not all of the original 2099 #1s. While GHOST RIDER was not the best of them, I always had a weird affection for it. I honestly don’t know why. Maybe because David Letterman briefly showed up on a TV screen on the first few pages?

I have no idea if I am going to pick this one up yet, but I do salute the solicits for managing to use both “shock” and “glitch” in them, the only two bits of 2099 slang that I recall.

Marvel December Solicits: Core Heroes

Marvel December Solicits Avengers
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


“Also, Thor is a Brood now…” may be one of the best solicit asides of all time.

Marvel December Solicits Agents of Wakanda
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


The moon has long been the Earth’s greatest enemy. I salute this book for finally recognizing it.

Marvel December Solicits Captain America
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


I really like the design of the, apparent cop killing, villain on the cover. I’m also excited to see how this book negotiates the very thorny topic of police in 2019.

Marvel December Solicits Captain Marvel
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


I am mixed about the idea of Captain Marvel going bad. Marvel has a pretty bad track record when it comes to women heroes “losing control”. Don’t believe me? Allow me to introduce you to Scarlet Witch written by John Byrne. Or Scarlet Witch written by Brian Michael Bendis in “Avengers Disassembled. Oh! There also Scarlet Witch written by Brian Michael Bendis in HOUSE OF M. Or any of the Invisible Woman becomes Malice stories.

However, this is written by Kelly Thompson so I am inclined to give the plot development the benefit of the doubt.

On a visual basis, these covers have been awesome, so that convinces me a bit too.

Marvel December Solicits Immortal Hulk
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Teen Brigade?!?!

Also, this is the best book on the shelves. Just so you know.

Marvel December Solicits Conan Serpent War
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike, and Lady Sif? In the same book? With Walt Simonson penning one of the stories? Well Christmas is in December so I guess that does make sense.

Marvel December Solicits Tony Stark Iron Man
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


On the internet just yesterday I was complaining that 2020 was coming and yet, no IRON MAN 2020. So if you are excited about his appearance here, you are welcome. It was all me.

Marvel December Solicits Valkyrie
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Hell yeah Cardiac!

Yes, yes, the idea Heroes of Medicine is one of those so obvious ideas you slap yourself for never thinking of it AND can’t wait to see it executed.

But, come on, Cardiac!

It is also great to see Al Ewing and Jason Aaron on this book together.

However, for me, it is all about CARDIAC!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvel December Solicits: Last, But Never Least (aka The Rest)

Marvel December Solicits Conan Serpent War
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


I confess that teaming up Moon Knight and Conan does not make much sense of the surface. Conan’s growing presence in the Marvel Universe continues to be a head scratcher for me, but the idea of him becoming 2019’s Wolverine (every other new book must have Conan involved!) is amusing, at least.

I like Moon Knight and I’m weak so I’ll probably check this one out.

Marvel December Solicits Daredevil
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Confession. It took me this far into the solicits to recognize that a bunch of the variant covers featured gear strewn heroes a la Iron Man 2020. I am dumb.

Marvel December Solicits History
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Damn, Carol is shredded like a Ninja Turtle!

Marvel December Solicits Morbius
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Ok, fine, no one wants a new MORBIUS book. I know it, you know it, the world’s people know it. So let’s concentrate on what really matters here.

The Melter.


Suddenly I think I might have to buy a MORBIUS book.

Marvel December Solicits Strikeforce
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


There’s a ton of Doom this month. I mean, he is surely worthy of it, but still. An unusually high amount of Doom.

The main cover is totally not super hero comics fare and I adore it. The twin iconography of the badge and the billy club is wonderfully simple and evocative.

Declan Sketchbook
(Courtesy of Marvel Comics)


Yes please.

Closing the Previews

Alright, there they are. The straight off the dome reactions to Marvel’s December solicits. Agree? Disagree? Comment below or reach out to us on Twitter @ComicsVerse!

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