ComicsVerse Spouts Off!: DC December Solicits 2019

Did you know DC Comics is redundant? It is literally Detective Comics Comics. That’s why I am commenting on the DC December Solicits 2019, not the DC COMICS December Solicits 2019. Can you tell I am just writing words to fill up this space? I am!

Alright, alright, alright. Enough of that. Let’s start the show!

DC December Solicits: Events/Crossovers

DC December Solicits Doomsday Clock 12

Courtesy of DC Comics


Goodbye and good riddance. Let us never speak of this again.

DC December Solicits Batman/Superman #5

Courtesy of DC Comics


Apparently, Commissioner Gordon’s infection comes with a mask. Which is cool for him.

I am a sucker for Batman/Superman stories so I was in for this book from jump. I do remain generally skeptical about the Batman who Laughs and the whole Infected hero thing, but I’m still going to see this whole thing through.

DC December Solicits Infected The Deathbringer

Courtesy of DC Comics


Having Donna Troy pop up as one of the Infected is an odd choice. But that’s Donna Troy, isn’t it? What are we looking at now, 30 years of DC having no idea what do with her? Maybe not that long, but definitely over two decades.

Oh for those 5 years in the mid-90s when she had a place in the DCU.

DC December Solicits Year of the Villain Hell Arisen

Courtesy of DC Comics


I love villains in the spotlight so I was all-in for YEAR OF THE VILLAIN. And largely, I’ve liked it.

Sadly though, it has gotten kind of lost in the shuffle. For one, I think DC just had too many big events going on at once. For another, the purpose of YoV was always a bit unclear. Is it an event? An initiative? Just a banner header for issues focusing on villains?

In the end it seemed like it was a bit of option 2, a bit of option 3. That makes it hard to get attention or build momentum. Again, a shame as all the individual issues were largely good.

That said, I have no idea why one of the architects from PROMETHEUS and ALIEN is now part of the DCU.

DC December Solicits Year of the Villain Harley Quinn

Courtesy of DC Comics


Harley does not really look like Harley but I am definitely hear for a Busby Berkeley musical style cover.

And is that Flamingo in the lower right? Glorious!

DC December Solicits Year of the Villain Black Manta

Courtesy of DC Comics


A very dynamic cover. I wish the solicit text was a bit less generic though. How is what’s described any different than every other Ocean Master story ever?

DC December Solicits: Out of Continuity Offerings

DC December Solicits Curse of the White Knight

Courtesy of DC Comics


Is this the Batgirl as she exists in WHITE KNIGHT? Or is this yet another interpretation of the current costume? And yes, this bothers me more than it should!

DC December Solicits Batman Tales

Courtesy of DC Comics

DC December Solicits Shadow of the Batgirl

Courtesy of DC Comics

DC December Solicits Zatanna and the House of Secrets

Courtesy of DC Comics


I love these covers and my children will be thrilled to find these books under the tree come Christmas time. But shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell them.

DC December Solicits Dark Knight Returns The Golden Child

Courtesy of DC Comics




I love this cover.

I hate that this is another “therapist has bad boundaries, ruins life” story. But that’s just me taking it personally.

DC December Solicits: Super Family Books

DC December Solicits Action 1018

Courtesy of DC Comics


I am always hear for John Romita Jr./Klaus Janson team-ups. Add in Brian Michael Bendis’s surprisingly (to me, at least) great take on the Man of Steel, and this is an easy pickup. However, there is something about this cover that just…I don’t know? Bums me out a bit? I do kind of get a kick out of Flash’s apparent surprise face though.

DC December Solicits Supergirl #37

Courtesy of DC Comics


I like the way the language of solicit is subtly shaded to reveal Supergirl’s altered state of mind. It is particularly interesting in how it shows that the Infected are not necessarily devoted to the Batman that Laughs. That points to some intriguing possibilities in that storyline.

DC December Solicits Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #6

Courtesy of DC Comics


The very idea of a Batman/Jimmy Olsen prank war is wonderful. That cover makes it almost adorable too.

DC December Solicits: Bat Family Books

DC December Solicits Batgirl #42

Courtesy of DC Comics

DC December Solicits Batgirl #42 variant

Courtesy of DC Comics


There is something about Batgirl’s new headwear that makes me irrationally unhappy with her costume. I don’t know if it is feminist (are we really not going to read her as “girl” without ALL her hair exposed?) or just aesthetic, but it bugs me.

Not as much, I will say, as there being an Oracle who isn’t Barbara Gordon bothers me, but I get that fight is long since lost.

DC December Solicits Batman #84

Courtesy of DC Comics


Thomas Wayne as mean nasty Batman from an alternate universe is one of those great ideas that quickly was used up and overstayed its welcome.

DC December Solicits Catwoman #18

Courtesy of DC Comics


I am going to sound a bit gross for a moment but please stick with me.

This is a very sexy cover.

That said, it is not really an exploitative cover. Clearly Catwoman is supposed to be sexy here, but there is also storytelling happening with the rain, the looming shadow of Batman, and so on. Moreover, it is not really cheesecake. Again, Catwoman is definitely drawn to be sexy. She is posed as such and she is showing skin. But it feels deeper than that.

I don’t offer this as an excuse for me finding it sexy. “I’m not like the other comics fans. I only find GOOD art sexy.” More I am pointing it out to say that one can do sexy without sacrificing storytelling or without just being out and out exploitative.

DC December Solicits Detective Comics #1018

Courtesy of DC Comics


So. Many. Teeth.

DC December Solicits Harley Quinn #68

Courtesy of DC Comics


To build on the CATWOMAN cover discussion above, we have the variant from Frank Cho. For those who don’t know Cho has spent years in the wilderness in part for his instance on repeatedly doubling down on his “right” to draw superheroines’ butts. It is a whole thing.

Then we have this cover. This cover is bright, its fun, and the figure work is awesome. Additionally, while Quinn is fit and wearing a skintight costume, there is nothing leering about it. This is no T&A showcase.

This, in retrospect, makes Cho’s campaign all the more frustrating. He is a talent artist who had been given plenty of room to deliver both fun and cheesecake and he decided to go off on this tone-deaf years long…thing and we all have missed out on his work.

DC December Solicits Harley Quinn #69

Courtesy of DC Comics


The Hambezzler is a brilliant name and I adore this cover.

Also, this being the internet, allow me to say, “Nice.”

DC December Solicits Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #4 variant

Courtesy of DC Comics


I like the Looney Tunes vibe of the black and white and how the cord across the road is actually Poison Ivy’s vines. Ivy’s decision to grow herself full boots but only the briefest of bikini buttons and a single leaf top is certainly a choice.

DC December Solicits Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #4

Courtesy of DC Comics

Speaking of Ivy and looking at the main cover, am I the only one who misses the days of Poison Ivy not being green? That always struck me as a thing that was meant to be a momentary artistic flourish that just became status quo. Like Mr. Zsasz having those wild eyes in the 90s. He has them for one page in his debut story as an artistic/symbolic choice. But then, every appearance after, his eyes ALWAYS looked like that.

DC December Solicits Nightwing #67

Courtesy of DC Comics


I dislike this video game graphics cover but not as much as I dislike “Ric Grayson” and what’s been happening in this book for a year or so. Ugh ugh ugh.

DC December Solicits Red Hood Outlaw #41

Courtesy of DC Comics


Remember when DC decided to start dressing Jason Todd like one of the robot ninjas in Mortal Kombat (your Noob Saibots, your Smokes) and we all just let it happen?

DC December Solicits: Core Heroes

DC December Solicits Flash #84

Courtesy of DC Comics

THE FLASH #84-85

You had me at Rogues. So much so I am willing to ignore how much I hate all the redesigned looks for the Rogues and the fact that this Flash is Barry Allen.

In all seriousness, FLASH is a book that I consistently buy because despite all the objections I have (see above) Joshua Williamson is cranking out a hell of a story on this book and has been for years now.

DC December Solicits Far Sector #2

Courtesy of DC Comics


I know nothing about this book, but this solicit grabbed my attention. A Green Lantern years and years in the future who apparently loves John Stewart. A world free of murder for 500 years experiencing it for the first time. And then, quickly, the second. A bit of that movie EQUILIBRIUM. Definitely going to give this a peek now.

DC December Solicits New Year's Evil

Courtesy of DC Comics


Maybe 15 years or so ago, there was a fifth week event…

Ok, hold one sec. If you are, say, 30 or younger, you probably don’t know about fifth weeks. Quickly, there was a time when comics consistently shipped the same week every month. So, DETECTIVE COMICS always shipped week 2 of any month, BATMAN on week 4 and so on. Given the way months work though, about 3-5 times a year, a month would have 5 Wednesdays. That meant that 3-5 times a year, there would be a week without regular comics.

To “solve” this DC had “fifth week events” where they would put out several themed issues. 15 years ago, there was one called NEW YEAR’S EVIL and I loved it.

Anyway, I’ll buy this but I mostly just wanted to wax nostalgic about fifth week events.

DC December Solicits: Off the Beaten Path

DC December Solicits A Basketful of Heads

Courtesy of DC Comics


It sure is.

DC December Solicits Collapser #6

Courtesy of DC Comics


I have really loved this book. I hope y’all haven’t been sleeping on it.

DC December Solicits Dollhouse Family #2

Courtesy of DC Comics


I have not yet been persuaded to pick up this story, but damn this is an arresting cover. Just the foreground image alone grabs your attention. When you widen your gaze to the larger image, the additional details you pick up make it deeply unnerving. Just excellent work here.

DC December Solicits The Low Low Woods

Courtesy of DC Comics


This reads like the kind of thing that would run under the Vertigo banner back when Vertigo existed. In other words, it is the kind of thing I am very much here for. I’m not familiar with the creators but the solicits tell me the writer has done a fair amount of horror writing prior to this. Plus, you never get new favorites unless you give creators you don’t know yet a shot.

DC December Solicits The Dreaming #16

Courtesy of DC Comics


Have our sex games gotten too complicated?

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