Well, it’s February, which means it’s all about the love. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but we’re always ready to share the love here at ComicsVerse, particularly if it involves fictional characters. To celebrate, here’s an OTP group post!

OTP stands for “One True Pairing,” and is a term used in fandom for shipping. A person’s OTP is the ship that they are most hardcore about. Granted, most of us have more than “one” true pairing. Still, an OTP says a lot about a person. Read on to see who ComicsVerse writers ship and see if we can’t change your mind on some!



My favorite OTP is STAR WARS’ Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey. I love the passion that exists between them and that they find common ground in fighting the battle within themselves while trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. I feel that Ben is all talk and will always have a soft spot for Rey, which is why I think Snoke connected them in the first place. Her death could be what finally breaks him, but that plan backfired.

THE LAST JEDI Review: Growing Pains

I loved the connection Rey and Ben formed in THE LAST JEDI and could feel the tension between them. I am looking forward to where their relationship goes in the next movie (and I write a fanfiction about them to keep me hanging on until then!).

— Elise Yeakley, Culture



One of the reasons I love BOOM! Box’s LUMBERJANES is that the series takes young LGBTQ+ representation to new heights. Created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooklyn A. Allen, and Noelle Stevenson, the comic is exuberantly inclusive and optimistic about love and friendship. LUMBERJANES doesn’t leave OTPs to headcanon, delivering the sweet couple Molly and Mal.

Molly is shy, despite her natural adventure skills. Mal is rough on the outside and a romantic on the inside. Both Molly and Mal are integral parts of the Roanoak team alongside Ripley, April, and Jo. Molly and Mal are the cutest gal pals in the campground. Seeing joyful young queer relationships in comics is powerful and important. Molly and Mal encourage each other with mixtapes and picnics, and they are the epitome of young love.

— Molly Barnewitz, Comics



In Disney Channel’s STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL, Princess Star, and her bestie Marco have a close monster-fighting bond, and both have crushes on each other. What’s interesting here is that Marco is coded as trans. Marco adores Star’s magical girl life and regularly dresses as a princess along with Star. He mentions being insecure about his body, and magical creatures often read him as female.

Love Wins in the Empowering LGBT+ Romance BINGO LOVE: A ComicsVerse Roundtable [WARNING: SPOILERS]

Thus, most of the fandom draws Marco as an out trans girl, so searching Starco fanart gives you lots of lesbian imagery. Plus, this dynamic is mutually beneficial. Star actively supports Marco in exploring gender, while Marco’s cautious nature helps Star in dangerous situations. Altogether, these two princesses always have each other’s back.

— Merlin Slade, Comics

Devilish Rice


It should come as no surprise that when you think of the best romantic couples in the DRAGON BALL series, Gohan and Videl’s relationship should pop up on the top of the list. Why?

Compared to other couples from the series (Goku/Chi-Chi, Vegeta/Bulma, 18/Krillin), Gohan and Videl’s relationship feels the most heartwarming, endearing, and realistic. There’s nothing like seeing how intimate these two are when it comes to family. They are both understanding and caring of each other.

I know DRAGON BALL is best known for its action, but sometimes it’s good to see moments like how caring Gohan as a husband is or even how understanding Videl is. You don’t really get these moments from the other couples as much. At the end of the day, I’d rather see a strong family bond than wander off to train — something that I wish Gohan’s father, Goku, could do for his family.

— Soren Sum, Culture



It’s the promise of adventure that typically pulls you into a DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS vodcast, not the romance. Then CRITICAL ROLE’s Vex’ahlia and Percy de Rolo III share their first “one of us could be dead tomorrow” kiss on stream, and things change.

Brought to life by Laura Bailey and Taliesin Jaffe, the sharpshooters of Vox Machina have a chemistry more organic than most scripted drama romances. The close friendship of the actors and their love for their characters is undoubtedly behind this. Since their first unsure moments on the battlefield, Vex and Percy have been providing fans with a new bar for relationship goals. Who doesn’t want to sass and slay a few dragons with their significant other?

— Kaitie Kwiatkowski, AniManga



Spider-Man gets paired off with a lot of other characters, but I’m an absolute sucker for Deadpool/Spider-Man. Not many people can keep up with Wade, and unfortunately, a lot of characters disregard him or ignore him as much as possible. Sure, Wade can be overbearing, but at least Peter entertains him.

SPIDERMAN/DEADPOOL #4 Review: A Worthy Crossover

Their brand of comedy complements one another, and we even see how well they work together in DEADPOOL ANNUAL #2. Wade’s very apparent crush on Spider-Man is the cherry on top. Not to mention that it’s legit canon in SPIDERMAN/DEADPOOL: MONSTERS UNLEASHED #1 that Deadpool’s heartmate is Spider-Man.

— Jennyfer Macoto, Comics



I could write an essay on how much I adore Megatron/Optimus Prime. I love how, regardless of the continuity, Megatron creates the only heap of destruction with the sole intent of catching Optimus’ attention. If he doesn’t get it, then the collateral damage served no purpose. There was an issue under Dreamwave that showed Megatron destroying a city just so he can urge Optimus to rule together.

Their hyper fixation toward one another makes my heart sing with utter joy. Now that the comics establish the homonormative society of the Transformers, it makes this battle couple all the more valid.

— Jennyfer Macoto, Comics



The most American power-couple on the face of the Earth. Two star-crossed lovers torn apart by ideology, destined to return to each other’s side or kill each other trying. One came from riches, the other came from nothing. One’s an outcast in a world he no longer understands, the other is a symbol of the future.

There’s a reason they called that movie CIVIL WAR. Divided, they’re weak. Together, they represent everything good about America. My OTP is Captain America and Iron Man.

Also, they’re both pretty hot.

— Psychotrip, Culture



TEEN TITANS was the first TV show I really fell in love with. The show, however, had a history of cruelly manipulating its audiences’ emotions by hinting at romantic feelings between its five main characters nearly every episode. In certain episodes they would hint at a Robin/Starfire relationship, then a Cyborg/Starfire one, then a Robin/Raven and ongoing.

By far the relationship that I wanted to see most bloom throughout my childhood was the one between Raven and Beast Boy. What is there to say besides that they are born to be together! While they have opposite personalities, the show demonstrates how much they care about each other repeatedly. The constant jokester Beast Boy always stressed whenever the moody Raven didn’t laugh at his jokes. Meanwhile Raven became surprisingly jealous of Beast Boy when he began an infatuation with Tara.

What I love most about this relationship is that the two are always there for each other at their weakest moments. Beast Boy worries and comforts Raven after Malchior breaks her heart in the episode “Spellbound.” Raven does similarly to Beast Boy in “The Beast Within.” Beast Boy and Raven prove that two people can be nothing alike but can share the undying love for one other. I’m still pissed at the Network for canceling the show before the pair could consummate their feelings.

Aaron Young, Comic Book TV & Film



Of course, no OTP list would be complete without Destiel. From SUPERNATURAL, Destiel focuses on Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel. It’s one of the worst will they won’t they situations, but I can’t stop shipping it. The tension between these two characters is killer, but nothing ever seems to come of it.

It’s for this reason that SUPERNATURAL is a little infamous for queerbaiting. The show seems unwilling to commit to having two of its main characters be openly queer, but they keep playing up the interactions to keep the fans interested. It’ll be interesting to see if anything ever comes of Destiel, but I won’t hold my breath. Instead, I’ll read fanfiction, where my OTP is allowed to be happy, for once.

— Colleen Etman, Culture



If SUPERNATURAL’s queerbaiting and the likely uncanon status of Destiel has you down, may I recommend some Korrasami? From Nickelodeon’s THE LEGEND OF KORRA, the ship features the protagonist, Korra, actually in a same-sex relationship with Asami Sato. It’s beyond satisfying to see a queer couple be acknowledged as canon, and Korrasami is actually a great story.

Korrasami and the Importance of Onscreen Queerness

Korrasami gets even better. Even in LGBTQ+ circles, that is often left out. Biphobia is a real problem, and bi-erasure plagues pop culture with characters who ~don’t like labels.~ Both Korra and Asami are, although not overtly labeled bisexual, demonstrated to be interested in both men and women. It’s a refreshing change of pace that brings some much-needed attention to this part of the queer community.

— Colleen Etman, Culture

Who’s Your OTP?

These are only a small handful of the infinite number of ships out there. The beauty of fandom is that it allows us to express ourselves in amazing ways, and if we can identify with these characters, all the better. Shipping also allows us to play with identities, which is why queer ships are so important. Canon or not, having that representation is amazing!


Was your OTP on our list? What did we miss? Leave us a comment to tell us who your OTP is and why we should ship them too!

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