Karl Slominski

Meeting and promoting fresh and unique talent in comics is something ComicsVerse takes great pride in! Back in April, we met up with the awesome Karl Slominski at East Coast Comic Con. Slominski is outgoing and funny, and his work perfectly reflects his personality. Mr. Slominski has been self-publishing comics for over a decade. His latest release from 215 Ink, TEETER TOPPLE, is something everyone should check out. Slominski not only wrote the comic but also painted the whole thing. That’s right, Slominski goes OG on comic art and uses physical brushes and paints to create his visuals. He scans every image and then combines it with his written word for a truly unique reading experience.

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Our Interview

Karl Slominski took time out of his busy schedule to talk about his unique approach to making comics and graphic novels. After more than a decade of self-publishing and Kickstarter projects, Slominski teamed up with 215 Ink to produce a graphic novel, TEETER TOPPLE. First, he told us how he created the modern take on ALICE IN WONDERLAND. This involved, among other things, a lot of coffee. In addition, Slominski talked about what aspiring comics creators can do to start out in the business.

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Karl Slominski’s Biography

Karl Slominski has been creating comics for over a decade. Whether self-publishing his work, using Kickstarter, or more recently teaming up with 215 Ink, Slominski has steadily produced work such as RUN LIKE HELL and TAD CALDWELL AND THE MONSTER KID. Most recently, Mr. Slominski teamed up with 215 Ink to both write and paint TEETER TOPPLE. For more of his work check out Karl Slominski’s website and his Twitter feed.

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